Asteroid impact 2028: Protecting our planet

The Russian town of Chelyabinsk faced a terrible incident All they could do was run when they heard thunder The top story today remains last week’s discovery of an asteroid as big as a city block that is heading for Earth and, according to initial predictions is forecast to hit somewhere between Tokyo and Copenhagen in just 24 days from now Simulations indicate the impact will provide enough energy to destroy a city See, we’re in the headlines I’ve given up on the news The modelling’s bad enough Even 10 kilometres from the impact heat will ignite clothing and cause third-degree burns It’s at least 200 meters across Big enough to give Tokyo, Seoul or Minsk a really bad day Is it as big as the one in Chelyabinsk, back in 2013? No Ten times bigger That makes it five times as large as that one that hit the Moon in 2022 The UN is meeting again today to determine if an evacuation is should be ordered They’re planning to move millions of people It’s never been done I don’t know if it can be Data’s in The next data dump from the Flyeye network has arrived It’s essential we get the correct impact time I’m working on it! The Flyeyes are proving their worth today In 2019 ESA began building a network of Flyeye telescopes to detect and follow asteroids Without this Europe wouldn’t have the necessary data to react wisely to any future impact forecast like this one It’s looking… it’s looking as if the trajectory… Yes! The impact corridor is narrowed and confirmed It’s going to hit in the South Pacific So no evacuation’s needed! ESA is taking action to help keep Europe safe and resilient from hazards like space weather Earth-grazing asteroids and risky space debris Now is the time for decisions

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