BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS? | IC iClover Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Review

BEST SOLAR OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTS? | IC iClover Solar Lights Outdoor 100 LED Review

– Are you looking for the best solar outdoor security lights? I got some in the mail. I put ’em up on my house and I want to talk to you guys about kind of how they work and the different functions that they have to help keep the outside of
your house secure at night. First of all, hi, hi to
all the new dads out there. This is Dad Reviews. This is where I give you my unedited, hopefully more authentic,
look at the products that I like, use and have and well, this company sent to me in the mail. So if you’re interested in that, you might want to consider
clicking that subscribe button. Like I said, I got some of these solar outdoor security lights and the ones that I have are actually, I brought you all out here at night ’cause I want you all to be able to see how they light up at night. But also, what’s cool about
these particular lights is that they have three
different settings. There’s one where it comes
on automatically at sunset and then it turns off at sunrise. There’s another one where it’s off and then whenever it sees motion, it turns on full brightness and then there’s another one, a third setting, where it’s
dim whenever the sun sets and then if it sees motion,
it goes bright white and then after the motion’s gone it’ll go back to a dim
state after so long. I don’t use the one that’s automatically from sunrise to sunset, but the pack comes with two in the box which I’ll link up down
in the description below if you guys want to go and check this out. You can go read other
people’s reviews about it, not just take my word for it. But I have two, two of ’em in the box and I’ve set one to one setting and one to the other setting and I kind of wanted to
show you all those, so I got my own phone light here, I’mma turn that off so you all
can get an idea for brightness. So we’re going to walk
on over to this one, this one’s going to turn on right here. That’s not the one that
we’re talking about. I have one right up here as well. You all see that little dot right there? I’m going to get a little closer to it and it should pick me up here. There it is, and you all
see how bright that is? Nice brightness on my face there. I love how bright it is. Another thing that I
really like about it too, it’s kind of hard to see it in here, but it’s a 270 degree type
of angle that you have there of lighting, so it’s gotten
lights on the side as well that shoot out that way and that way as opposed to just down, like most of the other security lights. So you actually get a bigger range, a bigger angle of light flooding your area which is super cool. I really like that feature about it. Just because it lights up more of the area and that’s a nice, bright white too. I really am liking how much
light I’m getting from it. Now, I’mma take you all
to the backyard here and we’re going to take a look at the other setting that I have it set for because that one I have set
to where it just stays dim whenever it becomes dusk and then as you walk closer to it, it gets brighter. So, that is right back over here. We do a lot of gardening. We have a gardening thing back here and watch, I’m going to, hold on, let me, I’mma turn the camera and as you all can see it’s just a nice, dim light
right there up in the sky. There, that’s it. And so I’m just going to walk closer to it and you can see how much
brighter it’s going to get. It really blew my mind of
how bright these things are. I’m just walking, there it is. Boom! I mean it lights up this
entire area right here. I know it’s kind of dark and different cameras show
light different ways, but I mean, I can see
all the way out there across the trees over
there and everything. It really gives a whole
lot of light for the area. And so, if you want a really
nice, bright, white light that kind of automatically comes on, you don’t have to run
wires to it or anything ’cause it all works on solar. It’s got a IP65 rating
of being waterproof, so if there’s a lot of moisture in the air, if it rains or whatever, it’s still protected, it’s housed nicely. It also came with four screws
with the anchors as well. So just to get an idea
of the dim right here, this just went on to dim mode. I’m going to move over
here just a little bit and it’ll come back on. You all can kind of see the
difference that it makes. I mean, that’s a nice light
to have at night I think. Like I said, if you guys want
to check these things out, I’mma link it up down in
the description below. You get two in the pack. You get the screws and you
get the instruction manual. So if you all are looking
for some great outdoor solar security light type of things, go check it out down in
the description below. I’m really lovin’ these right now. They’re doing quite a job and I really love that
angle that they have on it. If you guys are likin’ what
we’re doin’ here on Dad Reviews, make sure to click that subscribe button. Click it right there and then I’mma put some other videos right there on the screen, actually I did an unboxing
video of these lights. I’ll link that up right over there if you guys want to go
and check out that video. Thank you Dads for watching. I’ll see you all in that video. That thumbs up is always appreciated and Dad out! Heh, that went out at the perfect time.

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  1. Yeah buddy! Looks like a bargain! Do you know if the lights are still operational all night long after a full day of charging? I have some cheap smaller ones from the Dollar General store that work fairly good for 5 bux. They aren't great but are worth the cheap price. I have like 6 of em. Sometimes a couple of them won't work – then the next night they work just fine – lol. And sometimes won't go all night long., other times they will. On average when they work right, the last around 8 hours on a full sunny day charge.

  2. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. I just purchased 2 of them (The same model 270°) for 26 bucks on Ebay! 😁 I will give you guys more updates once they arrive.

  4. I have 8 of these in my large woodland garden.i use the on all time and brighter on motion .they illuminate dark areas no extra cost ,no wires.i love em

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