Best Budget Smart Home Security Camera of 2019

Best Budget Smart Home Security Camera of 2019

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  1. Thanks. I am looking for a low cost wireless battery outdoor security camera that I don't have to hardwire.

  2. How would this rate if you wanted to mount it over your front door (weather protected) and use it as an external security camera?

  3. Great as usual. Looking for a wireless alarm unit for a small office. Any chance you have one coming up?

  4. Can u pls give some feedback regarding
    YI 2pc Home Camera, 1080p WiFi IP Security Surveillance System with 24/7 
    Its on Amazon. I want to buy like 4 of them for my house looking for advice

  5. Matt, does the SD card slot say what it will hold capacity wise? Also if so how many hours or days before it recycles the card..thanks

  6. Hi Matt,
    I have a question: I am looking to buy a large TV 75+. When is the better time to buy it? Or if you have any link right now please provide me the link. Thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks Matt. Ordered two to try for a doggy cam Indoors and at another household to keep an eye on my senior parent and the temperature option will be interesting to see how it works and reliable.

  8. What are the minimum internet speed requirements to view this on your phone up and down? Most security cameras need at least 2mbps up.

  9. Unrelated comment. I see the Archeer bamboo speaker there on the shelf. Is it available again. 5he one I got thru your post was stolen last fall.

  10. I bought two Foscam camera on here last year and had zero luck connecting them to any internet connection. They would not pair.

  11. Matt..just got my two cameras. Instructions do not mention anything about the SD card slot. What size, type, set up and how does it recycle?

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