Best 5 minutes of “Hall Pass”: Security Camera Eavesdrop / Billy ‘Big Mouth’ Vagina

Best 5 minutes of “Hall Pass”: Security Camera Eavesdrop / Billy ‘Big Mouth’ Vagina

You see the Prius? We’re going green. I can see that. ED:
Everybody in the shack! -The grand tour’s about to begin!
-Come on! I call it headquarters. And behind that wall, the war room.
A 300-square-foot humidor. The humidity in there never gets above
71 percent and never below 70. Oh! Unbelievable.
How does he come up with this stuff, huh? Aw, thank you, Mandy.
I threw in a backup generator… …in case we lose power
and the main genny doesn’t kick in. It’s absolutely epic, Ed. Who wants a Cubano, huh? Oh, wait a second, Eddie.
First I want to show them my headquarters. -Come, come.
-Everybody upstairs. Hey, Larry, I’ll get you a cigar. Come on. [ALL CHATTERING] I can’t stand these look-at-how-much-I-own
parties. They’re obnoxious. When I got my fully loaded Honda Odyssey,
I didn’t go around bragging about it, did I? Well, kind of. You made me drive
around town for two hours, remember? Well, I thought you’d like
to watch a movie in a minivan. -You never watched a movie in a minivan.
-No. But did you have
to hook your boat up to it? Yeah. Yeah. it’s a touring edition, dick. Oh. Honey, don’t show them that.
They’re gonna think we’re wackos. ED:
Sweetie, don’t keep me down. -What the hell is this?
-Get in here, you’re gonna love this. Hey, where are the guys? MAGGIE:
Wow. This is like secret-agent stuff. I think a safe room is a bit over-the-top. Ed thought with the little ones
you can never be too cautious. Oh. You’re such a good daddy. FRED [ON SCREEN]:
No, I disagree. Here comes Tweedledee
and Tweedledum. Who gets a minivan
when they don’t have any kids? FRED: Wow, man. You just don’t understand
the insurance game, do you, Rick? RICK: Ah, enlighten me.
-When you pull into a person’s driveway… …to sell them insurance,
who do you think they’d rather see? Some knucklehead hotshot
in a convertible Sebring… …or a family man in a minivan? Where is everybody? Hello? -Guys, we’re in here!
BRITNEY: They can’t hear you. Room’s soundproof. And bulletproof. Also, Curt Schilling’s
been in here, because I know him. MAGGIE:
Hmm. [Rick sighs] I guess they must’ve gone upstairs. Look at this fucking thing. RICK: I feel bad for Ed Jr.
-Mm-hm. It’s one thing if you wanna look
like Admiral Dipshit… …but then you gotta do it to your kid?
Look at that little: it’s awful. RICK: Got him, like,
looking like Thurston Howell too. “Eh …. ” [FRED IN BRITISH ACCENT]: Thanks for coming
to the war room, old chap. [FRED IN BRITISH ACCENT]: By the way, did I mention that
my wife’s vagina never goes above 71% humidity, nor below 70%? [CHUCKLING] -Um, maybe we should turn this off.
-Not a chance. [RICK IN BRITISH ACCENT]: What happens
if you lose power during a big blow… …and your main generator drops out? [FRED IN BRITISH ACCENT]: That’s why we had the backup
genny installed in Britney’s rumpus. -Here we go.
RICK [ON SCREEN]: Ah, good show. [RICK IN BRITISH ACCENT]: In the rumpus?
And there’s room in there?
With the stick in there? [FRED IN BRITISH ACCENT]:
We had to rotate the stick a little bit. [RICK IN BRITISH ACCENT]: But then it gives you a little room
to get it up there! FRED: Absolutely.
Can wedge anything in that ass. RICK [IN NORMAL VOICE]:
Ha-ha-ha. Your English accent’s great! FRED [IN NORMAL VOICE]:
Thank you. Speaking of installations… …what about the shiny new set of cans
on Mandy? MANDY: Oh ….
RICK: Oh, yeah. Either that or she’s buying her T-shirts
at Baby Gap. -I don’t get the whole fake-boob thing.
FRED: What don’t you get? RICK: I like my bongos with a little mileage
on them, like Britney’s. [BRITNEY GASPS] FRED: Britney’s?
No way, those are like Baja miles. RICK: I like being able to get in there
and smoosh them… …hump them, Stretch Armstrong,
just bibbety-bap them all around. Okay. All right. But what about the correlation
between floppy boobs… …and large-mouth vaginas? Okay. FRED: You look down there, it’s like,
“Hey! I’m Billy Big-Mouth Vagina.” [FRED SINGING]
Home, home on the range [FRED SINGING]
Where the big-mouth vaginas feel strange [FRED SINGING]
Where nothing is good [FRED SINGING]
And it can’t fit your wood Oh, relax. Come on, they can’t hear us. [FRED CHUCKLES] You people are horrible! Horrible! Very disappointed, gentlemen.
Very disappointed. Hey, anyone thinking chocolate-chip
cookie dough in a waffle cone? [TIRES SCREECHING] Large mouth vaginas? You thought that was funny? No. Really? You were laughing like a hyena
when he said it. Well, I was embarrassed for Fred,
to be honest. It was uncomfortable. GRACE:
What the hell is wrong with you two? You are completely obsessed with sex. Honey, obsessed is a very strong word. Oh, yeah? This morning
you left the computer on I get my weather from that site. Ed.
Britney. Clones.

100 Replies to “Best 5 minutes of “Hall Pass”: Security Camera Eavesdrop / Billy ‘Big Mouth’ Vagina”

  1. I like that in a movie about dudes being allowed to fuck someone other than their wife, Hollywood still made both of them complete fuckin pussies.

  2. 1:08 I thank you God for those pink twins & neat back hair. Oh lord be thy thankful for thy bounty is it is round & perky.

  3. And THIS is why I will never marry….

    I wonder how many men sit in the back of the car being berated by some western cunt whore for laughing at a funny joke….


  4. Cladsic. It used to be a running joke between my college roommates and I to randomly interject in a conversation with "OK, but what about the known correlation between floppy boobs and large mouth vaginas?"

  5. What I learned from this movie: women are lying sluts and men are just honest but it makes them look gross because they talk a big gross game.

  6. I know this will sound sexist but I don't care. I'm tired of seeing Jenna Fisher dress like an 80 year old librarian. She's a beautiful woman w/an incredible body and needs to show it off once in a while

  7. He threw his buddy under the bus at record speed when confronted by his wife " I was embarrassed for Fred made me feel uncomfortable" LOL.

  8. I hate guys that wear their sweater like the husband of billy big mouth vagina do because it just shows how much of a total wimpy douchebag. Also, if kids wear matching outfits as their parents, then they are even bigger wimpy douchebags that deserve to be neutered.

  9. This film is a great example of feminism gone mad. The guys are made out to be pigs and the bad guys for simply being human males and finding women attractive; the only problem I can see is their inability to do it discreetly, like women also do with men they find attractive. The problem I have is the guys ultimately miss their wives and want to be with them, yet one wife (Christina Applegate) fucks another guy and we're expected to still see her as a victim? Her unfaithfulness is never brought up and us as the audience are supposed to just let it go and continue believing she's in the right. Yes! shocker, men are obsessed with sex, as long as it's with you who cares? Flirting and looking is not cheating. Obsession with sex is biologically determined that way for a reason for humanity to survive. Some women however think they can dictate when, where and how sex takes place if at all, while still expecting love and attention and gifts given to them by their partners. Maybe men like to be shown attention too and made to feel wanted, instead of being treated like sexual objects to be used as and when YOU decide. The hypocrisy of this film is beyond laughable, yet lefties and SJW's lap it up because it agrees with their own flawed mind set.

  10. I like when they were driving home, and Fred’s wife was driving. Pissed off. And chimed in with the bit about going for Ice Cream

  11. White people that show off how rich they are to their friends are the same people that put raisins in potato salad and ride bicycles in sponsored Lycra cycling suits.

  12. Even though I am white, I hate being associated with white people that wear cardigans around their shoulders, dress up their kids to look like younger clones of them, that put raisins in potato salad and coleslaw, and have these "look how much shit I have parties" parties with their friends because those are the ones that makes us look bad.

  13. This movie was very 50/50, it had some seriously good jokes whilst having some scenes that dragged on and didnt make you laugh BUT! This was fucking phenomenal 😂 I genuinely teared up at the close up of Maggie and Grace whilst Fred is singing “Where the big mouth Vagina’s feel strange” to then be followed by Fred’s realisation of the camera 😂 topping this outstanding scene off with them being shouted at in the back seat like little Children 😂 fuckin amazing, makes it one of those comedies I’ll usually revisit once or twice a year

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