Banana Defense Causes Robber To Split

Banana Defense Causes Robber To Split

today on active self-protection we get to see an instance of the old banana defense welcome to today’s active self protection lesson I’m your host John Correa today’s video comes to us out of Ontario in Canada want to take your knowledge beyond the narrated videos join us on active self-protection extra and subscribe for multiple videos every week to help you get better in your defensive skills this couple is just sitting at their store and and the lady there is actually enjoying one of the bananas that’s on the counter when this dude walks up who is a robbery Scott you know a thing over his face here and he’s like hey man give me the money out of the till when they say no he’s actually going to jump the counter here and as he tries to jump the counter this couple is not going to allow him to do that and instead they’re going to hit him with the bananas and drive him off they both push him out of the store and then what you see is the husband and wife here the husband’s gonna head on out and see that he is leaving and that’s where this one ends I think that’s the best defensive use of a banana that I have ever seen on the channel if you want to get better with your self-defense join us at the asp national conference at the end of september link is in the description with all kinds of information it’s all the benefit the Flint Hills foster team camp and it will be a fantastic weekend of training out of today’s video I want to think about the dangers of transitional spaces I want to think about the counter as a tool that you can use if you’re in a retail environment and about using environmental weapons effectively as a self defender when the time comes to defend yourself you may not have a whole lot of notice I want you to notice here in the top left you see our robber coming in and you’re like oh okay that she only recognizes it from when you know he’s pretty close to the counter but if you look at the very bottom right you can actually see he’s very close to the door he’s only taking a step or two in the challenge with these transitional spaces is is that you’re not going to get a lot of notice and this is one of the things with an armed robbery man when you’re in a defensive encounter the bad guy is only going to tell you about it at the very last moments that you can’t mount an effective defense which means you need to be ready with attitude skills and plan ahead of time you need to know that you got to flip the switch to defend yourself now he is going to come up here and demand the money from the till okay fine whatever I get it however I want you to notice here that the counter in a convenience store or anywhere else you know your desk or whatever can represent a significant advance he’s got to defeat that in order to get back and get the money now you can do that with weapon until you to come over and give him the money or whatever but that counter represents an opportunity to defend yourself now I can’t tell you enough I would recommend that you keep your tools on your person not under that counter because when he’s coming under it over it rather you don’t want to be diving under it in order to get a gun or something like that but using that counter to your defence is a very wise thing now you notice here he’s gonna try to climb over husband’s gonna push him back then the wife’s gonna hit him with the bananas now that’s kind of an interesting and silly thing however it’s an improvised tool it is an environmental weapon and I think it’s actually really ok there you notice there that she picks up what was available to her sometimes when you don’t have a purpose built to Lemann made too long it you just grab the first thing that’s available now what I recommend a banana no I’m not gonna recommend a banana because it’s not gonna hurt him very much not gonna cause him pain that may not have driven him off however her attitude did attitude is the foundation of active self-protection we call that emotional fitness the willingness to stay present and say I can handle this that outrage that says no I’m not gonna be a victim and I’m gonna fight and you are not going to beat me is incredibly important so she used that environmental weapon very very well in this instance and drove him that hack off now I also want you to notice here that he then heads off but this could be a dangerous part that we got to recognize in that moment ok he’s heading out because he’s demoralized and unless he has a tool on him this is why I can’t tell you enough I recommend all good people carry force multipliers on them have something even if it’s a pepper spray instead of a you know a firearm or something like that because you know you have a hard time with firearms in your jurisdiction or whatever and Casey comes back in this instance he didn’t he just runs off so she wins with the bananas that’s pretty fantastic now her husband is gonna go out and we don’t get to see what he actually does here I can’t tell you enough I say it all the time on the channel don’t chase fleeing threats let him go if he was going here to lock the door that’s perfectly okay but in don’t chase him outside the store because you don’t want to go out into a situation you don’t understand and know about that can introduce more danger to your world instead lock the door get on the phone with 911 ad is awesome I think she did everything she needed to do she had a fantastic attitude use the tools that were available to her used the counter effectively and covered her ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Great video would have been great if should have had that boomerang action going and knock the guy out out now that would be hilarious!!

  2. 3:47 In Canada you are not allowed to carry anything for the purpose of self defense. Even bananas. You are however allowed to defend yourself even with guns if you have one but you are not allowed to have it "for defense". Good idea to always speak with a good lawyer before the police. Key here is be smart about it. Never admit to law enforcement when asked why you have something that it is for defense. If you do you will get charged. I carry this knife as it is handy for peeling apples. I keep this gun in my house as I like to hunt/target shoot. I keep that baseball bat in my car as my kids play little league, look there is a glove and ball to go with it. 😏😏😏

  3. Relationship goals not only make it old together but still be kicking ass til the very end. Iigh grams iight Gramps, I see ya 💪💪💪

  4. Dear John,

    It might be useful for your viewers to also get a perspective of the mindset / psychology of the attacker / perpetrator so that the defence can be strengthened.

    For example, most of who come to rob / attack are also nervous and anxious. If that is true, the defence can try to capitalize on it in some way.

    What do you think?

  5. ‘Hell has no fury like a woman scorn’
    She had determination and mad Bananafu!
    thank God someone’s Papa and Nana are ok…

  6. I have heard of these banana clips – I had no idea how effective they are, I have learned something! They are still trying to ban these?

  7. Hey John, I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. At 0:19, what is it that your friend is juggling? It’s difficult to see in the video.

  8. 5 D's – DISTRACT – Hit a guy with bananas…that's pretty distracting if you ask me! That robber had no idea how to react to that!

  9. “…best defensive use of a banana I’ve ever seen on this channel…”

    Just how many defensive uses of a banana have you seen?

  10. Goes back to car
    Getaway Driver: how much did get!?
    Bad Robber: they were armed with bananas, I had to get out of there!
    Getaway Driver: ……… 😐

  11. I hope that Banana was registered. Toronto's mayor might now try banning Banana's from Toronto since he could not ban guns.

  12. I'm glad you covered this. "Environmental weapons" as you call it is quite important to focus on in self defense. For anyone who wants to brush up on the art of using your environment to defend, just watch any and every Jackie Chan stunt you can possibly find. He is an absolute master at turning anything into a weapon. Like, the MacGyver of weapons lol. The Rush Hour series (1-3) is full of these teachings. Also quite funny movies. Fun for the whole family! Great video! Fantastic lesson!

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