Audio Surveillance Microphone Demo using Motion Detector Security Camera

Audio Surveillance Microphone Demo using Motion Detector Security Camera

In this video, we are testing the audio surveillance
microphone that is built into our hidden motion detector security cameras. This is an audio
test using CCTV Camera Pros hidden PIR camera. I’m also capturing video from the camera and
I’m using the 1080p HD version right now but it’s the same microphone in the CCTV, the
720p HD and the 1080p HD version. The microphone is the same. The only difference is this is
the 1080p high def video version. Right now I’m about 3 or 4 feet away from where the
camera is mounted and I’m going to move back about 10 or 11 feet away so you can hear what
the audio is like from this distance. I’m going to move back again. This room is 21
feet long this way. Right now I’m 21 feet away from where the camera is mounted and
this room is 13 feet wide. As you can hear, this microphone works very well in a medium
size room like this. It will work well in something even a little bit bigger and obviously
it will work well in anything that’s smaller. CCTV Camera Pros carries several different
models of this hidden motion detector camera. All models come in the exact same PIR sensor
housing that you see here. We have an analog CCTV version that works with any traditional
CCTV DVR. We have 720p and 1080p analog high definition models and we also have 1080p HD-TVI
and 1080p HD-SDI models. All camera models use the same audio microphone so users can
expect the same quality of audio surveillance that was captured in this video. All models
use 940 nanometer infrared LEDs that are hidden behind the PIR sensor window. 940nm LEDs are
invisible. They do not emit a red glow like traditional infrared cameras. The lens of
all camera models captures an approximate 90 degree field of view. CCTV Camera Pros
supplies these cameras for home, business and government surveillance systems. For more
information please visit Thank you for watching.

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  1. My family has recently bought a new house. In our new house is two of these cameras. The previous owners left them. I have no idea how to use them or what I need in order to make them work. Can anyone give any info please. They are still up on the wall.

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