Armed Owner Ruins Armed Robbers Day | Active Self Protection

Armed Owner Ruins Armed Robbers Day | Active Self Protection

One of the most important principles in an armed robbery we’re gonna see again- you gotta wait your turn. Hi, everyone. It’s John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s gonna show an armed robbery that includes the room temperature challenge for one of the armed robbers. Gonna learn some important lessons here about- waiting your turn in an armed robbery, about acting definitively, and putting shots on target when they count. Just a regular day in this bar for these patrons when these three guys come in- two with guns and one with armed a machete. Now, I want you to know that this guy right here is the owner of this bar and he is armed, but he plays it very cool. As these three guys come in and they start threatening people and announce an armed robbery. You see the one guy go back behind the owner and you can see he’s kinda just biding his time and looking over his shoulder- “What’s going on with these guy?” Now he waits for his opportunity and as soon as he has it, he draws his gun and starts putting shots where they belong, shoots both of those guys and and run off. Now the other armed robber with the gun ran out a different door that we can’t see on this screen, but they all run off and this one is over just that fast. Let’s go back and learn some lessons out of this one. There are eight lessons on our website as always, but let’s talk about some of the most important ones here. The first one is that you’re always working at a deficit as a self defender, you’re not working from offense, but you’re on defense. So you gotta wait your turn in an armed robbery. Not in predatorial violence, but in territorial violence like this, so he does. And do you notice that he looked over his shoulder once there, and now again? But he’s playing it cool. He’s not announcing that he’s a defender here, he’s just seeing where this guy is so he can see what he’s doing and find the right opportunity to protect himself and everyone around him. Thinking in an armed robbery is incredibly important. He finds his opportunity right here when the guys are both not looking at him and both on the same side that he is so he can address them both at once, and you can see him here get that gun up and in the fight and he starts putting shots on target. Incredibly important, there’s a second shot. You start putting those first shots on target so that these guys start having to deal with the FIBS factor- Fudge, I’ve Been Shot. So that way they’re not thinking about shooting you. You see him put that shot right in that guy, shot him in the chest and drove him off. Now the third guy we don’t get to see here, I am going to give the owner just a little bit of guff here for not dropping the cell phone. Put that cell phone away, just let it fall out of your hands so you can put both hands on the gun. He failed to do that here, thankfully he’s still able to get shots on target. And now, as he follows out, because the third guy went out another door, I want you to be very careful following bad guys into unknown places because you don’t know if they could be coming around launching another counter-ambush to facilitate their escape. So, unless you really, really know that you have to get out there to protect more people, stay in a good spot instead. But overall, this owner did a fantastic job, waited his turn, put shots on target, and covered his ASP.

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  1. Yeah right, those suckers would’ve felt the wrath of my conceal carry M-32 with a 40mm load! Yeah brah, come get some! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Loved this message lv it. Now this goes for all u young dumb SS. Stay in school n stay alive or be a dumb S and Die

  3. Why are they going to a bar and try to kill people like tf they some bitch as niggas bro ong like I would have killed that nigga I would have shot him the heart and hand

  4. Dude at the bar in the striped shirt did not give two fux about anything that was happening lol he didn't even Flinch when the gunfire erupted

  5. Thinking is incredibly important? From what I was taught you train so it becomes instinct, you generally only get several seconds, adrenaline and fear are through the roof, many people I know talk about not even remembering the first couple shots since it happens so quick.

    For the most part things in these videos are solid. I do think a tie for first place in what the most important firearm skill is recognizing when deadly force is authorized, and actually being able to draw and accurately apply the force quickly. I can see why an argument can be made for the latter taking precedent, but I think it’s a bit reckless.

  6. Shots NOT ON TARGET…" The guys run off.." if shots were on target the guys would have been carried off…!

  7. Only one question I always have. Why bad people won't die from one shot. Even more, they run a way like nothing happened. So sad that good people die from single shot.

  8. You needed to help viewers more here. Why not discuss each person? What about the boob eh walks in right in the middle of it, for example. Surely there is an example of what NOT to do—like Benjamin walking into a dark bedroom in the “The Graduate!”

  9. Democrats and liberals don't want you to protect yourself because they are the crooks and criminals

  10. Yeah great channel and great advice.. Noticed that he also lowered his pistol and as he headed out he had it down at his waist in his hand .. personally I would have maintained a weapon prone and aiming stance, till sure the threat was gone.. this is my opinion , was thinking that they could be waiting or perhaps someone in a vehicle ready for the responce .. thanks..

  11. since i just smoked a blunt when i read the title i read it as armed robbers day like a holiday for robbers lol

  12. Stripe shirt dude is a combat vet. He couldn't get excited about this nonsense. He's not gonna let his beer get warm. Hell no!

  13. When striped shirt gets home his wife will ask him "What's new down at the bar?………………………"Nuthin'"

  14. Yet another depressing video. All criminals like this need to be taken out Permanently! Send them to Hell where they belong! 💀🐀🔫😈

  15. Funny. But despite all the proof that armed citizens are the ONLY defense against armed bad buys the Left still, insanely, insists that all citizens must be disarmed… Guess we know whose side they're on–and it isn't ours.
    PS – People that know, i.e., Sheriffs, Marshals, police chiefs (and most of the people that work for them) know that there are in excess of about 30,000 lives saved in the US each year by armed civilians–but, our friends on the Left want to change all that.

  16. It amazes me that many shot persons do not go down and manage to run away even if seriously wounded.

  17. no son tres son cuatro el cuarto escapa por atras de el propietario y nadie se da cuenta ni el de la camiseta a rayas

  18. Dude….im from trinidad…..i think you all need to come here and convince our gov to allow to legal carrying of firearms by the general public… at the end of the day we can see more "predators go hungry!"

  19. Love it. Another ASPER who was ready to protect his establishment and patrons. protect the 2nd amendment and of course: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR TOOLS ON YOU. 🧰

  20. shoot robbers that are holding a gun first not dudes that have a bag or knife. Where are other 2 robbers, they could of ambushed owner and risked customers. Nothing smart here imo. Robbers will retaliate and burn down bar. Should of emptied clip when all 4 robbers were together

  21. I keep a Origin 12 firearm chambered in 12 gauge buck. 40 round drum reflex optics night sights it’s decked out. But before I even charge the firearm I turn on the go pro attached to my rail. Now days you can do life for self defense. Looks like he used his phone as proof

  22. All you gotta do is be a complete dumb dumb to complete the "room temperature" challenge…we all die so its not a chalenge. Just some lost souls accelerate the process. Dont call death a challenge its living in this world as one is the challenge

  23. In my opinion he did good because he wanted backup footage for police with the phone. Some countries are super strict

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