Best Home Security Camera 2019 | Stop A Robber In His Tracks With Annke Voice Security Camera

Best Home Security Camera 2019 | Stop A Robber In His Tracks With Annke Voice Security Camera

enter suspect number one
Brookhaven police say not only is he bold enough to casually walk through the
victims apartment but he’s armed you can see the gun in his right hand to deal
with any possible confrontations the video though it’s so clear showing the
texture of his hair and distinctive tattoo now normally when burglars break
into a home they’re in and out maybe two or three minutes because they don’t want
to get caught by the cops but in this case there’s not only one alleged
burglar but a second guy who walks in he’s got a laptop and some other things
and they don’t seem to have a care in the world it’s like it’s like they’re
shopping or something they’re not worried about police they don’t appear
to be worried about the neighbors who may be next door hearing all of this
they’re just taking their time do you know who they are somebody does write
the apartment owner tells he loved it alive he got an alert on his phone that
the security camera was activated in the bedroom he saw these two guys rummaging
through his home he immediately called police and this is where it becomes
interesting this guy gets spooked because he hears the owner yelling at
him through the camera watch what happens next both of them they freak out
and run out and they’re still on the streets exactly why you need security in
your home security cameras they’re so efficient and so cheap nowadays you
might as well get one so that you can watch your home and protect it in the
event the worst happen and I’ve got one we’re going to review today from Anki if
you’re new to my channel please subscribe and turn on my notification so
I’m gonna drop videos you get them a lot of you are new to my channel so you’re
not known me for doing reviews but one of the ways I got my channel started
with reviewing tech and today I’ve got the on key wireless camera HD all that
and it works well we’re gonna unbox I’m gonna take this bad boy out let you guys
see what they give me in a box and of course I’m going to show you
it looks like when I hook it up so first things first they give you the nice box
comes with your instructions okay USB the mount source you can put it where
you want to put it and it’s got a plug so if you want to put it in your wall
you can stick it in your wall and plug it in like that screws for it this is
the camera itself and they’ve got it nice and secure I might recommend
putting on gloves if you’re going to be handling this camera so you get your
your oils and your oils on your lens and last thing they’ve got this to plug into
the wall and if you’re not going to go wireless they’ve got it where you can
plug it in to your write your router or your modem and go like that so let’s go
ahead and hook it up so you can see what it looks like and we can talk about the
features the price and all the other good stuff you’re gonna need to know
before we jump into the live of my crib let’s talk about the features this is a
an ki PT security camera 1080p smart wireless it has a very low bitrate
which saves you a lot of storage space and you can put in a 64-bit card and it
has seven days of recording and a cloud of which you can get 30 days for free by
the way it works with Alexa it alerts when motion is trigger and it’ll also
follow moving objects which is something that comes in handy you can speak
through the thing so that someone was to break in your house you get an alert you
can scare them just like the beginning of the video and the customer support is
really really good they’re highly rated on Amazon which is where they sell and
you’ll see all the links in the video description now let’s move on to the
live video and as we’re doing that to set this thing up it is basically six
steps you download the app of course creating a password and email and then
from there you’re going to get the device take it out the box the GNAT the
power cord to a power sword you’re gonna see these LED red lights flashing and
you you have to scan this you have to scan the
QRS code on the bottom that’ll sync it with your phone then from there it’s got
to do a little software update go from there you connect it wirelessly on your
phone or you can plug it in like I did I chose to plug it in which was easier for
me put in your password sync it name it and man you’re ready to go and that’s
all you got to do with this camera ladies and gentlemen anybody can set
this up your grandma can set it up this is the footage in my crib and I liked it
it followed me around as you can see the thing pans but this is a great great
low-cost option at 42 dollars and you get 30 days of storage but even if you
don’t get those 30 days that TF card that you can put in there get you seven
days continuously day and night you might as well give it a try great great
way to help protect your home against stuff ladies and gentlemen with so much
technology nowadays why not protect your home to make sure that you’ve got some
security when you are away to make you feel a little better all the links will
be in a video description this is n kpt security camera you can get it at Amazon
you can get it from their website check them out
protect your home that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video
please comment subscribe go get yourself that life gang checkout and key protect
your home and until that net sexy as hell video I’ll see you you

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  2. Awesome review brother LAMONT. I need one of those. Somebody keeps coming in our neighborhood early in th morning knocking on doors asking to use a phone. After they leave you ride by them they are on a cell phone. Police haven't caught them yet. Keep the reviews coming. Hope you enjoy your night. Love ya bro

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