Bicycle GPS Recovery Device with Vibration Alarm & Automatic Text Alerts

Bicycle GPS Recovery Device with Vibration Alarm & Automatic Text Alerts

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  1. Nice – hadn't heard of this product. Any more inconspicuous gps locator alternatives? I would prefer something that hides more easily but comes with a sticker. As a thief if I saw a sticker but didn't see anything I wouldn't waste too much time or take a chance, and I'd just move on to my next target.

  2. No tech savvy thief needed.
    Step 1: cut off the chain/bike lock.
    Step 2: hammer out the POS GPS.
    Step 3: ride away.

    I remember seen somewhere a GPS for bikes with a tubular design, you toss it into the bike frame and tighten with a internal screw. It charged with wireless charger. If I find it again I'll post it. I'd rather have a GPS that the thief won't see and break it off the bike than somethings with leds lights and beeps and plastic casing with buttons to be reset by anyone. High cost + monthly subscription.
    Regardless of the fact that even if you find where your stolen bike is, you'll still have to fight for it.

  3. I have this product and I can tell you it's the best peace of mind you can have for your bike. Especially when ebikes are so expensive. You do not have to keep charging it every 10 hours. That's only if you wanna unlock full tracking mode that records all your data in real time. The most common mode is "sleep mode" or active when unlocked. In real life daily use you only have to charge it once a week for everyday riding.
    The arming is a slight delay but it's not a problem since you arm it when you get off the bike and it gives you enough time to lock it up and walk away. There is suppose to be a geo-fence option but the software is still in progress. Overall I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a bike and wanted security. If a thief sees a rack full of bikes, your ebike will the one targeted. For the price of a cup of coffee a month you can't go wrong.

  4. I own a Boomerang Cyclotrac and glad I have it as well as my Velosurance policy. A $3,000 bike is too easily lost and I've fallen victim to bike theft in the past. You state it only lasts 10 hours on a charge but that's when actively tracking your ride (or theft) in standby the battery lasts for weeks. I can charge the Cyclotrac right from my ebike's USB battery port so it really not a big deal for me.

  5. Nice review as always court .but this is an extremely poor product for your youtube channel,(my fav by the way)a mini gps tracker thats used with car,motobikes that uses a sim card (from any network) is a far better option for only round $40 also it can be wired into the ebike battery so it wont go flat,they also have movement sensors that alerts the uses as well as having a programmable geo fence option as well as being a 1/3 size of a cellphone so easily hidden.I dont know why this product is so big and bulky and been designed to be so easily damaged.The name is well suited as it will come back and bite the company for designing such an obsolete product.
    I really liked your prius/camping review as it shows your dedication towards the industry
    Sorry bout the rant but this fast growing industry and consumers are being duped with this inferior product and deserve better.

  6. I wonder if it can be charged by the micro usb ports that are on most ebikes. Perhaps while the main battery is being charged?

  7. Hey Court, you should check the connected pedal :
    You don't need to charge it and it's harder to disable or take apart.

  8. Court ;; EXCELLENT & CONCISE review ( as usual ) but for the price and cons of the devices battery life i'll continue to shop for other choices~

  9. Ridiculously large, ridiculously noticeable. Would take a thief less than 5 seconds to break it off and be on their way. Tracking should be hidden. Have to recharge or it dies in 10 hours? Sorry, but this one is worthless for me. Then you have to pay monthly. And it's close to 200? No.. For an alarm, get an actual motorcycle alarm, add 12v converter, and still have money left over for what you'd pay for that.

    When you can get 3 gps trackers that take watch batteries for 19.99 small enough to fit on a keychain, with no monthly fee, this solution makes no sense.

  10. It's an excellent Idea. You should use your bike battery to charge the security unit itself. Probably would be a lot easier then removing the unit.

  11. These are two trackers that I'm considering:
    1. Spot Trace pros: real gps, shaped like an old time pager, sort of concelable as long as the units view of the sky isn't obstructed by metal. Cons: needs to see the sky, $99 unit cost and $99 for a year of sat service.
    2. Iota Tracker pros: smaller than an old time pager and very conceilable
    Cons: is rf based with a base unit that gets about 3 miles range and the tracker itself. The company is counting on selling a lot of units per city because the more base units that are plugged in the larger the sevice area will be. I'll wait to see if more units get plugged in in my area before I'll spend $149 on one of these.

  12. Is there a feature to have it track once every 10 minutes to save battery instead of every 4 seconds or nothing? This is needed if it gets stolen while you were asleep without track mode on. Let's say you lock it up in your garage and your family leaves the garage door open overnight. By the time you wake up the thief has already got it home, found it, and smashed it to pieces.

  13. Boomerang GPS CycloTrac customers have been very satisfied with the peace of mind from having the alarm tracker on their bikes. The San Jose Police were confident enough to use them in a sting operation in a high bike theft area in downtown San Jose this past summer. Typically 30 bikes a month are stolen there. The results after equipping the bikes over a month were zero Boomerang CycloTrac's were stolen. The detective's conclusion was the blinking activation lights and periodic beeps discouraged the thieves to move onto easier prey. The police tell us consistently to do anything you can to make it harder to take your bike. The story is here:

  14. I am looking for a GPS tracker for a bike, but this looks junk. It's only plastic and is clearly visible. All a thief would have to do is hit it with a lump hammer and the thing would be shot. Would only take a second. Being plastic they could even melt it with a blow torch, which would not create any movement and not even set the alarm off. Plus being clearly visible, even if it was metal they would only have to drill out the fixings. Something like a tungsten carbide bit on a high speed rotary tool would just rip through any fixing. A GPS needs to be concealed if you are to have any hope of getting your bike back. Does anyone know of any decent GPS devices that actually work? Most of the reviews for these products are terrible.

  15. Is the casing strong enough to survive a hammer hit?If a thief cant get rid of alarm he can simply hammer hard on it.

  16. "Maybe i don't wonna steal that bike."  (make believe thief)
     Maybe I wonna break that stupid looking thingy off and take your bike anyway. ( real life thief)
    WTF who need GPS that can be removed off your bike faster then any lock. 2 fucking open screws. What a waste of $155. Idiots

  17. Maybe the alarm isn't so important. If you can deactivate it but every 5min or so you can locate the bike to make sure it is still in place? Ocassionaly
    enabling he alarm as secondary protection.

  18. Shouldn't they have videos of people trying to defeat this device the way they would a lock? If they have an angle grinder or cutters for the lock, couldn't they just grind away or cut the device itself?

  19. This is the most useless product I've ever seen. 10hr battery yet screwed to the bike. Really obvious tracker. Even beeps to warn the thief there's a tracker, but not a proper alarm to cause them a problem. Terrible, terrible design.

  20. Best place to put a tracker is in the down tube, a long flexible tube with electronics bend in each pes push in and then install bottom bracket. So this way you take things apart. But I I haven't seen something like that yet, only for handle bar but I haven't seen a pro ler solution yet

  21. I don't think it would take extreme weather that well, I could not see any seal/grommet, or withstand a high speed impact. This is pointless for knownlagable thieves.

  22. Is it hammer proof? Or bolt cutter proof? I mean if you're cutting off a chain or steel cord why not use the same tool to silence or destroy that alarm? Or simply muffle it with some fabric wrapped around the thing? Or ignore the alarm as you ride off with a stolen bike until you can disarm it?

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