Basic Home Security – Gus Johnson

Basic Home Security – Gus Johnson

Just gonna check and see if the house is safe before I go to bed Hey, are there any stabbers down there? No, It’s okay! Okay, good

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  1. Ok so lets recap
    " Hey, are there any stabbers down there?"
    "No, it's okay."
    "Okay good."
    10/10 Security you did a good job man.No chance anyone is getting better security.

  2. Good diddly darn thing that STABBER was down there to make sure there were no stabbers

  3. I need to try this I almost got stabbed by a stabbed last week, thanks for the advice on how to find stabbers…

  4. Guys, you got it all wrong, that guy is there to protect him from stabbers by stabbing the stabbers!

    Gotta love em'.

  5. Our tol story tonight gus johnson was repotadly stabed by what he calls them “stabbers”.Thank you all and good night but before you all go to sleep check for any stabbers

  6. Ive watched this video gor years and i never bothered to check wbo it was made by.

  7. Note:If u see a man wearing a shady ski mask always accept or say OHK to him life lesson learned +Respect

  8. 0:00–0:10 👱🏻‍♂️. 👨🏻‍🦰
    👕. 🥼🔪
    👖. 👖

    Just going to check the house for killers

    Hey is there anyone down there

    No it’s ok

    Ok good

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