Best Wifi Security Camera Review – Amcrest ProHD surveillance camera

Best Wifi Security Camera Review – Amcrest ProHD surveillance camera

hey it’s dustin, and in this video I’m gonna
do a review on the Amcrest ProHD surveillance camera which you can see is
installed right there on the side of my house. You can buy them on Amazon for
just under $100 and I’ll post a link right below this video. First of all I
just want to say that I really like this I’m gonna give it a five star review
because it is an amazing surveillance camera shooting 1080p with some really
cool technology that’s connected to it. So setup is really easy all you have to
do is just zap the QR code which is located on the side of the camera itself
with your cell phone and it connects wirelessly to your internet system your
wireless router which is also being used on your phone so that you can receive a
live feed directly on your phone I’m gonna show you what that looks like in
just a second. So as you can see the camera is installed right here on my
house. I’m gonna give you a quick view of what the property looks like you can see
that all of my property’s enclosed by this little fence right here. And so
we’re gonna go over to a live view of the camera and I’ll show you how it
works. Okay as you can see I’m right here right in front of the sliding glass door
so the camera can pick up if there’s somebody standing here and then you can
check out the view over our property into the street and into the park over
the fence so you can actually see more than what is even in our property and
then this is about 120 degrees span over here and this is probably about the edge
of what the camera picks up here so it picks up the whole our whole backyard
pretty much. And then here is the night vision view so if you’re interested in
purchasing the Amcrest ProHD surveillance camera you can do that by
using the link below in this video. If you have any questions go ahead and put
those in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer those and thanks for
watching have a good day.

7 Replies to “Best Wifi Security Camera Review – Amcrest ProHD surveillance camera”

  1. Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "rating home surveillance systems" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Conrayden Surveillance Equalizer – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  2. Is there a feature that you can review old footage? How many cameras can be saved at once? Is this comparable to a ring system?

  3. DONT GET WIFI. GET POE. I really liked my Amcrest wifi cameras, when they worked. The 2 cameras closes to the wifi router were ok, but the 2 cameras I had in the front of the house were extremely choppy frames, maybe 1 frame every 5-10 seconds. I dont have a big house either. If you can, get POE. Im ordering Amcrest POE (Power over Ethernet) cameras soon to replace the ones I have.

  4. Clay Carlson was very helpful in getting my camera to detect motion>>>  A camera like this is no good if you don't have it setup to give you email alerts! While the tech was great, I am wondering why it was a bit complicated to setup the emailing aspect of the motion detector. Maybe it was because I did not set it up by a cd?

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