Beautiful Dances Along the Silk Road 丝路霓裳 【CCTV Chinese New Year’s Gala 2015】

Beautiful Dances Along the Silk Road 丝路霓裳 【CCTV Chinese New Year’s Gala 2015】

Egyptian Dance Italian Dance Russian Dance Indian Dance Burmese Dance Chinese Dunhuang Dance

100 Replies to “Beautiful Dances Along the Silk Road 丝路霓裳 【CCTV Chinese New Year’s Gala 2015】”

  1. Great fusion of different art of dance, such a good coordination even though each dance form was different ….. beautiful colours ….. amazing enjoyed thoroughly watching this ……

  2. The Indian dance has left me speechless. Believe me, a far greater number of westerners practice Indian dances but most of the time their movements lack the nuance and fluidity that Indian dances require. There movements are geometric and gymnastic. But the Chinese have beaten it. The dance was awe inspiringly perfect and the nuances were just there. This performance has totally changed my view of Chinese as capable and relatable people. Kudos from India.

  3. Wow It is highest level india dance Best!!! I had a disappointment about a india dance always it was so low but this is amazing!!

  4. okay what imean is I think not that i am sure k u got me but im not saying this in an agressive way im just in a bad mood today so atleast support me a little

  5. oh and its becuase their people destroyed my country and right now its tiny on the map and thiers are gigantic!😣

  6. wow… spectacular…it is a treat for eyes…I appreciate dance form from all the cultures. Appreciate Chinese brothers and sisters for attempting one of India's toughest and oldest dance form. kudos to their precision and dedication

  7. Beautiful , cooperation results in admiration and peace, confrontation and negativity just gets hatred and rage by all.

  8. Indian friends of the message shows the friendly feelings from outside politics, put aside political issues aside, the two countries of culture and art is really worth the exchange and learning.(Although perhaps this is only between the two parts of the folk part of the friendly exchanges)

  9. This dance is nothing but………….STOLEN…"MAKE IN INDIA THEM"…………
    Berger chines's……………….

  10. must appreciate that how they only gave 25 seconds to the western european dance coverage and majority to asian and eastern, and their indian dance was pretty enjoyable as well, as the rest of the dances. pretty ladies.

  11. Egypt's first dance, the second is Italy dance, third is Russian dance, the fourth is the Indian dance, 5 is the myanmar dance, the last one is Chinese dance. The Indian dance looks sacred, it should be the dance of sacrifice.Burmese dance seems to have very high skill, I like it very much.

  12. As an Indian I must say they are super pro . Perfect! Sadly ,Cultures that bonded in ancient times are now a days foes.

  13. The Indian dance was superb and they danced very well but the dance called 'Bharatham' is always dance with covered upper and lower body. Otherwise, the stage look like heaven 😇.

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