Awesome Home Security Tech!

Awesome Home Security Tech!

so back at 2012 we got robbed like
almost everything that we had was stolen all of our computers were taken all of
our phones were taken we had nothing to run the business with
we had up like a little webcam didn’t have any sort of dvr cloud recording on
it when I came to the office that morning the camera which is unplugged
and on the floor so doing what we do with this kind of technology security is
important and i feel like i fear monger too much but like it’s a skin medley a
scary world so whatever I can do to protect my
business I want to do the way they got in the way the robber got in there just
to open the door essentially with the screwdriver it was very frightening and
maybe want to evaluate security a little bit more so a few years ago we did a
video on the Ring Video Doorbell essentially what that is is it lets you
see who’s at your front door even if you are not there a lot of
robberies occur so I’m gonna ring the doorbell and see if nobody comes to the
door if no one’s there then that was probably empty and they can kind of go
in and potentially steal your stuff the reason i liked Ring was in our
office anybody here who has the app can not only answer the phone but can use for a two-way communication
to talk to the person they’re like UPS gotta go okay we’ll be right there somebody we don’t know they will be able
to see them talk to them decay you are good or not good I also like the
camera record the clouds the motion detection so somebody walks by it maybe
looks fishy or keeps walking by and casing the joint like we’ve had happen seeing as my business and my livelihood
depended on security keep everything here I want to take a look at it the folks at Ring
now something new it’s called the Ring Stick Up Cam and design is going to
look pretty familiar and the name kinda says it all it’s a stick-up can think of
it as like the Video Doorbell without the physical doorbell button on it you
can put this guy pretty much anywhere you want it’s an outdoor Wi-Fi security
camera and got that same two way audio and motion detection and the clouds HD
video recording and my favorite feature night vision you can catch some raccoon
doing some crazy stuff so setting this thing up it’s pretty much
just plug and play it’s going to cost a hundred nitety nine dollars if you’re
interested in setting up it’s really easy it also could have a
five thousand two hundred mAh rechargeable battery because this camera
is meant to go outside you might have easy access to power they got a Solar
Panel for you if live view is your then Stick Up Cam has you covered so you can chat and talk with your delivery guy and tell
him to leave your package you’re busy the Ring Doorbell got a
pretty identifiable trying to it but if you live in a big house you got a big
office they sell a little accessory called the Chime you plug it into the
wall outlet and you’ll get the ring so you’ll know that somebody’s got your
door if you don’t have your smartphone with you so you’re covered and no matter where you’re at so for me
the combination of security actually having a doorbell to keep our office
locked here was really important there are a lot of reasons to to want
something like this and why don’t you guys usually the comments down below in
video a thumbs up you always appreciate until the next time jon rettinger from
technobuffalo .talk to you guys next video

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  1. If you have your TV mounted on the wall, you should tape a piece of paper to the back of it so if someone tries to take it they see a sign that says, "Put it back fuhcker". It might work

  2. I have the one with the door bell and I like it a lot but the trash trucks keep setting it off and I want to choose a costume bell

  3. ik its a sponsored video, but arnt actual security cams like flir or qsee cams better as they are actual security dvr?

  4. sorry to hear about your break in. please tell us more of different security devices out there like nest and Motorola 😊

  5. The app called "Presence" is a great way to secure any space. It is free and all you need is an old Apple device that you no longer use to set up as a camera.

  6. I use my underwear for security. I put the expensive stuff inside underwear on top of the laundry. Who would wanna touch somebody's underwear and why will anyone check if the laundry has any thing?

  7. There is much more affordable solutions that do the same thing. this is nothing but an advertisement. It's not even a review.

  8. I'm not a professional thief or anything but I'm pretty sure that someone who is going to break into a house doesn't ring the doorbell first. It's like, "Hey man, I'm Jon. How can I help you? Why are you wearing that ski mask my friend? Are you cold? Would like to come in for some hot cocoa? Go ahead and leave that crowbar by the door on your way in. Come sit at the table here and feel free to play with any of the tablets or laptops we have laying around. As a matter of fact, I'm going to run to the store to pick up some chestnuts and milk. Why don't you cut yourself some cantaloupe. Here's the knife. You have a gun? Very good idea. We were robbed a couple of years back. You could never be too careful. Don't mind Ron sitting at the desk there…he's just editing some video for our business. Be sure to offer him some fruit please after your done carving. I'm going to be gone for…let's see….28 to 32 minutes….that should give you plenty of time to commit mortal kombat fatalities on some of my employees here. Haha; do you play? Did you read about the dude in the paper the other day who rang the electronic wifi-connected doorbell, wearing a ski mask and carrying a crowbar, who was greeted by some unsuspecting fellows, chopped them up using a cantaloupe knife, robbed them and walked out without getting caught? Make sure you at least leave the door locked while I'm gone…can't be too safe around these parts…."

  9. bruh. watch someone run up on it and Incase it with aluminum foil. boom,no more signal you rob again. 😂

  10. I've installed this ring thing it's really laggy even in a good network and takes like 2 minutes to respond to anything

  11. I have heard that this particular park has been paying for good reviews on YouTube. are you getting paid to make this video?

  12. biggest thing with the wireless battery cameras is the latency from which motion is detected to when it starts recording. I have tried arlo and basically anything more than walking speed will be to fast for the latency to catch up, as well as they are buggy to get live streams due to it having to wake up the camera. For low / slow traffic areas they are good but anything more just go poe cameras

  13. Prime suspect would be an ex employee of the sercurity team for the office building your office is in. Ohh well,, it was in 2012,

  14. This is really awesome Jon.
    I love this channel not just for ur smartphone reviews but also for these type of interesting videos 😊✌
    Big fan from India 🙂

  15. ismartalarm works great and it has motion detection night vision 2 way audio and much more got mines 2 for a $100

  16. Damn Jon4lakers you've come a long way since I last remember back in the day , good for you ! what happened to Noah ??? Haha

  17. You just told the world how security is setup in your office. Do you want to get robbed again???

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