Documentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube hey, what’s going on guys this is Zeke this is documentary TV the YouTube channel for dog lovers if you want to follow me on instagram Facebook Or Twitter just search the documentary TV and you can find me there today I’m doing a video, or best dogs for home protection without the need for additional training I’m doing this video for two reasons one because you asked for it and two because I think it’s a great subject to cover on this channel a Good home protection dog is what meany you guys are looking for in a pet it will train protection dogs causing as much as fifty thousand dollars but most of us that can be cost prohibitive I know it’s cost prohibitive for myself so I put together a list of great home protectors that I believe will do a great job Based on their natural instinct basic obedience training and proper socialization Which means you do nothing more than what an average pet owner would do when having a pet But you will have two added benefit of having a great home protector and a security system in your home Natural instincts aka genetics are characteristics that were selected in a dog breeds development many Breeds were selectively bred to be loyal and protective and territorial and those are great. Building blocks for home protector All dogs need basic obedience training this training is important because all pets need a set of instructions and limitations I call basic obedience Basic communication it establishes the what when and how your dog should behave and your ability to direct and control that behavior Next we’re going to want proper socialization in our home protector this will give you dog the tools to recognize appropriate behavior and different environments You will also be able to identify When other people or other animals are not behaving properly and he can respond accordingly Other things that I take into account, when considering a good home protector is the dog size velcro breeds and the breeds energy level Size is important because the reality of it is that most home protectors will have to be man stoppers you’re gonna want a dog that’s Gonna, be able to deal with a full-grown man delgo breeds are great too because they are always by your side The moment something goes down you won’t have to find your dog or call them to your side he will always be there with you That’s especially great, when you have small children who may not immediately recognize danger Energy level is important for me because in most cases high energy breeds are counterproductive and in a family setting Most families appreciate a calm relaxing environment you know what your home protected to be a disrupter or distraction to your family’s peace For that reason I have a spoiler for you guys the Belgian Malinois and the Dutch Shepherd are not on my list they both could be great home protectors But I feel like they will need training and may cause disruptions in a typical family setting This video consists of breeds that I believe make great home protectors the order in which these breeds are presented is not chronological This is not a ranking any of these breeds will do but next job is the home protector as well as being a great home Companion you should choose your breed based on your taste your needs your lifestyle and your family’s resources So here are my 10 protection dogs First I want to start with the Akita I don’t like to expect to see of this breed is 10 to 15 years the weight Is about 75 pounds for a small female up to 120 pounds for a large male the Akita is said to be composed Dignified aloof and confident The Akita is big enough to stop a man and athletic enough to chase them back up the window who snuck in through He is devoted to and protective of his family especially children But can’t be eluded toward strangers and potentially aggressive towards dogs that he’s not familiar with so proper socialization will help prevent any unnecessary Standoff, isness or aggression you’re going to have to be on top of obedience training because they can be independent thinking making them more likely to try to solve problems on their own Another ding on this brief for me is the hair but grooming is a small price to pay for such an amazing and loving breed the next breed I have on my list is a cane Corso life expectancy 10 to 12 years with the weight of a small female being about 8 8 pounds up to 120 pounds for a large male the kind of core soul is trainable as a balanced temperament And protective and very courageous there are a lot of masters on my list That’s because masters as a group were developed primarily for guarding and protecting while maintaining a strong emotional connection with their family The kind of course Elizabeth and that is on the largest size but maintains exceptional athleticism the tiny core so has versatile in its ability it can be a close protector like a bull mastiff but Also has a athletic ability to do a lot of the running and jumping of smaller breeds The next breed on, my list is the Doberman Pinscher life expectancy of 10 to 13 years Weight of about 71 pounds for small female up to a hundred pounds plus for a large male the Doberman is known for being loyal Fearless obedient alert confident and intelligent the Doberman is a great companion and makes an amazing emotional connection with his family This breed is one of the more energetic breeds on this list but will do well in a home environment with moderate physical and mental activity The Doberman is a great mix of size and athleticism making him physically and mentally at exceptional home protector The next breed on my list I have is the bull mastiff a life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years now the reason why I’m including life expectancy and with these breeds because I feel like as a family dog you’re gonna want a long-lived dog And the format’s of is one of the lesser live dogs on this list but if you can get your dogs in 10 years that’s a decent amount of time to have with your family dogs The weight on the bull mastiff is 100 to 130 pounds the bull mastiff is known for being loyal devoted protective loving calm Powerful and courageous the breed has a size and instincts to take on a man they were actually developed specifically for this purpose this breed gets a high Velcro score for me now their goal means to me that you will never have to call your bull mastiff to your side this breed will stick to his family like glue and proximity is a great trait for family companion the bull mastiff has a territorial and protective genetics to be exceptional to be an exceptional home defender in addition it is a relatively low energy breed that won’t require tremendous amount of activity to be happy Keep an eye on your bull mastiffs weight they are one of the least athletic breeds on My list but a well bred and well-conditioned bull mastiff is more than athletic enough to protect you in your home The next breed on, my list is a Presa Canario life expectancy of 9 to 11 years The brief ranges in weight between 85 pounds for small females upwards of 130 pounds for a large male Let me make a quick note I know that there’s a thing right now with presses and they’re getting up to 170 180 pounds I’m not a big fan of this weight for this breed at this weight they appear to be far less Athletic and have less drive to things that are essential and in a proper home protective All pressers though are suspicious strong-willed gentle and calm and they can be a bit dominant The presa is a dicey breed in terms of his temperament and dog aggression making obedience training and socialization Extra important for this breed on other hand a well bred trusted is second to none but finding a well bred presa can be the issue The breeders been recently reconstructed and therefore there’s not a lot of consistency right now within this breed Especially not, when you compare to the other breeds that are on this list but at its best the pressa is comparable to the American Pit Bull Terrier in terms of Drive With the natural protective and gaurding instincts of an English mastiff which make it an exceptional exceptional home protector The next breed on my list is the Rottweiler and I’m sure you guys have tired of seeing Rottweilers on my list but I love this brief and as far as home protectors go They have to be on the list the breed’s life expectancy is 8 to 10 years small Females weigh between around 77 pounds and large males up to about 130 pounds so Rottweiler is fearless good-natured devoted obedient Tom and courageous this breed can go from teddy bear to grizzly bear and aterna one bad Act Meaning your Rottweiler could be on the slope or cuddling up with you and a second later Tearing up and intruded it’s broken into your home Roddy’s are natural protectors and fearless in battle and this breeds bite force is legendary the reason why many Police Department’s stop using Rottweilers because of the amount of damage the dogs inflicting on suspects was created incredible Liability for police departments all over the world now I want to take a second to address an issue I Suggested in another video that the rotweiler would be great for single moms There were several comments claiming that the breed is too much for a woman to own gods-damned to 2019 I need you guys to get out your feelers about what women can and cannot do I Meet countless women with Rottweilers and I’ve never met a woman with a Rottweiler who had an issue controlling her dog Rottweilers are amazingly intuitive they connect with their owners they are obedient they are powerful but if you put in the right Infrastructure in terms of obedience training and socialization anybody can have a Rottweiler and they make exit home protectors The next breed on my list is the giant schnauzer life expectancy of 12 to 15 years With small females weighing about 60 pounds of 210 pounds for large males the giant schnauzer is loyal courageous Highly intelligent strong will and can be a bit dominant there’s no limit to the capabilities of a well-trained giant schnauzer obedience agility Tracking carding herding and Home Protection are among the jobs that this breed will excel at Like the Doberman the giant schnauzer is a great mix of size and athleticism The breed is hiring energy that most of the breeze on My list but does well indoors it makes for great companions the giant schnauzer is highly intelligent so we’re very little effort you yourself could probably train your Giant schnauzer to do some advanced protection work Other – mm has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic which is great for families who suffer from allergies The next breed on my list is the Beaueron, life expectancy of 10 to 12 years our weight 66 pounds for a small female on 99 pounds for a large male the bolsheviks fearless intelligent protective and calm For me the beauceron is a more family friendly version of the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd it is not as sharp mentally or as high in terms of drive as of But has more than enough intelligence and drive to be an exit home protector it Also has the added benefit of being and incredibly loving an emotionally supportive companion this breed is highly intelligent and amazing at problem-solving Boxer life expectancy 10 to 12 years weight 50 pounds to 80 pounds for a large amount the boxer is devoted fearless loyal energetic Clownish brave and confident the boxers energy level is on the higher side for breeds on this list but the extra activity Won’t kill you and will probably make you healthier Boxers are a solid home protector because they are loyal brave and fearless to create a strong bond with their families but the best thing About a boxer is that added humor and light they will bring to your life They are a good-sized breed with exceptional athleticism and strong protective instincts And guys the last breed on my list is the German Shepherd I say this because I know many of you guys were expecting it I saved it for last Hoping you guys will stick around the single was on the list the life expectancy for this breed is 9 to 13 years The weight is about 50 pounds for a small female 290 pounds for a large male the German Shepherd is loyal obedient alert highly intelligent confident curious watchful and courageous but police and military work being a big part of this breeds development for the past 100 years the German Shepherd is especially equipped with the skill set for home protection and working line characteristics like intelligence trainability courage athleticism and confidence are highly selective making today’s average working line German Shepherd Exceptional in these areas The breed is known for exceptional loyalty which means you won’t have to go looking for your German Shepherd when trouble strikes You will come looking for you and he will be more than willing to put themselves between you and high And like the Giant Schnauzer German Shepherds are highly intelligent and will easily grab advanced protection skills that you can teach them yourself All right guys there you have the decimal s great home protectors Without the need for a whole bunch of training. I think it ought list you’ll find that there’s a tremendous amount of fearlessness courageousness protectiveness and athleticism and all of these breeds and that’s those are basically the Foundations and the building blocks that you’re going to want in a home protector if you guys haven’t already Please take a second subscribe to the channel we have more videos coming more documentaries comment more vlogs come in and also you can find me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram to search documentary TV all right peace


  1. Um, yeah btw… I'm a woman who have not only owned 3 rotts but I took in ADULT problem children. My last was already 5 yrs old, no socialization, no training, very "mean" afraid of everything, uncontrollable in public, to the point of having to spend his first 6 months w me in a muzzle because of his poor upbringing to that point and his unpredictability. Within 1 yr of love, socialization and training … he was a TOTALLY different dog. I took him EVERYWHERE off leash, unmuzzled and trusted him in every situation. I am a single woman with no special training or powers!

  2. Raised German Shepard imported puppy's i.luv the intelligence courage instinctive protector all around family dog and man stopper in one my opinion best dog

  3. You should check out catahoula for protection. Super smart and easy to train. Mine is loyal to the death 👍

  4. No more dogs for me… My 16 year old beagle died last year, and I was devastated and heartbroken. My best friend was gone forever.
    I'm not strong enough to deal with that kind of heartache again.

  5. I have a Siberian Husky. I can say he’s very sleepy, but when he wants to play he goes. Doesn’t listen. We can only make him do stuff when we have food in our hands. Maybe that’s me. He will be aggressive with anybody or dog or animal. He’s not socialized becuz we live in the country. Extremely athletic and fairly strong. Would be aggressive to anyone even if I was there, but I’m certain that he’d lose it if someone tried to shove him aside and do something to me.

  6. My favorite home protection dogs are chihuahuas. We have a pack of 57. If an intruder comes on our property, our pack of chihuahuas attack. They are kind of like a school of piranha on a capybara.

  7. Akita is best for Nieghbour’s as they very quiet and if they get noisy than the alarm bells should ring for the owner

  8. My pointer/retriever mix is the best guard dog ever. If he spots an intruder, he retrieves my shotgun, then points at the intruder. Sometimes he even retrieves the body.

  9. The odds of having a natural dog (no protection training at all) that will protect is slim. This has been tested on many occasions and proven the dog wouldn't protect. In a lot of cases they will alert but not protect. This is easily tested. Find a local trainer and set up a test. I've shepards, rotts and several others that the owners thought they would protect only to turn tail and run when pressured.

  10. Many thanks.

    I will be moving to a 3-bed apartment in a high-rise shortly; what home protector do you recommend please?

    My GSD is not likely to come with me and fit because he is so used to open areas and running free.

  11. Excellent overview! I've had Dobies for years, and when properly socialized, they pose zero problems with children and dogs they know. They need to be exercised every day however. They are very intelligent, witty, and loving.

  12. Good video, I like it. However my list would be a bit different. Here it is in order preference German shepherd, Belgian malinois, dutch shepherd, doberman, Dutch Shepherd, and cane corso. The others are not very bright, don't bond well with their owners, or constantly challenge the owners status in "the pack" and pose a liability when around other people, or other pets.

  13. I used to have a corgi and once she chased off someone who broke into my house. My little tiny short corgi.

  14. I would agree it’s all except for Boxers .. these guys would lick an intruder to death . They are however an amazing companion and clowns lol

  15. Thank you for including the Akita, They can be a wonderful protective dog. Because they bond with only a couple of people or family they will be very protective of those people. I had an Akita bond with me and it was wonderful. He protected me on several occasions. Thank you again p.s. I believe it is important to get an Akita when the are young so it can bond with you.

  16. Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the Doberman, which I am interested in. Would the best style be the Europe Doberman or USA Doberman please?


    AND there is no Caucasian Shepherd or Fila Brasilero (sp) on that list!? WOW!

    I have never owned a Fila but did tons of research on them! They will absolutely defend home and family without any sort of guard/protection work.

    Caucasian Shepherds……………lets put it like this; everyone one I've own was unwrapped, bonded with me and my family, and then protected us like nothing that I can describe! Absolutely no training for guard,protection etc was done with them. Now I did extensive obedience work with them but that was it. Also, that whole socializing thing (taking them around different places, people etc) I do not do! If any visitors come over, I put my dogs away.

    If you are a person that has a properly secured yard, live in relatively secluded place (I have no neighbors for about two blocks), EXPERIENCED ENOUGH TO HANDLE A CO, need a protection breed (that needs little to no training ),then I HIGHLY recommend a Caucasian.

    They are low energy, they LOVE their family ( and really like to be around you), their defensive drive is a thing of beauty, for their size they do not eat much, etc. Perfect addition to a family that needs a dog for protection and to love/companionship!

  18. Bring a hot dog and my rott would take u to the goods. Got cheese? Hes ur bestie.
    PS ur spot on regarding the rott & women. Mine was my best friend.

  19. My forst dog was a boxer so i was so happy to see them, they are absolutely amazing family dogs but very energetic, i mean like if you thought you were taking them out for a walk nah, they’re taking you out for a run. Theyre also pretty good with strangers, at least mone was, he would bark at you a lot but as soon as you came inside it was all love from him. I miss the guy.

  20. My neighbours have 2 cane corsos, let me tell you, they dont have a lot of visitors, these dogs are an awesome guardians , but one time they got robbed because dogs were locked.

  21. I've a Newfoundland, it was 2 years old when a person was over my house. We got into an argument I was sitting down, the man hit me in the face, my Newfoundland jumped over my sofa and took the man down,never even drew blood,the man ran out the door my newf laid back down I couldn't believe it!

  22. I'm curious about a dog breed that would be okay with smaller animals. I have 2 toy dogs and a cat. I plan on moving out to the country and would like a dog for protection and to be a beloved pet. I would like medium-large size. Any Suggestions? Edit: I'm leaning heavily on the Doberman even though it's bigger than what I had in mind.

  23. Can someone help me find the perfect dog?
    I have decided to get one for company and to feel safe when walking and working out outside. So I would like it to look intimidating and a plus would be if it could actually protect me if needed. I have never owned a dog before and I also don’t weigh much at all. So the dog i get has to be easy to train and easy to handle. (I also love in Scandinavia so for the sake of the dog, tolerance of both heat and cold would be good too)
    I would be so thankful for a little help.

  24. No hate but a airdale would could be a great addition To this list i know people Will be like there BAD guard dogs i know everthing but have you Owned on they are naturally very nice To their Family mine would Never hurt anything that was innocent it somehow always knew when something was a threat or no one time we were at The cottage and he was playing with ducks then we were at The Woods and there was a bear it was approaching US then My Dog chased after it barking biteing it He chased it up a tree airdales have Been known to actually kill bears To protect their owners and their only 60 lbs dogs and can stop a man and they Are great with kids and really devoted family dogs loyal affectionate family dogs good with cats dont shed good gaurd dogs overall goodboys rip Reggie Miss you!

  25. U don't have to train any breed (or other) to trust only you. Just go through the basics with the same as with U own kids

    Same as withe all my dogs.
    They ALL protected me and gave me more than any human could have, but didn't.
    4 legs, beats 2 anyway!

  26. This video disappoints me. A multitude of these dogs could be really dangerous in the hands of a novice who believes their “protector” needs “very little training”. I’m typically a fan of these videos, but this one was rather disappointing to me.

  27. I came for information about doggies and got a lecture on manginism about how strong and capable are single moms. How disappointing, I've been subscribed to this channel for several months now…

  28. Great video and very informative!!! What are your thoughts on the Kangal or Anatolian Shepherd as guard dogs for the home? ☮️🖖🏽

  29. My buddy sonic (GSD) patrols the house when we're asleep, has chased out an intruder that tried to break in, and alerted us when a "so-called friend" went rogue and tried to thrash the place.
    I love him to death.
    I call him the 95lb teddy bear.
    Anybody that doesn't know how good of a dog he is gets scared when they see him, but if you're a decent person, he won't do crap to you, but if you're a threat even in the slightest, forget it.

  30. they always say 88 pounds for a large male my last male was nearly a hundred and thirty my male i have now is a hundred and twenty two both purebreds with papers and great friendly and very protective

  31. The only thing I have a problem with is the boxer. Great dogs but every boxer I have seen has a problem with other dogs. Other then that a great breed.

  32. In my life, we have had a German shepherd, several Rottweilers and now our first Akita. I would say the Rotties are truly fearless, more so than my limited experience with Akitas but I think my Akita would more horrific if he got on someone. I love walking them together at night, so peaceful with no worries.

  33. I am glad you mentioned the Beauceron. I have yet to see one in person but I know a forester in Idaho that has one (as well as several other dogs). They are so interesting in their appearance….I see Doberman, I see German Shepherd and Rottweiler…..a mix of all of them.

  34. Our English Mastiff is a slob, and I don't think she knows how to bite, but "NOTHING" escapes her attention. If a bird lands on the feeder, she checks it out. Anything she doesn't like, causes a loud blood curdling bark. It is always worth checking out. She knows I'll take care of the problem..

  35. Thank you for saying a woman can handle a Rottweiler-I am a 56 year old female, got my girl from the Humane Society three years ago, and my girl is Simply Perfect In Every Way-"from teddy bear to grizzly bear " is sooo accurate-but what an excellent animal-could not love her more, she is a happy, healthy beastie, very good with cats, children, smaller dogs, dogs her size, just a jolly girl until she gets the idea (with aggressors) that she should not be. She can be a pushy broad, but so am I, and she and I both understand who the boss is. Beyond that, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, beautiful! It is awesome to walk her down the street and those individuals who are talking to themselves on street corners will cross the street, instead of attempting to engage with me. She and I have full faith in each other! One of my sons picked her out for me, because he said he can happily move on with his life because he knows if she's there, Mom will be, too!

  36. I’ll stick with my guns!!!!! Don’t have to feed them or train them and they will never die and will always be there for me!!!!!!!!

  37. This list consists of dogs that's good for Homes with out kids. especially the Akita. Hell they are banned in most places and there's a reason why

  38. *asked-not axed, *characteristics, not kakteristics, *chronological? in order by date? date in reference to WHAT?, *KAH-nay KOR-so, *infrastructure: structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

  39. No pitbull?

    I don't agree with the Akita if you have another dog(s). My Akita messed my Rotty up. Had to get rid of it.

  40. No.1 chihuahua, even if they bite your nose off and piss in your mouth they will alarm you whenever a single pen falls on the carpet they will rip apart an intruders Achilles tendon and all your friends they are kind to no one

  41. The seemingly little known Black Mouth Cur! Velcro dog, High drive, athletic, very intelligent naturally (there known to train you!) and overly protective. Only issue is there exercise needs, essentially farm dogs lol

  42. Yes, thank you for pointing out that women can handle their dogs just fine. I live with two big knuckleheads that are half shar pei and half english mastiff. They were never easy dogs, even as puppies, but well worth it.

  43. I love big dogs, used to have a Siberian husky, but they just don't live as long as a smaller dog. My last dog was a rat terrier and he died at 17 years. Getting two more next month.

  44. I know a Rottie owned by a single woman. comes home, has a beer and sits out back. Dog is all over her. I walked in the house and rottie was under table, got and came at me. He found my knee, i put his leash on and we went bike riding. "Oh he's never done that" This constant distraction kept the dog in circles. He was a small handful, yet a few blocks, short break, back home. Took the edge off…then sniffed and pee'd on the bike. Id brought it out ahead of me, then the dog. Im not upset if the pack leader (the bike) is my boss. Rottie and blue pits. they breed them in apt.'s and use vet's from their homeland to say its a mix. 18 yr old woman had a blue pit and forgets the "terrier" I ask for thoughts on jack Russels and evryone disliked them. My neighbour takes his out 3- 4 hours daily. Best Jack ever. She had two young kids. I knew a st bernard thetook the baby's skull like toy. Of course, people 25 and under cant grasp the workload. i dont let pups even get near the gate, never on it. It's this simple-dogs arent deaf nor understand english. Say the command, follow through. Get the dog back and beside you. hell, i wake mine up from a sound sleep, use "off" and pull his collar (not the choke) and him off, then i laydown. One last point re: Rottiesare great dogs, ive just seen so many bad, nervous, etc. People get them for image ( not all, but mom buggy and b
    rottie sees somethingand takes off. She had a 20' ft retractable on an 85 lb dog. Dont buy a corvette if youve never done it.

  45. You missed the part where the giant schnauzers bark excessively, like all terriers, They see a mouse and can't get it, they'll stand over the hole and constantly bark..
    a constant Giant bark from these big dogs will turn you into the neighborhood nuisance real quick…

  46. I have a pitbull terrier and am training her to be protective, am also an amateur. Is that ok with me training her, I also do training research and watch videos

  47. No training necessary? all dogs should be trained and if you don't train your animals you shouldn't be allowed to have kids either.

  48. I'm quite a ways away from moving out, but when I do my dream trio of protection dogs is a male rottie, a female Doberman, and a male either German Shepard or Boxer. You just can't trust people so I really want some doggies that are sweet to me, but are not afraid to tear some idiots' butts up.

  49. never underestimate a labrador. I learned this when play fighting with a friend as teenager. his black lab got between us, pushed me up against a wall, standing with his paws pushing my chest and barking and growling in my face. shocked the heck out of me.

  50. Wow interesting that Rottweilers caused too much damage to criminals much more than German Shepards good to know. Rottweilers used to be illegal or borderline illegal and as feared as pit bulls now

  51. Lol 😝 plus many males seems to forget that not only do males are different sizes and heights so are females and there are too many short guys so many males might not be able to handle a large Rottweiler!

  52. Wow 😲 how is the beauceron or any dog good at problem solving?! Good god I need that! 😂 lol ! I never heard of that dog and it looks so much like a Doberman!

  53. my rott bitch has been dead many years now. i miss her still. she was everything i could possibly want from a dog. she was a much better dog than i was a human.

    some of the dogs shown here have one advantage over a smaller mutt. the small cross breed mutt, may be an exceptional dog. it may be very intelligent. it might be a valiant companion and protect with its life. but the one advantage of owning a dog like a rott, is that an intruder may very well take one look at your dog and instantly decide against his intended bad actions, and walk away.

    a dog with a reputation like those in this video can therefore "win" the battle without lifting a finger. no battle to win because to battle to fight.

    you will want to get your dog trained. think of your dog as a white slate. nothing is written on the slate unless you put it there.

    i also had a fila brasileiro. if you own a few acres the dog my do very well for you. he wants so much to fit into the family. but i will not dispute their reputation.

  54. 99 percent of dogs need additional training for home protection. There is a small percentage that will do protection but calling it back will pose a problem. You need to train for this, dont be ignorant. Your dog can be put down if it isnt trained to stop or retreat when needed.

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