Arlo Ultra 4K is coming in early 2019

Arlo Ultra 4K is coming in early 2019

Arlo has a 4K security camera coming in the
first quarter of 2019. We don’t have all the details yet — we’ll
see it in person at CES in Las Vegas in January — but here’s what we have so far. The camera is the Arlo Ultra, it comes in
a kit costing $400 and it looks similar to Arlo’s existing smart home security cameras. Like those, it’s wireless using a battery
and WiFi to connect. That means it should be easy to install just
about anywhere — it uses a magnetic mount like the current ones, but the mount looks
different, the base is concave rather than convex. The camera also supports HDR (high-dynamic
range), which attempts to even out differences in dark and bright areas of an image, as well
as color night vision. It has a built-in LED light, but Arlo wouldn’t
tell us the brightness or how it compares to the company’s recently launched set of
stand-alone home security lights. The image from the camera will be streamed
in 4K, so you can watch a live 4K image. Recording is done in a couple of ways. You can pop a micro SD card into the new base
unit and record all your clips for free or use a paid cloud storage plan. The camera will come bundled with a year of
storage at HD quality, something that normally costs $120. 4K storage will be available for an additional
and as-yet-undisclosed price. One of the reasons we’ve scored Arlo so
highly in TechHive tests is a generous 1-week of free cloud storage. That’s much more than its major competitors
offer. We asked if that would continue and Arlo said
it would announce plans later. Arlo couldn’t tell us what level of home
Internet service is required for the 4K camera, but a regular HD camera requires roughly 1Mbps
so this, at four times the resolution, will probably require 3-5Mbps upstream. A new base station will be supplied with the
camera, which will be compatible with existing cameras. So current owners will be able to swap it
out without affecting their existing setup, according to the company. All of this is different to the Nest IQ Outdoor,
which also has a 4K sensor. In the Nest camera, the 4K video never leaves
the camera, it’s just used for improving the quality when you zoom in realtime, so
this Arlo Ultra is a first among major smart home security camera companies. I expect to see it in person at CES in January
and have a full review when it launches during the first quarter of 2019, so keep watching
for that.

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  1. Would not buy arlo again. App constantly crashes. Every app update comes with worse bugs than previous. No quality control. Poor customer service. They tell you to just use the web interface instead of the app. But website is built on Flash! Don't waste your money.

  2. Big waste of money. go buy a POE camera system. You can stream for free. Hard drives are so damn cheap you can get a 8tb for $279. Wireless cameras suck, I have 2 Nest cameras that are holding me over until I get my new POE camera system.

  3. My Arlo has been great except for trying to set sensitivity for distance. We just gave up and let it run in default. Other than that, it's a pretty cool boy toy.

  4. So you can add this to the current Arlo pro 2 base as an add on camera or does it need the new base station to function in 4K

  5. I think I'm going to switch over to POE cameras. I have 10 Arlo cameras and though they are useful, I'm tired of swapping batteries every few weeks.

  6. I have four of their cameras, but I won't be purchasing any additional ones. They're overpriced and way too slow; even on a fiber connection. Now a new base station is required for the new camera… Jesus. Furthermore, their cameras don't rotate… that's utter crap for these prices!

  7. Yea Yea Yea, great but for Arlo price how are the features and can you use them without a wired connection and if not is that connection waterproof this time…?

  8. I much prefer the nest software over arlo, I don't prefer the nest monthly subscription although it sounds like the arlo 4k storage will be pretty pricey.

  9. I've been seriously testing the 1st gen Arlos (7) since 2015 and this company seems to roll out a new version after they profit from the crummy ones they built previously which is about every 6 months it seems. Any real security professional will tell the customer that security cameras that utilize wireless or WiFi are the cellar dweller of the industry. There are way too many variables that hamper constant productivity when they are especially placed outside the residence that is of a large size in height or length BUT is within the specs that Arlo says it can handle. This new 4k camera might have those who are mesmerized by a "new latest and greatest" look and claims but, I still see a serious lackluster battery hog camera leaving the end user to record a measly 10 sec video, slow trigger speed, slow communication to the base station, slow upload speed to the cloud, too long of a rest period in between captures, neighborhood 2.4GHZ, 11 channel interference (if they haven't went to 5GHZ yet) not compatible with the existing router (if not dual band equipped if it is a 5GHZ camera). If you're using a satellite (Hughes net) for internet service, these won't work with that service so don't waste your money. Don't bet the house on any of the versions of any security camera that is wireless/WiFi to be there when your thief decides to scout the exterior first and then knock the camera off the magnet or the cheaply made screw mount buyers have to pay extra for. The important thing one needs to keep in mind when buying security equipment is: Are you sacrificing price over quality OR quality over price? The latter is the best route and serves the end user so much better. It's pretty simple as long as someone spells it out for you and not just roll a video out on sales developer skills of: presentation, explanation and demonstration. The features and benefits of these type cameras listed above don't match each other leaving the customer holding the bag once again!

  10. Dummies, you 9 times out of 10 wont be needing 4k footage capabilities watching your side garage. The Arlo Pro 2 are perfect, even better when these come out, the price of the Pro 2's will drop. Yes. Moar.

  11. So the intercom audio will non existent on this Also ? I'm adding another Reolink for a 100 bucks which is 1080P ! How many really need 4K ! What's the advantage over 1080 except 300 bucks more then Reolink !

  12. I purchased the Arlo Pro 2's on Amazon during one of their daily deals for only $279. The kit came with base station and 2 cameras. So far they are working great, but I did hard wire mine for
    constant power. Seems to make a huge difference in performance when they are not ran on the batteries alone.

  13. I just got off the phone with Arlo customer service. If you want to buy a new Arlo Ultra add on camera for your current Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 system, these will NOT WORK with your current base station.

    I had 8 POE HD camera domes installed this week. Man what a difference from those garbage Arlo nonsense fake security camera crap. My 2 IR's on each camera illuminate out to 120 feet!It looks like flood lights are on in total darkness. Gone is the flashlight circle of illumination those crummy Arlo's provided.
    I can cut out motion grid squares on each cameras vision so it may eliminate passing vehicles, or blowing tree limbs etc. Instant trigger, camera refresh every 60 sec's and I can completely control "EVERY" aspect of what each camera operates by.
    I have a 3 terabyte DVR on loop recording and no charge for the website or apps that support the system. Of course this a hardwired system and the crummy Arlo's are no even match. Do yourself a favor and save your money and invest in a hard wired system as long as you can run wires in your residence. If you're one of those "die hard" Arlo finatics, you seriously have no idea what you're really missing in a real security camera system!

  15. Thank you everyone for your honest feedback – almost bought this crap! I am looking for a solid 1080 2k or 4k with facial recognition and good software that makes it easy to visually identify events (mini preview). I saw some amazing and inexpensive cameras in China, but nothing even close is available at home πŸ™ Seems like the USA market is deliberately dragging 2-3 years behind the rest of the world.

  16. LOL color nightvision? i dont think so, the tech exists but not for consumers. their site says color nightvision is a result of the spotlight turning on at night weeeeeeeee

  17. They can't even get the other cameras to work properly, who and why would you need 4k??? Arlo is without question one of the most unreliable devices I have ever owned and they offer absolute ZERO tech support. I couldn't even get a proper receipt for purchasing one of their upgraded subscription plans. I'm regretful I bought into them but now I will be sure to warn others.

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