August Smart Lock Review | Mr. Locksmith Video

August Smart Lock Review | Mr. Locksmith Video

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  1. Got a suggestion for retail store with employees? I want keyless, audit who entered, and operate from off site. My door is a glass, slim aluminum frame. Thanks.

  2. I just can't bring myself to trust a gadget like this to keep our door locked. Wifi cameras (and other devices) can be hacked, Bluetooth too just as easily. I bet I can find a way to hack this if I wanted to, which makes me realise many others out there can too. Now I don't know how smart burglars can be, but if almost anyone can crack WPA encryption, then this gadget really seems to be a risk.

  3. Even at the very beginning of the video, you can already sense something about this guy like he's about to air out severely biased points. Terrible.

  4. This device is not meant to increase the quality of lock security, but rather to improve the convenience of turning a deadbolt into a smart lock. I bought one for one third of the price and I wanted something in which i could have more knowledge on who was coming in and out of the house and not having to make more key and having them lost. The features of this device really adds value. I program my lock to auto lock after a few minutes and to auto unlock when it sense my phone approaching from the outside. It works like a charm and it take the hassle from seeking for keys when coming late at night. Lets me lock and unlock using my Apple Watch when my phone is left inside the house. I'm glad I got this product for a fraction of the price.

    I think that a little more knowledge about the product is required to make a proper review.

  5. Trying to find a smart lock is difficult enough without unwanted variables / bias added into the reviewing equation. I think electronic locks, be they z-wave, proprietary like August or any other tech can use a good analysis by a independent person. Real value can be added if the independent person reviewing them happens to be a locksmith, that knows the tricks of the trade etc. That value goes out the window if personal bias is introduced. So here's the bit. This product in theory makes sure that you do not forget to lock the door, like a lot of people do. In that regard, it introduces security, as your door is not left open all day when you are at work. Handing multiple physical keys to people also introduces risk of those keys falling in the wrong hands, this device somewhat mitigates that, but not entirely, digital keys can fall into wrong hands too. It mounts onto a existing lock, so if you have a apartment in a complex that lets say does not let you replace the deadbolt / key mechanism then this is what you look for.

    Here's where Mr. Locksmith could really add value. Can the improper mounting of the bracket cause unnecessary friction on the axle causing the mechanism to fail? With what force does the mechanism actuate the deadbolt? It might work great on camera outside of a frame, but you add a bit of friction with a improper cut deadbolt opening and it might seize half the time. Does the mechanism itself add rotational force, aka will i find it hard to unlock the door with a key with it on. At what temperature will this fail, because you know, i would like to get into my house in winter too and there's not that much insulation between the locking mechanism and the device, more like open air. What happens when the battery dies? How does it connect to external systems? May want to consider getting someone else on the show that knows the vulnerabilities of wifi / Bluetooth / z-wave .. etc controlled systems. When is z-wave vulnerable to an attack? The complexity of a Schlage locking mechanism will be completely bypassed if someone stole your z-wave encryption key. How about Bluetooth? If i put this on my door, will it make my house more insecure because my neighbor can now hack it with a app?

  6. You only show the half side of the door. Even the lock run a half way, in fact you cannot use your finger push it back. You did not show the lock's auto-lock function which is very important feature. I have used one for 3 months. Mine works very well than your lock sample. You are a good locksmith, but not a good lock installer according your video as you said you do not like august. August connect is very important part which let you know your lock's state any time. If I did not watch your video at the beginning, I would have it 3 months earlier. I only worry its plastic parts life. There is no safety lock in the world for us because the weak doors, windows and walls. It is enough what happens in time.

  7. This is a terrible review. You're reviewing it based on if someone doesn't close the door? Rate locks instead of smart accessories. Don't waste our time

  8. hi i dont have a deadbolt lock on my door is there any other lock other than a deadbeat that the august smart lock will work with

  9. Why would anyone buy this ? – I don't think I've ever seen anything so stupid as this and for a whopping $300 when you could just turn the knob on your deadbolt for free. You need a smart phone just to get out of your own home. Consider you're in bed, asleep, the smoke alarm goes off you wake up to a smoke filled room, can't find you phone and run downstairs and find you can't get out of the burning house – what do you do, burn to a crisp.

  10. Brinks Home Security is said to be commencing shipping of a new wifi lock (that's wifi…not bluetooth) called "Array" in May. It has a keyway, a number pad and it's proprietary battery is continuously trickle charged by way of a built-in photovoltaic panel by provided by Suncore.

  11. shitty review. I bought one and it works great…. need to move forward.. if not it would be the same as if we were still listening to 45rpm records.

  12. It would be perfect if i could hold my iPhone like 20cm away from my door without doing anything on the screen, that the door automatically unlocks. Anything else is garbage. Putting an analog key into my door takes less time than unlocking my phone and starting up any app. And the digital part has to be VERY secure. I'll skip for now.

  13. Ok, was curious how you would evaluate this lock. The first time you unlocked it, I saw the green and it was unlocking, but you then declared it locked and not working. I think you not comparing the screen / program with what the lock was doing made the evaluation a bit unfair. And who said it was to further your security via your regular evaluations? Your evals normally are about bolts and tumblers – fine and valuable. This only adds to "security" if you don't want to leave keys under mats or fine yourself making extra keys for other occupants. So, I'll watch your vids for "bolts and tumblers", but I'm more inclined to give more benefit to this lock vis-a-vis your eval, because just seemed you didn't want this to work. I take away from this a strong recomendation for Schlage locks, and this eval on the Smart lock a throwaway. Sorry.

    Side curiosity: If your "over the moon" on the Abloy locks, and they are impressive, what do you do when you need into the house, with a bag of groceries, and someone suspicious seeming to walking up to you, and you need to be in the house fast? Sometimes "protection" also includes "getting in the house" quickly and safely too.

  14. I think for airbnb this would be great because you can give access to certain people for a small amount of time.

  15. Definitely this review is wrong!!! It woks fine, its secure and its awesome. I will recommend it to anyone and no doubt will get another one for my other doors.

  16. I really think you're missing the point and you really are not providing a fair review of this product. You say you would install it on a primus but not on a defiant but to the general public those locks are essentially the same.

    Truth be told though, you wouldn't install a defiant on a door period. Because we know you can blow on a defiant and unlock the door faster than you can with the factory key! But most people dont know that or kinda sorta know that theres this thing called bumping but its like something only magicians use.

    The audience this is geared for and marketed toward are not looking for increasing their security. August's own commercial for this product has it on the front door of a San Francisco home on a steep incline. – the front door – has a full pane of clear glass. with the deadbolt right on the little sliver of wood. No not a fair review and not worth $300 but I can see a lot of people who would enjoy this product esp. when the majority of america uses a big box deadbolt their whole life and they've never lost a night of sleep and I think their for the most part their fine with that.

    I think I'll stick with my Medeco for now….which has its own slew of problems but I'll gladly take medeco problems over any of the other problems that schlage or even Kwiktheft have

  17. is the august door lock weather proof (under sun and rain)? I'm planning to put it on my front gate which is outdoor.

  18. You missed the point of this product completely. It has the ability to auto lock your door, auto-unlock when you arrive at home, lets you let people in your home when you're not home. The problem with this review is you do not have an understanding of the purpose of this device. I'll stick with the tech reviews since this is a tech product and not a security product.

  19. I was told I do not understand the purpose of the August Lock and they will "stick with tech reviews since this is a tech product and not a security product."

    This "tech product" has to protect you and your property! I am a locksmith and I fix, repair, replace and I have to open the locks when they have failed or people has lost their keys or codes.

    My understanding of the purpose of this lock is from a locksmiths viewpoint. I am the guy who has to fix locks and get into them. Tech writers only understand the cool factors and specs and not how secure they are. If you view my video with a tech writer and I you will hear him say he was shocked when I opened the new "Smart Padlock" in seconds with a pop can on a product he had written a glowing report on.

    You want to see great secure Electronic locks view my Videos on Schlage NDE locks! Also, the new Schlage NDE Deadbolt may be the best of all Worlds!

  20. although i think the august lock is shit.. i think this review is even worse. what fucking planet do you live on where a deadbolt lock is 75% of the way out but its not locked??? iut only needs to travel about 5mm into the door to be considered "locked"

  21. Poor review by an obviously un-savvy computer person…you're review is unreliable not the lock. Reviewer doesn't seem to understand that this is all about convenience… not having to fumble for keys. Obviously it doesn't improve the current deadbolt/security of your existing lock… DUH!Opens the lock using apple watch or iphone when you walk up to the door an then locks it as you walk away. This unit must have dead batteries. Mine works perfectly. Review might be intimidated with any new technology that might reduce the use of 'keys' and hence be bad for his business. The majority of users and other reviewers do a pretty good job of reviewing the unit.

  22. Can you do another review with the new August Smart Lock that just came out – curious if you'd not recommend or not with the improvments they say they have made. thanks

  23. Someone should hire Mr. Locksmith to do the black-and-white shots in an infomercial. Talk about purposely botching things to make it appear to be difficult. There are several other installation videos where people can install this thing in half the time with no confusion. What a dunce.

  24. "It's BLUETOOTH or whatever" …. This is the point I should have stopped watching the video. Bluetooth has been around for years and is a common household name. You say it like its some corny idea that you are unsure of….. Not WHATEVER….. it's bluetooth….. done.

  25. Product works fine. You were messing with it. Leave the technology alone and let it do its job.

  26. You have so many videos, but I have decided against August. Pros & Cons of both product. Have you review … I'm leaning towards this one. This is the official site. loops back to Indiegogo.

  27. You shouldn't recommend Z-Wave products. Its proprietary and not thoroughly tested. It has already been hacked by devices already on the market. Its great for other non security smart home devices, but not smart locks. August is on the right path when it comes to smart locks by allowing you to use your existing dead bolt. As far as Bluetooth, you may want to do some additional research when it comes to security and wireless signals.

  28. What a negative review, not because of the product but because of the reviewer. This guy seems to be deliberately looking for flaws on this item. His mind was made before he even tried the lock. Not a fair review at all. The lock is not made for security but for convenience.

  29. Airbnb seems to disagree with your assessment. They recommend the product. Most companies don't put there lives on the line over a useless product.

    You never addressed the issue of how this IS useful to folks who cannot be home to lock/ unlock their doors. This one is what you would NOT recommend. Fine. WHat would you recommend for someone who has to provide remote access (tv guy, repairman, postal delivery; kids; pet sitter, whatever)?

    I'd sure'd like to hear your take.

  30. Just another old timer being condescending about technology because he doesn't know it well enough or understand its benefits.

  31. This guy is a locksmith, not a techie so his reviews focus on security and practicality of the lock. This gadget and so many others out there are nothing more than expensive toys for connectivity. Those that have certain expectations from devices like these may benefit from this review.

  32. Mr Locksmith: THANK YOU SO MUCH my wife and I were considering this but a bit suspicious. Glad we looked on Youtube. You have saved us time and $. Keep up the good work!

  33. Thank you for your review! I was about to buy this, but i've seen that it's unreliable for sure. I wanted to make my mom's life easier, but if it's jamming like this probably ill left her hanging outside. … Pfff… No way!

  34. I never understood the concept of having a battery operated locking system especially this one. "ANYTHING" using "R.F." (radio frequencies) to operate objects such as Locks, alarm systems,credit card/smart pass a.t.m's, drones,model airplanes etc…can be easily manipulated. I have the ability to open "Anyone's" garage door providing they have an automatic garage door opener simply by using my C.B. radio with a V.F.O. (variable frequency oscillator) and a 100 watt power amplifier, it drives the neighbors nuts thankfully they don't know what the heck is going on,or who's doing it…LMAO. this locking system seems to be more of a novelty item in my opinion.

  35. Now they only need to attack your network to get in your front door. If someone really wants in they will kick in the jam or break out a window.. New idea for an old product. Junk!

  36. The security feature is not having to hand out keys to your home (someone performing service inside your home, etc.) .  You can issue out a digital key that can be later revoked.  This blows away handing keys out that can be copied.

  37. Man this guy is really dumb. Stick to manual locks from the stone age old man, you clearly can't grasp the purpose of this device.

  38. I love how all the comments are so negative, mainly because I agree 100%. This guy seems like he knows locks but definitely doesn't understand what the device is for. There is no logic in saying you wouldn't put it on a cheap deadbolt. It adds the same level of convenience no matter how secure the deadbolt is. If a deadbolt is cheap or easy to pick then someone can break in, whether you have a smart lock or not. The only judgement to be passed is "does it work" (yours would have but it looks like you had bad batteries based on it not completely locking and the dim led). If you don't think the convenience is worth the price, fine, some will, some won't. I feel like this video was made from the beginning to just bash smart home technology. You have a very elitist attitude towards things you don't understand. Stick to your locks, bud, stay away from technology and luxury items you don't understand.

  39. Biased dinosaur. This video is embarrassing as an owner of the smart lock you definitely don't know what you are talking about.

  40. To be honest Mr. Locksmith I will have to dis agree when you stated that this is not for added security i was recently robbed where at my apartment they have the same layout as to what i see in your demonstration , I will not go into details explaining how wrong I think you are with this video that you have up here . (Please stop miss informing people ) Anyways if I had this system i am sure i would of caught the guy .

  41. You seemed to be saying it wasn't working quite often as it was successfully doing the exact thing you said it wasn't .

  42. If you're a locksmith and you can't tell that you put it together incorrectly and it's binding you're an idiot.

  43. It's meant to add convenience not security. Even so it's no less secure than it has been before you added the August.

  44. My August lock works perfectly. Schlage uses the blue adapter. Read the instructions, maybe because you didn’t tape the keyed part of the dead bolt to the door is the reason why your lock was hanging up. The first few times you lock and unlock it does move slow. Afterwards it locks and unlocks with no issues. First of all the August lock is purely for convenience and does not state it will provide a structural means of security. However, the security part of this lock is having it automatically lock in a certain time frame after you’ve entered your home. So from a personal security stand point it does provide a means of security. Other than the shear size of this product I highly recommend the August lock.

  45. How exactly is pulling out your I-phone any more convenient than pulling out your keys? This is a product for suckers. I call them "I-diots"

  46. To say that the August lock is bad is ridiculous, maybe the batteries are bad, the lock is used for convenience not better security!!

  47. Everyone has already said what I wanted to say. 90% of people don’t use their dead bold. And this helps keep my two year old inside the house. I’ve modded my newer generation version to be more child proof, provide a greater amount of resistance and work with an Abloy! Also it’s secondary for day use. I really hate your attitude in this video.

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