Arlo Ultra 4K Camera Review— Is it Really 4K?

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera Review— Is it Really 4K?

Gabe: Does having 4K on your home security
camera actually make a difference? Well, Arlo is betting yes with their Arlo
Ultra 4K Home Security camera. Does it actually work? [music] If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security cameras, google Security Baron, best home security cameras. If you have a question about today’s review,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Arlo is making a big splash with the Ultra
4K home security camera, but I have a couple of questions. One, are we really ready for it? Two, is it actually ready for the market? I want to note that we ordered ours off Amazon
and received it when it was generally available to the public. However, there are some people that got it
a couple of weeks ahead of us. You’ve seen a lot of their issues coming to
the front in the past couple of weeks like battery life, general connectivity issues,
and concerns about the 4K streaming. We’re going to address those issues and more
with our Security Baron necessary features test. Here at Security Baron, we think that every
security camera should have stellar video quality, two-way audio, night vision, local
and cloud storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenient and value. Stellar video quality is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Our baseline is 1080. The Arlo Ultra 4K does shoot in 1080. It does have an amazing 180 degree field of
view that you can also change to 155 or even down to 120, which we like to have those options. Huge caveat — it doesn’t shoot in 4K and
that’s what we’re expecting. We went through the phone for a long time
trying to make sure we weren’t doing anything wrong. It kept asking us to upgrade. We would try to upgrade and you just cannot
produce a 4K video right now with the Arlo Ultra 4K. When it comes to a stellar video quality,
we have to give it full marks. We want to note very clearly that we were
not able to produce that 4K resolution in our test. Two-way audio is a Secure Baron necessary
feature. Fortunately, with the Arlo Ultra 4K Security
Camera, you have that capability. You can talk to whoever’s in a room and they
can talk back to you with the speakers and microphones that are built-in. When it comes to two-way audio and the Security
Brando necessary features test, the Arlo Ultra gets full marks. Night vision is an important Security Baron
necessary feature. There’s a really interesting approach that
the Arlo Ultra 4K takes to it. It basically gives you two infrared LEDs for
your more typical night vision. We will say that it does look pretty good,
but just as too infrared LED centered. What really distinguishes, it has an integrated
spotlight. When it detects motion in the dark, it switches
from that night vision to a color night vision. That spotlight works really well to give you
a nice saturated full color night vision. When it comes to night vision on the Arlo
Ultra 4K Home Security Camera, we give it full marks. Local and cloud storage is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Fortunately, with the Arlo Ultra 4K, you do
get both. On the cloud side, you have 7-, 30- and even
60-day options for cloud storage. When it comes to local storage, it’s different
in that the local storage isn’t actually in the camera itself, but rather in the Arlo
Smart Hub. There is a space for micro SD card. You can place that in the Arlo Smart Hub and
get your local storage option. When it comes to local and cloud storage for
the Arlo Ultra 4K Security Camera, we give it full marks. Smart platform integration is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Fortunately, with the Arlo Ultra 4K, you do
get that smart platform integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. When it comes to smart platform integration,
the Arlo Ultra gets full marks. Artificial intelligence is one of the more
fun Security Baron necessary features. Fortunately, the Arlo Ultra 4K comes with
a host of capacities when it comes to that, like person detection, pet detection, package
detection and vehicle detection. On top of that, you get auto zooming and auto
tracking. We can definitely capture what happens in
the space even if the people and whatnot are moving in that space. When it comes to artificial intelligence and
the Security Baron safe features test, we give the Arlo Ultra 4K full marks. Convenience is a Security Baron necessary
feature. With the Arlo Ultra 4K, I had a split experience. When it comes to installation, the process
was simple. I downloaded the app, I set up the Smart Hub,
I installed the battery in the camera and I was ready to go. I was probably done within 15 minutes. However, on the other hand, there were two
specific examples I have just relate in to the daily use of the camera that basically
give you cause for concern. One is the battery life. I would lose about 25 percent of the battery
life per day. This is supposed to be a wireless camera. You can see the concerns I have there. The second issue I found plaguing my experience
was the connectivity. A primary aspect of using any home security
camera is the ability to livestream. If you cannot connect every time with your
camera, you’re going to be annoyed. Those are my concerns, and for that I give
the Arlo Ultra 4K half marks when it comes to convenience. Value is a Security Baron’s Necessary Features
and the Arlo Ultra 4K does have a ton of new features, like color night vision. It has some significant artificial intelligence
capabilities, but it doesn’t do the number one thing that people are looking at when
they look at the words, “Arlo Ultra 4K,” and that is produce 4K video. When you look at that and the fact that it’s
a $400 camera that doesn’t do maybe the primary thing it says it’s going to do, we have to
give it zero marks when it comes to value in the Security Baron’s Necessary Features
Test. In addition to the Security Baron’s Necessary
Features Test, it’s useful to really give a full rundown of the features and monthly
payment options with the Arlo Ultra 4K. When you buy the Ultra, you do get a year
of the Arlo Smart Plan. With the Arlo Smart Plan, it’s $2.99 per camera
or $29 a year. With that, you get custom activity zones,
advanced AI features like person detection and pet detection, and lock screen notifications. With the lock screen notifications, you’ll
basically get a small clip uploaded to your phone that you can watch, that tells you exactly
what’s going on in your home or it’ll store it in that 30-day video history that comes
with the Arlo Smart Plan. Arlo’s Smart Premier costs $9.99 per month,
but it gives you everything from the Arlo Smart Plan for up to 10 cameras. In addition to having that 30-day video history,
custom activity zones, advanced AI, and lock screen notifications, you’ll also get e911,
emergency dialing services. You can actually call the police directly
through Arlo Smart. The final option for the Arlo program is the
Arlo’s Smart Elite monthly subscription. That’s $14.99 a month, but with that you get
coverage of up to 20 cameras, 60-days video history, lock screen notifications, advanced
AI detection, custom activity zones, and that e911 emergency call service. Wait, quick break, the Arlo Ultra 4K comes
with HDR. We’re wondering is that something you’re looking
forward to in future cameras, the HDR function. Let us know in the comments below. Al right, let’s get back to the video. Taking a look at the design of the Arlo Ultra
4K security camera, you’ll note that it does have that really common black-and-white aesthetic
that you’re going to see with a lot of security cameras. You’ve got a pretty shiny white plastic for
most of the camera itself. You’ve got this black lens and face. It’s pretty shiny and glossy. The lens does protrude a bit out from the
face. It is not flush, which it’s something I tend
to like personally. Going into the elements of it, you have speakers,
microphones, LED sensors. You’ve got this light, which we imagine it
comes handy with the color night vision in your lens. Turning it around, you have your space for
screwing it in if you’re trying to put it outdoors. You could even screw it in somewhere indoors. You’ve got your magnetic mount. I’m a sucker for a magnet. If we look at the bottom, you’ll note that
it actually charges via magnetic plate, which it’s something pretty cool. This button here helps you to take off this
entire white portion and install the battery. It is a removable battery, and you’ll place
that directly in using this button here. I take it, push it like that, boom. I can take it off. That’s our look at the design of the Arlo
Ultra 4K home security camera. Let’s see how well they work on the mobile
application. Here we are checking out the Baron Ultra,
as we’ve named this camera. I want to show some of the functionality of
the mobile application. You’ll note immediately I’m already having
a connection issue with the livestream. I’ve been speaking, trying to livestream,
and you’re not able to capture that. Of course, this is possibly an element of
just how my network is working. For now, it’s almost immediate. This is a pretty good, very little lag, shot
now. It’s so inconsistent with the Arlo. That has been a concern of ours since we un-boxed
it, began using it. I want to go in and show that you do have
these elements like talking, two-way audio. These are all here. Let’s look directly at the settings. We tap on the gear button here. You’ll see it says Baron Ultra, the battery’s
at 30 percent, it’s connected to the Baron SmartHub. We already had a smart hub for our Arlo Pro
2s, but it was a different type of hub and we want to just check it out and turn those
off. If you look, it’s got a camera LED, device
info, device utilities, and you can look at your video settings. If I want to do the 4K streaming, I need to
click here. I can turn on auto zoom and tracking. There’s various low-light settings, power
management, video mode. Let’s go back and look at that video now that
we’ve changed it to 4K. Here we are, looking at it in a full screen. I’ll turn back so we can get a different angle. This the streaming in 4K. It does seem to have improved a bit since
our first foray. You note here, I can record directly here. Now, I’m recording this video. I can tap on microphone. If you note, there is a number on the bottom
right. If I click on that number, it goes into the
clips that it has recorded. I can click, hit play, and now I’m watching
an old recording of myself that it just took. That’s something to note, when looking at
the Baron Ultra, or your particular Arlo Ultra 4K camera. Now, I want to show you the cooler elements
that you can do when you have the Arlo Smart Plan which is Activity Zones. You can add an activity zone. We note here that there’s a box on the screen. I can bring this box and this will actually
just let me know exactly where I want to focus the camera’s attention in terms of checking
for motion. That’s pretty cool. If I want to adjust this, upper right-hand
corner, boom. Now we know it’ll just check for that. I can change the name of this motion zone. Let’s say, Baron zone. Voila! Now, I’m ready to go with my activity zone. This is me checking out the Arlo Ultra 4K
through the mobile application. Just to be clear, the Arlo Ultra 4K was not
able to shoot in 4K. When we shot all of the videos for this review,
the highest resolution we could get was 1920 x 1080. We could not produce or reproduce any Arlo
4K shots. We just want to make that clear. Anything you see today it’s just 1080. Let’s get back to the video. Here I am checking out the video quality on
the Arlo Ultra 4K. You also have this immense 180-degree field
of view so you’re capturing absolutely everything going on in this space. I want to go ahead and give it our handy dandy
globe test. I don’t even have to move it over because
realistically, it’s going to capture everything here. Here we go, give it a little spin, and let’s
see what we’ve got. OK, all right. Now, you can see what’s happening, Africa
and Asia. We’re just really impressed with this video
quality with the Arlo Ultra 4K home security camera. Here we are checking out the night vision
on the Arlo Ultra 4K home security camera. You have this super bright light that comes
on that allows for color night vision. You could just use the LED infrared sensors
that come built in, but with this bright light, you are alerting everyone to the fact they’re
being recorded. It’s like a spotlight function. That is useful for some people that want to
alert people to, “Hey, I’m watching you. I know what’s going on. I can see your face really clearly.” But you may not also want this option. I think you can turn it off in the settings. It’s something to be cognizant of when you’re
looking at the Arlo Ultra 4K. Is it great to see this color night vision? Sure. Do I want everyone to know that I’m watching
with color night vision? Maybe not. Let’s go ahead and give it a globe test. [globe spinning] Gabe: There we go. Australia and Asia, looking there, see it
pretty well. That’s the night vision on the Arlo Ultra
4K home security camera. Let’s do a recap of how the Arlo Ultra 4K
home security camera performed on the Security Baron Necessary Features test. Stellar video quality? Full marks. However, we want to make perfectly clear that
it’s only because it hits our benchmark of 1080p and 120-degree field of view. It does not provide the 4K that you would
expect with a camera called Arlo Ultra 4K. Two-way audio? Full marks. The Arlo Ultra 4K camera has two-way audio
that allows for a conversation between those in the room and those watching the room. Night vision? Full marks. The Arlo Ultra 4K home security camera comes
with two infrared LED sensors that allows for solid night vision. Those are augmented with the integrated spotlight
that allows for full-color night vision. Local and cloud storage? Full marks. The Arlo Ultra 4K home security camera has
a local storage option with a micro-SD card and various cloud storage options, including
a free one. Smart platform integration? Full marks. The Arlo Ultra 4K comes ready to work with
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Artificial Intelligence? Full marks. The Arlo Ultra 4K camera comes with person,
package, and pet detection, along with advanced features allowing for tracking and auto zoom. Convenience? Half marks. While it was super simple to set-up, we did
have concerns about its battery life and livestreaming. Value? Zero marks. When you have something called the Arlo Ultra
4K and you sell it for $400, people generally want that 4K. We’ve spoken a lot about the Arlo 4K, its
capacity, and you want to know, “Is it right for me?” In terms of what it’s capable of, we’ve not
seen anything like the Arlo Ultra. We’re really excited about what could happen
if it actually worked. But that’s the thing — it doesn’t actually
work. You have a camera with a host of new features
but you call it the Arlo Ultra 4K, and then you don’t actually produce that 4K video quality,
what am I to think? How am I to recommend a camera like that? I can’t do it, won’t do it. Nah, son. Nada. That’s not what we’re going to do until you
have a clean re-release of the product and the firmware that makes me know I’m going
to get a 4K video when I want it. [background music] Gabe: That concludes our initial review of
the Arlo Ultra 4K home security camera. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [outro music]

26 Replies to “Arlo Ultra 4K Camera Review— Is it Really 4K?”

  1. Still nothing there to convince people to go back to Arlo after its disappointing release. It has a security light, soooooo that’s something else that will drain the already hopeless battery life.. Local storage went backwards when USB was removed from the base station, makes you limited in how much storage on a SD card and how you can access that storage footage. It has a 4K sensor, not necessarily recording in 4K but is used for number plate recognition etc etc which is a HUGE play on words ARLO! And the rest is just showing everyone it’s still almost FULL HD 1080p footage being recorded. The more and more of these reviews I see, the more you get to realise Arlo thought its fan base will look past the bullshit they have offered and buy their product… Wake up Arlo, your competition has what you have, the difference was you made everything just a little easier which is why you gained a following. You’ve gone backwards with this one, so you better move forward with something REALLY good to win back “some” of your supporters..

  2. That was not 4K, I see you enabled the Live View 4k but you may need to close the app and reopen it because there should be a 4K logo in the Top Left corner of the Live Feed. I also did not hear you mention Premium Video Recording (4K) subscription, so I am guessing you didn't subscribe to that which is why your recordings were not 4K and like the Live View you should see a 4k Logo at the Bottom Left corner in the Library for each recorded video. So your Live Feed and all recordings were 1080P. Also as a side note if you have Auto Track & Zoom enabled that will downgrade to 1080P, so if you want 4K don't use Auto Track & Zoom. Nothing personal but I wish people would read all the documentation before doing reviews.

  3. 4k requires the premium video service to stream and view 4k play back….. Local storage can be recorded in 4k but as of now only way to view it is by removing the SD card. Arlo has already stated they plan to allow remote view of local storage by the end of the year….. as a reviewer you probably should have hopped on the forums or contacted Arlo around the 4K…. especially since 4k is the primary reason for purchasing… Arlo needs to do a better job at advertising the premium video service upgrade and how it is separate from the free one year Arlo smart Premier…but as a reviewer it’s also your job to investigate why something that is marketed as 4K is not working correctly…. it was irresponsible of you not to contact Arlo… or just Google search….It will take you directly to a Arlo’s website.(constructive feedback) …

  4. I need a true 4K Exterior (pref with oprion for telephoto focal length) but need it to use a Black LED IR illuminator, any recommendations?

  5. I’m Japanese, live in a rental apartment in Japan and am looking forward to selling Arlo Ultra.
    In Japan, even minor modifications of rental housing are not permitted at all. Therefore, I considered selecting this product. It is expected that sales will start approximately two years later. Without the Japan's Radio Law "電波法", Perhaps I would have had this finest product by now. anyway, In addition to this great review, I think it would be better if there was an accurate review on battery capacity.

  6. Nice detailed review, but I would think most people will want to use this camera outdoors. Demoing it indoors, where the night light can easily reach the entire (smaller) room doesn't really show me how it would work, mounted high up over my garage, overlooking my driveway!
    Also, giving 50% when the battery lasts only 4 days? Seriously? How many people are willing to recharge their camera's batteries every three days, so it doesn't go dead? This is a security device! I want it working ALL the time, not for a few days….
    Thanks for the review though. Very detailed, but please, demo an outdoor camera outdoors!

  7. Got the two camera initially and ended up getting the four camera after I saw the 4K recording locally via SD card! The only biggest downside to these cameras is the motion delay detection of around 15 sec! This is due to Arlo Smart motion detection which is processed by their servers and not the 4k cameras themselves. App could be better, notification is just simply one sound that's easily missed unlike Ring that has several choices. Viewing liveview on iPhone S Max may not be convincing but 4k recording is outstanding on 256gb micro SD! Still a pricey cameras without much accessories either from Arlo, a shame compared to like Ring that includes everything! But if 4K is what's important then Arlo Ultra delivers!👍

  8. This is a terrible review. It does produce a 4K recording but you can only see it if you're on the same local wifi from your smartphone. So, if it's used as a home device, you can only see it when you get home.

  9. How do you know when it is recording? Is there a white or blue light visible? Or does it look the same as it does when it is off?

  10. I've looked at all the reviews for this 4k arlo and everyone saying that quality on the camera is HORRIBLE! they are saying the 1080hd is much better.

  11. Motion sensor only picks up and turns recording on at 23 feet. You have to pay for DVR 10$ per camera per month. So if you don't purchase the 10$ per month plan per camera then you only get alerted on things that trigger the camera within a maximum of 23 ft range. Not good for outdoor use. I can walk in front of my house in front of three of these cameras at normal walking speed and by the time they start recording I am off the zone so it is recording nothing. I am taking them back. 1000$ plus tax for a four camera system and if my vehicle gets broke into on the street 40 feet away my camera will never tell me.

  12. Some cameras are using a 4K sensor in order to record HDR (high dynamic range) videos. HDR gives better details in settings with both light and shadow areas. Could this be the case gere as well?

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