BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS | Litom Solar Lights Outdoor 30 Unboxing & First Look Review

BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS | Litom Solar Lights Outdoor 30 Unboxing & First Look Review

– Hey, dads! Are you looking for an LED
solar motion outdoor light (laughs) to put on your house? I’ve got this one here
that the company sent to me after I contacted them and I wanted to do a
test and a review of it and let you guys know
what I found out about it. First of all, hi. Hi to all the new dads out there. This is Dad Reviews. This is where I give you my unedited, hopefully more authentic
look at the products that I like, use, have
and companies send to me. So if you’re interested in that, you might want to consider
clicking that subscribe button. So this is made by LITOM and it is a 30 LED solar
motion sensor light. It comes in a nice little
long box right here, some green whatnot. If you guys want to check this out, I’m going to link it up down
in the description below. Taking a look at it, it’s got
this clear housing over it. You have your motion sensor
ball here in the center. On the back, it does have a spot where you can mount it to your wall. There is a button on the back here that you press to turn it on and off. On, off. Then of course, there are screws that are holding it all together. So from what I’ve discovered
about this particular product, this is actually one of
their newest lights on here and it has a waterproof rating, IP67 is the rating for its
waterproofness, if you will. They actually sent me a couple of videos to kind of show the waterproofing and everything that they’ve
done to test it out and whatnot. So I figured that I would
show you those real quick. I have ’em right here on my computer. In this first one, they
have this jet stream that they’re just
shooting at these lights. And just to show you how tough they are and the testing that they go through to make sure that it’s holding up to par. This is the only LED motion sensor light, outdoor LED light that’s on the market with this type of
waterproof or water rating. I don’t know exactly the name of it, IP67. Now, they sent me another
video and this one, this is the really cool one. I don’t know if you all know
this but I live in Louisiana and we get a ton of
rain, we get hurricanes, tropical storms, all that type of stuff and there’s just tons
of moisture in the air so there’s always all
outdoor hazards, if you will, that could damage the lights. Oh, I just thought about that. Oh, I got to tell you about that. Okay. So with this waterproofing
that they have on it, it’s going to hold up hopefully
for as long as the LEDs last, but this other video that they have here which I’m going to do
a test with you guys, is they took the light,
they have a sink of water, and they drop it down into there and then they show it turning on and off. Look, watch. This is the video right here. So they have the light in the water, they put their hand over it to let the motion sensor pick up on it and show that it’s dark and then it works. It comes on and I just
thought that that was so cool. Oh, the one thing that I
wanted to mention to you guys about these particular
lights and comparing them to the lights that are
on our house right now which are the old flood
lights with the big giant bulb and the mount for it is made out of metal. And I noticed, one, that mine are rusting all over the place, the metal part is, and it’s degradating. I don’t think they’ve ever been changed so it’s an older light. But these, they’re not as
heavy as those light bulbs and that fixture and everything
so it’s very, very easy for it to hang on any
type of surface really. And also, I just thought about this. Since the screw on the back here, the screw that you anchor into the wall, it’s just simply a slide up and down. If it’s nighttime, you could easily pop
this thing off the wall, take it with you as a flashlight, and then whenever you
get back to the spot, you could drop it back into the wall. That’s a really great
feature that you can’t do with your traditional outdoor lighting. I really, really like that. So let’s go run some tests
on this guy real quick. First of all, I want to show
you guys that it does work. So let me take you all to a dark room. Here we go. We have this one right here. Press the button on the back
to get it going and it works. So I’m going to open the door, it’s going to notice that there’s
light, and it’s going to go off. So that works really great. Now, I want to take you guys outside and we’re going to put this
under a hose kind of how they did and we will take it back into the darkroom and we’ll test out how
waterproof this thing is. So I’m just going to put this
down on the ground right there. And then we’re going to turn
on the hose here right there. (water rushing) Ah. (laughs) There we go. So I’m just going to blast this
thing with a bunch of water and we’re going to test
the waterproofness of it. Get it all over. (water rushing) All right, so let me turn this thing off. – [Man] Is this the solar charge? – Huh?
– Solar video charge? – It’s solar light.
– Oh. – So, all right, we
have this thing all wet and let’s go back on
in and let’s go on in. I’ma go to another dark room here. Let’s wait for it to turn on. Boom, there it is! Man, that thing is bright. I’m always surprised by how bright it is. So now, we are in a
bathroom and I have a sink (water rushing) with some water in it right here, but now I want to take this
light and drench it into the sink and let’s see if it
stays on the entire time. Oop, let’s see. Turn back on. There we go. It didn’t notice the motion. Oh, that’s interesting. Okay, so I’m putting it in. It went off. Why’d they go off? Hold on. I’m curious. Oh, is it not detecting? It comes back on. I just don’t understand
why it’s going off. (water splashing) Huh. So in the video that I showed you all, he covered it up and then
he took his hand off. Okay, so it’s something either with motion ’cause now it’s coming on and off. I don’t understand why
it’s not staying on though. That’s what’s really interesting. So I’m going to put it there
and then take my hand off. There we go. That’s just the way it works maybe. That’s what I see. I’m just playing with it right now. It might be too dark in here. But it does work. I mean, it’s still working. I put it under the test of
the water and it’s staying on. Great light. Now, just to give you all some
real-world examples of it, real-world case here, I took one of these, it just turned off, and I put it on to my house and I just wanted to kind of. Oop, got some water on you guys. Sorry about that. If you guys want to check these out, I’ma link ’em up down in
the description below. Don’t take my word for it. Go read other people’s reviews about it and make your own opinion about it if this is something that
you really want to get into. I really like ’em. And like I said, I’ve been
using ’em on my house. I installed one on the top. Whenever the car comes in
at night on the driveway, turns on very easily. I don’t have to worry about charging it. Oh, another cool thing that
I wanted to mention is that where I’ve mounted it on our house, we have an eave that’s covering it, direct sunlight doesn’t
actually get on the solar panel, but there’s enough there so
that the light is still working. It’s still functioning. So I really, really like that
aspect about these things is that it doesn’t have to
have that direct sunlight to be able to get a charge on there. And once it gets a charge,
just to power 30 LEDs, it’s enough to last a good while. So all in all, so far, I’m
giving this a thumbs up. I really, really like it. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time now and
I’m glad I found it. I don’t have to worry about all the wiring that goes through with a traditional one because the place I
was trying to mount it, my old one was really hot and way back in the far ends of the house and then we’ll have to
crawl through the attic. Blah, blah, blah. This made it a lot simpler. So if you guys are looking
for a simple solution to some outdoor lighting that
can take a beating in the rain and getting wet and being waterproof, I can highly recommend these because it stood the tests for me. Like I said, if you guys
want to check this out, I’ll link it up down in
the description below. Go read other people’s reviews about it. Don’t just take my word for it. Thank you guys for watching. If you all want to see
the unboxing of this, I’ma link that up right there. You all can get my initial reaction to it and you can go and check that out. Otherwise, if you all are liking what we’re doing here on Dad Reviews, make sure to click that subscribe button. I’ll put some more videos
right there on the screen. I’d love it if you guys
watch more of our videos. Thank you guys for watching
our videos, and Dad out. Oh, by the way, I got two of these. I think I might have
to give one away soon. What do you guys think? Let me know if that’s a
good idea in the comments. Dad out!

15 Replies to “BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS | Litom Solar Lights Outdoor 30 Unboxing & First Look Review”

  1. So… how does it actually do at night fixed high enough up a house wall? What's the distance it actually covers?

  2. I'm so confused…I've bought 8 of these lights. …Only 1 seems to work that is mounted on the back of my house…The other 7 worked for one day and then no longer work after that…They all work when I remove my hand over the motion sensor and solar panel,but when i moint them on the front of my house they dont work…Im at my wits end…

  3. Reason why the light stopped working under water, is probably because the light is bouncing off your white sink & back at the sensor, turning the LEDs off. In the video demonstration, theyโ€™re using a clear tank to avoid light bouncing back at the sensor & showing that it should work under water. If you can, try it in a clear tank.

  4. Not the best review, but there weren't any bubbles in the sink test, no bubbles = water tight so that works. I've considered trying LITOM lights before, but as i'd have to buy from amazon or Walmart online I've been kind of wary. So far I haven't had to chance it as Walmart has 1000LM similar lights along with 5/100LM types in store and both are excellent. as such as I haven't really had a reason to buy LITOM, and I prefer changeable batteries, that way if theres ever not enough sun I can just charge them with a charger. but eh..

  5. This is an outdoor light, not a submarine… I would rather just see a simple light output demonstration…

  6. The sensor sends out infrared and or sound waves and when you are Somerset and water it's bouncing off the water and tripping the center

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