Arm and Disarm your Smart Home Monitoring System

Arm and Disarm your Smart Home Monitoring System

Smart Home Monitoring customers can use their Touchpad codes to control their system, including arming or disarming it,
canceling an arming sequence and more. Let’s start with arming your system.
First press the security status header, which should read “Disarmed,” then choose an arming type. You can choose Armed Away, Armed Stay or Armed Night.
The Armed Away mode is used when everyone leaves the premises, the Armed
Stay mode is used to arm the system when there are still people in the premises,
and the Armed Night mode is used when there are people in the premises
but no one is expected to be moving about the premises, like when everyone is
going to bed. Next, enter your security code. Finally, a countdown to the arming sequence will begin. If you selected
Armed Away, you have until the exit delay is over to exit the premises. This mode
requires that the door opens and closes during the countdown. And that’s how you
arm your Smart Home Monitoring system. Next, let’s disarm using the Touchpad. To
disarm the system, all you have to do is press the system status header, which
should read ‘Armed Stay,” “Armed Away” or “Armed Night,” and then enter your security code. Your system is now disarmed. You can also cancel an arming sequence during
the countdown after pressing the security status header. Just enter your
security code and the sequence will be canceled. Thanks for watching! For any
other questions about your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service, visit

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  2. I hate everything about rogers. Most important of all! THE SPEED BECAUSE I AIN'T GETTING ANOTHER PLAN TO BOOST IT THEN HAVE TO PAY $240 FOR EXAMPLE EVERY MONTH

  3. Can the rogers monitoring centre see the live real time images from the camera, or only the home owners can see the live real time images from their phone or touch pad? I hope it is only the homeowner, for their privacy only.

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