Arlo security cameras are losing one of their key benefits | TechHive News

Arlo security cameras are losing one of their key benefits | TechHive News

One of the reasons that we love Arlo security
cameras is the generous 7-day free video storage they offer. You can buy one of these things and never
have to worry about a monthly subscription. Arlo’s big competitors like Ring and Nest
pretty much require a subscription because their free service either won’t store video
or store it for such a short time that it’s not very useful. So you buy their cameras and then you pay
every month. Well, Arlo is shifting to that business model
too and we think that’s disappointing. With its new 4K video security camera, the
company will require a subscription if you want cloud video storage. You get a year free when you buy the camera,
but then it’s $2.99 per month for HD storage, and extra $1.99 per month for 4K resolution. So, in addition to the cost of the camera,
budget another $60 per year for every year you think you might use it. Of course, storing video in the cloud costs
Arlo money, and it’s been generous in offering 7 days of free storage. But, what’s most disappointing is that there
is a middle ground Arlo chose to skip over. Netatmo, a Paris-based smart home company,
doesn’t offer a cloud storage service at all, instead recording to a microSD card embedded
in its cameras. You can remotely access your video via a server
built into the camera, or have the video automatically uploaded to a personal Dropbox or FTP server. You are in complete control and there is no
subscription. Arlo actually has a microSD slot on the base
station for the new Ultra 4K, but it’s not remotely accessible. You have to physically remove the SD card
to access the recordings. If you plan to subscribe to Arlo’s cloud service
anyway then perhaps none of this matters. Arlo Smart Premier willo analyze video clips
to provide better alerts – it’s capable, say, of distinguishing between a person, an animal,
or cars, so you might set alerts for only people and ignore others. But again, Netamo offers something similar
with its Presence camera/security-light combo at no additional cost. There is one piece of good news: Arlo isn’t
planning on abandoning the 7-days of free storage for its existing HD cameras.

8 Replies to “Arlo security cameras are losing one of their key benefits | TechHive News”

  1. It's a killer for Arlo and with all the problems Arlo Ultra users have been having Arlo has seriously damaged its self.

  2. Arlo is changing this again to allow local storage and no cloud if you choose. This was announced on the Arlo twitter account, not much is know yet but hopefully this will work across all cameras.

  3. After publishing this video, Arlo called us and said they have changed their mind and are now working on a free storage option for the Ultra 4K. See details here:

  4. I’ve been using Arlo for a couple of years, and while their customer service was never stellar, it’s absolutely horrible now. I can’t see myself investing in their equipment any longer until their customer service and equipment reliability get a lot better.

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