Best Smart Home Security Devices for Homeowners – Mini Pinpad Tutorial

Say hello to Protect America’s Mini
Pinpad. The Mini Pinpad is a device that allows you to control your security
system from remote locations. Gone are the days of having to dash across your
house to control your alarm panel. With the Mini Pinpad’s compact and portable size, you can conveniently store it in an array of spaces. Such as on your bedside
table, on a wall or in a bag when you’re on the go. The Mini Pinpad uses wireless
technology to arm in disarm your security system remotely and it also
sends emergency panic signals. To arm your door and window sensors press the
stay button. To arm all your wireless devices press the away button. The system
will allow you a delay time to leave or enter your home when arming or disarming.
You can disarm your system from the Mini Pinpad by typing in your user code. To
send an instant panic alarm to the police, press the stay and way buttons
simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds. Whether you’re walking out the door or
spending time in another room of your home, enjoy peace of mind knowing your
home is safe and secure. Interested in finding out more about your Mini Pinpad?
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