Battle of the Doorbells: NEST Hello vs RING Doorbell Pro

Battle of the Doorbells: NEST Hello vs RING Doorbell Pro

hey welcome back to the two nerd-e
families today we’re gonna be talking about the smart doorbells so we’re gonna
be talking about the nest and ring doorbells today we’ve been using them
for about a year now and we’re gonna be going over some of the features cost
installation and show you some some demos of what we liked about it and what
the apps do so that you can decide for yourself which one is gonna be the best
for you so let’s get into it right after this hey welcome back two nerd-e families
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so we’re gonna be talking about the nest doorbell in that it’s nice slick design
it’s a little bit bigger than a regular doorbell it has a nice little LED ring
that you know when it’s not capturing people or motion or anything like that
it’ll show that it’s indicating that it’s recording notified to the person
either via cell phone tablet computer or two-way talking has a nice little echo
cancellation if you’re talking with cell and you’re going to be listening to them
and not necessarily all the background noise that is gonna be interfering like
cars driving by you’ll still hear them but not near as much Oh someone’s at the front door who could
it be oh it’s Brice let’s do it you can also
go through and scroll through your entire history depending on how much you
have purchased you can purchase different days of how long it’s gonna
record that’s the one thing that I like about the Nest it does recordings and
not necessarily clips you can pay for $5 as five days worth of data being stored
up into their cloud ten dollars is 10 days even up to 30 days so what
constitutes a recording like when does something start recording well that’s a
great question so when it starts recording is is if it’s detecting motion
or if it’s detecting a person now when you buy the Nesta where you can actually
buy facial recognition so that you could say oh this is my wife oh this is my
kids oh this looks pretty clean I have no idea who this is or this is my EPF
driver right right because we buy a lot of stuff until you want to who’s coming
right exactly the other cool thing that I liked about the nest is recording at
four point three frames so it’s actually getting your head all the way down to
your toe if I could be had packages that are sitting on your doorstep sometimes
you can’t even see them right because you get like the top hat it has that
1600 by 1200 resolution as well as a hundred and sixty degree field of view
as a HDR that will show the sharp details for bright lights and or low
contrast ratio does a 24/7 streaming capability so it’s recording pretty much
all the time the NASS has a quiet time feature so if let’s say you’re working
night at nighttime and you want to make sure it’s quiet during the day so that
you don’t necessarily wake up you can hit that quiet time well it has pre
recording quick responses so that you can quickly just say hey leave it at the
doorstep or make put it around or I’m not home right now or that’s pretty girl
it’s a lot of things and the other thing it has up to eight different languages
they don’t can have Recordings and pinyon where you are and
you’re located in the world you could actually have it be so that they can
respond to it within their language that’s pretty awesome some of the nest
sounds like really good option just to kind of compare a little bit with the
ring so I have the ring doorbell Pro so they had the original ring doorbell they
had the ring doorbell too but I have the pro so it has a similar sleek design
just like the nest has also has four interchangeable faceplace so depending
on you know the style of your home or you know if you have kind of darker
siding or lighter they’ve got a different face plates so you can kind of
mash that so it has pretty sharp video quality similar to the nest has 1080p
with that 160 degree field of view it has the 2-way noise cancellation as well
what I like about that is I sometimes have some noisy kids that are in the
house and so when you trying to talk to somebody at the front door you’re not
picking up a lot of that background noise looks like I’m getting a ring at the
door see who it is oh hey Johnny what’s going on man what’s up brother you ready
to get some recordings done or what I’m ready man
doors open come on in come downstairs let’s do this all righty brother yeah now has custom motion zones so you can
go through and set up you know if you wanted to just capture people coming up
on your driveway or on your sidewalk or in your yard but you’re not wanting to
get all that foot traffic going through on the sidewalk then you’re not gonna be
getting those motion alerts all the time one thing you mentioned with the nest
was the quiet time to comparison with the ring is they have a motion schedule
where you can go through and do certain times of the day that you don’t want the
motion alerts to be going off okay so instead of you quickly clicking it you
can just set the time for the motion alerts right okay that’s cool and you
can snooze it so right if it’s if it’s a time of day where hey like I don’t know
if you bother right now and I’m not worried if someone comes to my door you
can snooze it right there but then there’s a certain times a day on a
schedule that you can just turn those motion alerts off oh that’s a way cool
so a couple of the things that like it has the the infrared night vision just
like the nest does so as you set up those motion zones it’ll have those
motion triggers and that will actually be what starts in one of the videos so
one thing I like about the nest it sounds like it’s always doing that
continuous recording which they don’t have quite yet with the ring it’s all
based on those motion triggers and then it starts recording for a certain period
of time until after the motion has stopped one thing I like about the nest
is that continuous recording they don’t have it on the ring quite yet they’re
coming out with continuous recording starting in spring 2019
but I’ll just tell you there was some suspicious activity going on out front
that we heard from our neighbors and we were to go through and look and it
didn’t pick it up off of our motion triggers so it actually didn’t capture
anything whereas if we had that continuous recording would be able to go
back and look to find out kind of exactly what was going on and right and
have some more detail there so I’m really looking forward to that feature
coming out with the ring as well all right so let’s talk about prices because
you know these are two beautiful doorbells and are they very comparable
those prices so I know the nest it’s right around two
thirty bucks but it does not include like I was saying that nest aware that
you have to purchase and like I said you can do five dollars for five days and
goes all the way up to $30 for 30 days you can also buy the nest aware for the
year subscription with the ring we write about $250 for to purchase the ring
doorbell Perot then if you’re wanting to have the unlimited video storage you’re
about three dollars a month or if you want to pay for a year in advance you’re
about $30 for a year oh well that’s that’s a lot cheaper than the the nest
and it you can actually go back and review video up to 60 days so it’ll
store for that long all so that you know that’s a lot nicer and one thing that’s
nice is since it’s a modular system so rings coming out you know they’re the
ring security system which we did another review just on that alone and as
you add those additional devices you’re gonna have more devices that either want
additional video storage for other cameras so you start adding but what’s
nice it for ten dollars a month you can have unlimited video storage for all
your ring video devices and on top of that if you have the security system
that $10 a month also covers the monitoring service for your security
system which is pretty amazing for that price and one other thing that’s nice
about the $10 a month for the monitoring service is that it instead of just
having the 1-year manufacturer warranty you actually extend that so your devices
are all covered even from the theft for as long as you’re paying for that
monitoring service and video storage that’s very awesome that’s really quite
nice nest does very similar things so like if someone comes in there rips off
your doorbell they will replace that as well as if you pay for the additional
features that’s good the only thing that I like about then the nest is it’s very
compatible with all the Google assistance and Alexis shrink so when
someone rings your doorbell it actually says someone’s at the front door I have
the Google home that notifies me that way so like if I’m in my basement I have
one of those little Google minis that’s right there that’s synched with the
doorbell so that when someone’s ringing it it’s not just in that spot but it
goes through the Wi-Fi and looks at every device has associated with
that doorbell so you can actually say Oh someone’s at the front door I can go and
get it or I can go and quickly look at my phone
if it’s on me and give a quick notification saying hey I’m busy right
now just leave right there or whatever you’re wanting that quick response to be
or have that conversation through them if it’s a door-to-door salesman that I
have to admit I kind of do a lot my lot of my screens with that way so that I
don’t necessarily have to sit there and listen to the whole pitch I guess wanted
disadvantage of ring being purchased by Amazon this last year’s that there’s
kind of this battle between Google and Amazon’s so whereas ring is you know
fully compatible with Alexa it’s not so much for the Google home especially the
Google home hub so if you have the M is on Alexa show then you can pull that up
and you have that on your your counter you want to see on the screen who’s that
your your ringing your doorbell then you can see that but if you’re having a
Google home of like yourself then you’re not gonna be able to see that video come
up and it’s not as integrated does have some limited features with Google
assistance so hey Google tell me about the last time my video or my doorbell
rang and then it’ll tell you some information but it won’t show you the
video feed which is kind of a disadvantage but we’ll see if they
change that in their future I’m sure they will so let’s talk about
installation for just a moment these are both what you consider DIY installations
right and we’ve talked a little bit about the installation I think both them
pretty similar to the very easy whereas the earlier versions of the ring
doorbell you had option for a battery which you know it wasn’t very convenient
because they were always taking the battery out having to charge it we’ve
died on you then you’re not getting that video feed or getting the doorbell rings
when people stop by so what I really like about the ring doorbell Pro is that
you know similar to the nest it’s all self powered with the wiring harness
that comes with it yet the hardwired didn’t I have to say as far as a DIY
installation I think it’s something easy that pretty much everybody would be able
to do one thing I did find as well and it’s probably the same with the nest but
if you have an older doorbell and it doesn’t have that 16 to 24 volts you can
actually purchase a transformer that puts out a little bit more power than
it’s a little bit more difficult installed but it’s still you know within
the means that you know most anybody should be able to do it these are Wi-Fi
devices so you want to make sure that you have plenty of range with the ring
they also have what’s called the chime or the chime Pro where acts as an actual
extender as well as like you were saying with the nests as you are in it have
integrated with the Google home and you might be downstairs and some rings are
doorbell you don’t hear it but then you’re alerted a different way well ring
they have the chime and the chime Pro where you can plug that in in other
places of your home so I actually have one down here in the basement and so I
can hear when someone’s ringing the doorbell but it also acts as an actual
Wi-Fi extender so if your access point is actually on the other side of the
home you can have something right in the center that kind of extends that and
allows your Wi-Fi connection because you don’t want choppy video and over your
feet alright so there you have it it’s the nest versus the ring video doorbell
so decide what’s best for you and your family but we sure are liking both of
them hopefully you liked the demos and some of the other features and the
comparisons that we went through we’ll have a couple links down to the bottom
that helped take you to a little bit more information about both and honestly
we want to hear from you guys so please comment below and let us know who you
think won because I think it’s almost a little draw yeah I do too subscribe to
our channel so you can find out the new and latest videos and that’s it from too
nerdy families we’ll see you next time please you

10 Replies to “Battle of the Doorbells: NEST Hello vs RING Doorbell Pro”

  1. Your video sounds a bit muffled over my sound bar, and I recommend close to 5 minute reviews if you can.

  2. Very informative video.

    For my smart home I tried both Google and Amazon devices.

    So far I find Amazon is usually more refined, and it feels like Amazon keeps the consumer in mind when they build or price a product.

    Google/Nest is amazing, but their services and devices are priced as if they were a premium service provider.

    In the future I will probably go with Ring because of the yearly subscription fees.

  3. So there was no lag time for the Nest hello or the Ring pro? Do either one of you use your Ring or Nest to remotely lock or unlock your door? Wondering which would be best for that.

  4. It would be fantastic to cover what features are obtained WITHOUT a subscription. I assume no recording but I also assume one can see live feed at least with both types.

  5. sorry, just funny that most of the people looking for this kind of video in order to compare and chose which one to buy. And here at the and "someone" says that they are both great etc, etc, so chose yourself. Other way to say it, I just wasted 10 min of my life hahah genius

  6. You missed two very major features with the Ring Pro and is why I went with the Ring Pro instead of the nest hello. If your home does not have a previously wired doorbell, Ring also manufacturers digital chimes that don't have to be wired that can simply be plugged in to any socket and has a huge choice of chimes. The second major feature which is most important to me, is that it is compatible with the Echo Show and with this combination you can actually answer your door simply by saying "Alexa answer front door" and the picture of the front door will pop up on the screen without having to touch the Echo Show or your phone. It is completely voice operational. Yes the future is. I hope my comment has been helpful.

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