Best MicroSD Cards for Dash Cams in 2019 | Dash Camera 101

Best MicroSD Cards for Dash Cams in 2019 | Dash Camera 101

Hey, it’s Andrew with Car Cam Central and this is our 2019 update of the best microSD cards for dash cams The biggest change is replacing older, planar aka flat memory construction with 3D, layered architecture This makes cards cheaper by increasing density and more durable because memory cells are
bigger Our top pick is the $20 USD 64GB Samsung Pro Endurance It uses 64-layer MLC construction which doubles lifespan versus our former recommendations As well a big price drop in April makes it far more appealing It also has the best lifespan and warranty of all consumer endurance cards right now Endurance is important as all SD cards are slowly damaged when saving videos and eventually fail causing your camera to stop working You want to choose an endurance card they are optimized to record longer before
failing and have technology to ensure video files are properly saved without corruption For those who need a 128GB or larger card on a budget the Samsung EVO Plus or the new Sandisk Ultra A1 are ok picks These are made from cheaper TLC NAND which means they will likely fail early versus endurance cards Still these cards use 3D construction making them more durable than our former budget recommendations The rest of this review goes deeper on why endurance cards are worth spending
more and when budget models are a good idea If you already trust us and just want to buy a new card see the description below this video for any updates from changing prices and new products being released as well as a summary of our recommendations and good retailers so you’ll avoid counterfeits For disclosure, this is not a sponsored video
and we’ve purchased all the cards at full retail price With that out of the way, let’s talk memory
cards [Intro Music] This is a memory cell one of many in your microsd card which holds
data When your dash cam erases older videos the cell is hit with a charge of electricty which slowly damages it Eventually the memory cell stops working When enough cells die, the card’s controller will permanently prevent new video files from being written Your micro sdcard no longer works and your camera stops recording Endurance cards use multiple technologies to increase lifespan and reduce data corruption ensuring your videos are properly saved Pause for a summary You can also read more in our article if you’re
interested Samsung now leads the field for lifespan Their card uses 64-layer 3D MLC construction to double the lifespan over our former Transcend and Sandisk Endurance picks Still it’s important to know that lifespan ratings are an average Some cards fail quickly because of manufacturing defects, others last much longer than expected That explains how some users with 16GB no-name cards can last years without
failing sometimes you just get lucky and get an exceptionally well made card For the majority though using the usual consumer cards will fail quickly and most companies will deny a warranty when used in a dash cam For example Samsung’s EVO Plus has a 10-year warranty but the fine print will say it’s not valid for dash cam use Endurance cards always have a warranty You can even save money as you won’t have
to buy a new card if it fails during use For our Samsung pick we chose the larger 64GB size as it gives superior peace of mind for a few dollars more Still if you need to save money get the smaller 32GB card and not some generic brand You’ll have at least 2 hours of recording
time on even our most data-hungry dash cams which is more than enough if you get a traffic ticket or into an accident The Pro Endurance also comes in a 128GB size the extended recording time 5-year warranty and endurance are nice but not necessary for most drivers These larger cards are only needed for parking mode users and professional drivers to respond to complaints about their driving Our runner up pick is Sandisk’s High Endurance
card Launched in 2015 it’s been proven reliable over the years with great worldwide availability and it still works well with all our recommended cameras in 2019 It’s a good alternative if Samsung’s Pro
Endurance is out of stock or overpriced in places like
Australia Still there’s are drawbacks as it has a significantly reduced endurance rating and slower read speed with a price similar to Samsung Looking at card speed in 2019 it’s not an issue Nearly all cards sold meet the recommended
specs of Class 10 or UHS-1 which is at least 10 megabytes per second written to the SD
card These are fast enough for even the most demanding cameras like the 2-channel 4K Blackvue DR900S Some cards are rated even faster at U3 or the new V30 format but higher speeds won’t improve the performance of your dash cam Let’s talk about our budget recommendations for 128GB and larger cards the Samsung EVO Plus, EVO Select and the new Sandisk Ultra A1 Only at these larger sizes is the price difference big enough to make a budget option worth considering However as we were making this review Kingston Western Digital and Sandisk launched new high endurance models While none have better performance than Samsung, they could replace our runner-up endurance and budget picks in the
future Specifically, the new Sandisk High Endurance as it has a cheap 128GB and one of the first 256GB endurance models Keep an eye out in the description for updates as we’ll need to test these cards out before recommending them Going back to our current budget picks we think all both cards are equally good We used reliability reports from Street Guardian and BlackBoxMyCar who have sold thousands which gives us data to say they have performed
well but not enough to say which is better Hopefully, that explains how we used data
to choose these cards versus the other cards on the
market without an endurance rating A few details to mention the Select is a rebranded EVO Plus exclusively made for Amazon It’s the same hardware on the inside Be aware of an older EVO Plus model which is slower at U1 compared to U3 of the modern version As well the Ultra A1 is a completely different
card and much improved over the the 2016 version we said was, and still is terrible In 2019 there are still counterfeit cards
on the market When buying check if the seller is well known and trustworthy especially if you are buying off of eBay and
Aliexpress Even Amazon you should check as the seller can unexpectedly change We cover a lot more details in the article and it has a summary of our recommendations Link in the description So that’s it share this video with other dash cam users
you know as they could be using a bad card We’ve heard of too many people only noticing their camera doesn’t work after getting
a ticket or into an accident We also have a facebook page where we post updates on what we’re doing Thanks for watching and drive safe

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  1. Excellent video Andrew. I already bought the Samsung Pro Endurance 64 based on your previous hint at this video. Thanks so much.

  2. Is it safe to assume that the SD cards that are sold by dashcam manufacturers are good and high quality like the Samsung Pro Endurance? (Although overpriced). E.g. Thinkwares branded SD cards for their dash cam.

  3. First I want to say that I admire you for testing cameras that you purchase and you are providing honest reveiws. Now my actual question. After my last car accident I finally got myself a dual dash camera system. I chose it from someone elses top 10 video. My choice was Falcon Eye Prime 2. Almost from the start the system was malfunctioning and I didn't notice it. It wasn't due to the memory card and the main camera was replaced because I got the extended warranty. The replacement worked ok for a short time, but because I monitored it closer I caught it not recording when it should have been. It was set for 3 minute clips. There would be many 3 minute clips back to back and then there would be many just over one minute clips with gaps as much as 43 seconds. Then it would record flawless 3 minute clips and then bach to just over a minute. I'm told its the memory card. They really don't want to send me another camera. They are sending me a free memory card to try. How long should a memory card last before it should be replaced? Is there a better dual system that cost no more than 200 dollars that you recommend? Thanks

  4. Just started buying the samsung endurance cards. I've had 3 transcend cards fail on me recently, they were all pretty old tho so not unexpected. I am gonna put these cards in all my family member's cars because I know they never check their dash cams so its nice to have a little more assurance that the cards will last a decent amount of time. thanks for the video.

  5. for dual cameras, especially 4k, + parking mode, there needs to be higher capacity, affordable high endurance cards. the recommended card is low for my setup.

  6. I use the recommended 128gb Samsung Evo card in my Mini 0906 dual dashcam. Never had an issue with it 👌

  7. Thank you! I just bought 2 Samsung 64gb. Question, will a Microsd card fail, if left in a hot dash cam? I left my Viofo A129 dashcam on parking mode in direct sun light and I think the heat corrupted the Blackvue card that was in it.

  8. #carcamcentral Please make a video on Junsun S590 4K Ultra HD GPS Car Dash Cam dual dash cam (97$) in budget dual dash cam segment comparing a129 duo with it , I really appreciate ur work thanku sir

  9. Excellent video. I don't think I'm alone in saying I keep up with all things dashcam, except memory cards. Admittedly, I been a little too busy to do some proper reading on the subject and have just been using 32gb Samsung Evo+ in all my cameras. Your video certainly clears things up. Thank you.

  10. Oh my god the animation and graphics is INSANE in this new video of yours Andrew! Did you make it yourself? Anyway, awesome video as always! XD

  11. I started of with SanDisk, until I had a brand new one fail (wasn’t from my regular supplier). Then I found Adata, which although a bit cheaper, never gave any problems. Never tried Samsung cards, haven’t seen them locally but if I do I’ll sure give them a try!
    Great video!
    Glad to have you back Andrew!

  12. I have about a total of 20 sd cards and the majority are Samsung evo cards ranging from 32gb to 128gb. I have one sandisk a1 400gb card that I use in my sg9663dc. I purchased a 64gb Samsung high endurance card that caused severe issues with my sg9663dc, viofo a129 duo and dr750s. My 5 year old 32gb Samsung evo card that I use for firmware updates is still working perfectly. I’m now only using Samsung evo cards in my q800pro, blackvue dr750s 2ch, viofo a129 duo and viofo a119. The only exception is the sandisk a1 400gb card that I use in my sg9663dc. I still don’t see a need for an endurance card since the very first Samsung endurance card I purchased was faulty.

  13. Great work! I really enjoy your videos. The animations are top notch here as well. My vote also goes to the Samsung Pro Endurance cards. I've been switching out to them for all my dashcams, GoPros, and security cameras. Shoutout to the Samsung Evo Selects for a more affordable option and a >128gb option, but I'm glad to hear about the new SanDisk options for Endurance cards at 256gb!

  14. Thanks for posting, used your Amazon link to buy a couple of the 128GB Samsung ones. If I also use Rakuten- Ebates to complete the purchase (cash back) do you get a comp from it? Hope so great vids!

  15. If you own 5-6 128 GB cards, no matter which one, you do not need to watch this video… because a year has 8.000 hours, a singe card lasts 3x as long, if used 24/7, but you only use a dashcam 1-3 hours a day, meaning that you are already good til the end of your life 3x over 🙂

  16. I bought 3 of the sand disks he said not to buy…… 3 years later they work perfect 👌 Lol they so old I don’t even know where the warranty stuff is anymore

  17. Thanks for this video. I am surprised to find out that major brands (Samsung, Sandisk, etc) sell 128gb U1 Endurance level microSD card less than $40, while many DashCam manufacturers are selling their own memory cards for more than $100. Dashcam manufacturers might be getting a lot of profit from selling microSD cards at a higher margin, just like how Inkjet printer manufacturers are selling the printer at a discounted price but their inks at a higher price.

    Your video is the de facto standard video that I would like to recommend to others who are looking forward to upgrading their dashcam memory capacity.

  18. Which card works best with a Thinkware F800? I can't find the Samsung Pro cards anywhere except Amazon and not sure I trust those to be authentic

  19. The Samsung Pro Endurance spec sheet states that its a MLC product. However, its Samsung marketing team's strategy trying to make their product better. THe Samsung Pro Endurance uses, in fact, TLC (which technically is still a MLC, just like saying a square is a type of rectangle). many of Samsung's product such as the 970 evo/plus spec sheet states it uses MLC, but has been proven to be TLC. Hopefully this comment will be noticed so you wont be bashed on by other people because of MLC/TLC confusion.

  20. Wonderful video, and very informative. Thank you, I'm now setting my sights on the Samsung Pro Endurance 32 GB or the Sandisk High Endurance 32 GB, whichever is cheaper.

  21. Nice special effects

    The Lexar 633x ((Lots of counterfeit)) for years is my go-to card for drone vids I taught they were good
    What do you think of them..?????

  22. Whenever I search for dash cam information that is detailed, I inevitably find my way to your channel for unbiased info. You are thorough and I am able to make decisions I would otherwise hesitate to make. Many thanks for your info,time and leaving me with options without a hard sell.

  23. Hi, I couldn't find the viofio a118c on amazon. I did however find a different brand that looked similar, the seguard a118c and the pruveeo f5. Are you familiar with these dash cams? If so, can you recommend them? In addition, I'm also looking at the Yi dash cam. But it being lithium powered scares me, I live in Toronto and it can get hot in the summer. I also looked at the B1W on amazon but it had some pretty scary reviews. Your input will be very much appreciated.

  24. So whats the best car for my blackvue dr900s?? Ive bought the Samsung pro endurance 128GB but my cam wont read it

  25. Hi Andrew,
    Just got the BlackVue DR900S-2ch installed in my car. Just wondering if you tested the Kingston High Endurance card? What is your opinion of Kingston micro sd cards? Do you know if they are MLC? These cards are everywhere in Canada.

  26. Samsung now sells 128GB version of Endurance SDXC, does that one has the same features as decribed here about 64GB (3D MLC)?

  27. Is there any advantage to buying the SD card from the dash cam manufactures site?

    Example: Viofo's site with the A129, option to add a Viofo 32gb card for $20 or 64gb for $33. Is a 'manufacture branded' card any better than any other card?

  28. I currently using the EVO 64GB for my dashcam. I didn't know that voids the warranty.😠 Oh well. I mainly use it for ridesharing and parking mode, so I'm looking into the Pro Endurance 128GB. That should do it.

  29. What about this Lexar? The technology and reliability of it?

  30. Professional driver here. Still using a Transcend Endurance 32GB card that's been used everyday for the past 2+ years, 9 hours a day on average. Upgraded my dash cam recently to the Viofo A129 Duo IR and I'm still getting 2 hours of recording loop on it!

    Looking forward to buying a bigger card to get more footage with my higher resolution dash cam. Thanks Andrew for the recommendations!

  31. After watching the 2016 video recommendation, I bought two Transcend High Endurance cards last year.

    While the 16GB doesn't seem to have any issues, the 64GB one stopped reading when I was in the middle of transferring video files about two months after I started using is (on a dual channel VIOFO A129); I lost all the footage that hadn't been transferred and reformatted the card. About a week later, a similar error seems to have happened while the SD card was being used on the dashcam, so it didn't record any footage. I've ditched the 64GB card and I'm reluctant to keep on using the 16GB one.

    I'm shopping for new SD cards, so I'll take a look at the Samsung PRO Endurance ones.

  32. my sandisk 32 gb dashcam micro sd card won't read on my pc now i no why…it won't work when i use a micro sd adapter but works when left in camera and plugged into usb…awesome thankyou

  33. B&H's link to the 64GB samsung pro endurance also has a 128GB option. It's cheaper on a per GB basis to buy the 128GB version. Is there any reason I shouldn't be buying this if i'm wanting more storage? or is there something blaringly obvious I'm missing?

  34. I have been using TRANSCEND high endurance for over a year as you recommended on your video 3 years ago, but unfortunately I found out that some data are missing, I rarely format it, is it because of that?

  35. I’m planning on getting the $59 petzio dual dash cam on, but am not sure which card to get….I think the max it can hold is 32GB but was wondering how much I can record for example could I record up to 7 hours straight for a car trip ?

  36. Hello.. do u REALLY trust who ever it is on Amazon? That is selling the 64pro sd card, that u recommended on the prescription on the bottom of ur vid?

    Cuz id u do, I'll go and buy it right now from them. I just don't wanna buy a confict sd card.
    I'll be useing it for my 2way VIOFO A-129 dashcam.
    Do u think that's a good choice SD card for that dashcam?

  37. +Car Cam Central Why is the usable memory always less than the capacity of the memory card? For example, it's it normal for a new 64GB card to only so 59GB available?

  38. I am truly impressed with how professional your videos are. I also like the facts that you are responsive to viewers questions and that you purchase all of the equipment you review, I don't trust reviews from people who are sponsored. You have a new subscriber, thank you for your effort. Keep up the great work!

  39. Appreciate your reviews. I am having the same issues with my Aukey dash cam not recording so I was considering the Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB as suggested from your 2016 video. Then I saw your 2019 updated video in the description and saw it's still highly recommended. Great video and thanks again for keeping us informed.

  40. I really appreciate all the work you do to put out useful and informed content in a clear way. With the current state of many review channels, it's nice to find one that seems genuinely trustworthy.

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