Arlo Pro vs. Canary Flex Battery Powered Home Security Cameras

Arlo Pro vs. Canary Flex Battery Powered Home Security Cameras

Hey y’all, it’s Rose. Today we’re going to be comparing two battery-powered
home security cameras including Arlo Pro and Canary Flex. Kicking things off with a hardware compare. These two are somewhat similar. They both have a magnetic base though Arlo’s
is superior, they can both be used inside or outside, and they can both run on battery
power, or you can plug them into an outlet, although Pro’s power adapter can only be used
inside. They also both record in 720p, automatically
arm and disarm based on your location using geofencing, offer security modes, and soon
they will both offer two-way audio as Canary promises this feature is “coming soon”. Finally, they both offer night vision. Of course, they have differences. Arlo has a slightly wider field of view and
monitors for sound and motion. Canary can only monitor for motion. Arlo requires a base station, which must remain
plugged into a power source and Ethernet. Canary works alone and it is completely wire
free. The Arlo Pro base station includes a siren,
and it supports a USB flash drive for local storage. Arlo also offers seven days of free cloud
storage where Canary offers 24 hours of free storage. Both companies offer the option of paying
monthly for additional storage. But the big question here is, how do these
battery powered cameras perform? They both take some time to wake up and this
affects both live streaming and motion so let’s compare. After testing each camera a total of twenty
times over the course of a week, I found that Arlo was consistently faster when transitioning
from sleeping to a live stream. On average it took Arlo 6 seconds to wake
up, Canary 10 seconds and even longer when testing Canary outside my wireless network. Next, I tested their ability to wake up when
detecting motion starting with the highest sensitivity setting. In testing, it seemed like Arlo woke up a
little faster than Canary. Next, I tested both cameras multiple times
using the lowest sensitivity setting. Again, Arlo outperformed Canary. And to be clear, I did speed this clip up,
but even at a normal pace, the Canary video is distorted. A problem I’ve faced before when running on
battery. Finally, I moved both cameras inside and plugged
them in. This time Canary outperformed Arlo. It started recording well before the Arlo
camera though I shortened the clip in the interest of time. Obviously, there’s is so much more to compare
beyond what we’ve talked about. Below you will find a link to a written review
which covers additional details. You’ll also find links to buy both cameras. If y’all have any questions feel free to comment
below and I will definitely help you out if I can. Otherwise, I appreciate y’all spending time
with me today, and I will see you soon!

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  1. Does the Arlo have ability to capture motion from far and higher locations? Say you place it on a piano in the corner of a room, can it pick up someone walking on the highest part of a stairway?

  2. Rose.. you should be reviewing beauty products. You have amazing beauty! Btw.. I have 2 of the Canary's, one for the front door and one on the back deck.. my biggest issue is the wake up time.

  3. Hi – Would Arlo be your camera of choice if you wanted to get a camera system set up in your Senior parents home? I want the security, but I I also want to be able to check in on them while I'm am work or away. I like the wireless option, for ease, but curious what system you might do if you had senior parents you wanted to keep safe.

  4. I've narrowed down my search to two options thanks to your in-depth reviews. Extremely helpful. Thanks! I know this comparison between the Arlo Pro and Canary Flex. BUT… between the Arlo Pro and the full-sized Canary, which would you recommend? I'm interested in the audible siren feature, which the Canary Flex doesn't offer.

    01/03/2018: At CES 2018, Canary launched a new camera called Canary View, Package Detection, and an integration with Amazon's Alexa.
    12/17/2017 Canary is adding person detection for free and they now allow you to add five cameras to your Membership for $9.99 per month. Also, they are no longer offering a Home Deductible Reimbursement and have extended the recorded clip length back to 30 seconds.
    11/17/2017 Canary has added Night Mode back to the free plan. They’ve also extended clip length to 30 seconds.
    10/28/2017 Canary Flex works with Google Home. You can check Flex's battery life and also ask if the device is plugged-in.
    10/17/2017 Arlo has launched Arlo Pro 2. Pro 2 has a 1080p resolution (Arlo Pro is 720p) and three new benefits if the camera is plugged-in and used indoors. When plugged-in, it offers activity zones, a 3-second pre-buffering feature, and optional continuous video recording if you pay for a CVR plan.
    10/4/2017 Canary no longer offers all Modes for free. You must pay to access Night Mode and you must pay to customize modes. For free you still have access to auto home/away, Home Mode, and Night Mode.
    9/11/2017 I retested the battery, and the life has improved. This time it lasted 7 weeks. Also, two-way audio is officially here but does require a Canary Membership.
    8/27/2017 Canary updated cloud Memberships. Non-members (free) now have 24 hours of storage per device for up to four cameras, but only have access to 10-second clips. You can still share clips, but downloading them to your phone requires a Membership.
    8/14/2017 Canary has added a Web App for Members. They’ve also improved Watch Live by reducing latency. Finally, they’ve announced that Flex will get two-way audio in September, but only for users with a Membership.
    8/1/2017 Update: Arlo now sells an outdoor power adapter and solar panel for Arlo Pro.
    3/30/2017 You can now adjust the recording range of your Flex to preserve battery life.

  6. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  7. great video, it was a little short (try giving more information next time). other than that your video was very helpful. I just had two questions,
    1. about how long to both camera last on a single charge
    2. do you know if you can hook up a hard drive to the arlo?

  8. Ahh well thank you, thank you. Yes very nice than! Im happy to say you are the so far best ive found for reviews on the canary. Im somewhat sad to admit that the canary lost to this other companys product i give strong recommendations for the canary from my business, (i dont sell security cameras but i know a decent amount of how they work and where they fail, which ill have them addnto canary’s protocol soon to include the feature 😸. I guess you could say a few security firms come to people like me for advice, although they will never admit this in court or anywhere, all security anywhere on the internet has people like me who have converted their ways, lol how do you think we got so good to begin with 😔. Although that is nothing to be proud of we robbed people of their peace of mind we try to do the best we can to bring back some form of lifelong apology in anyway possible, well i am trying at the least, but this is not always the case because im not trying to say that all of internet and security firms are or were criminals thats not true, never will be so i cant say that, but i know for a fact that a few of us are out there and are the above mentioned, and its not a technical job thats paying the bills its somewhat of a slight hobbie on the long list of side jobs that i offer advice when companies ask for my help. But enough of me, back to the topic. So i mention filming on phone or camera, what i ment was rather the footage was at all filmed with a camera or phone recording the security cameras at the time of the test but i see what you mean and i was mistaken i dont know why i thought that, it was clearly the cams recording with you doing a voice over of the testing footages. To me being more suited im afraid my patience and favor in the world of youtube is not high 😂 lol, and i am not as photogenic as you nor as well with words, you are way more suited and are very good at what you do, dont think for a second otherwise. So simply put canary is hardware inferior to this other companys product and its just as simple as that. Which is clearly what you prove and i have a-lot of work to do and explaining to do 😸. But seconds matter in terms of safty, anyone whos been through anything will tell you in a scary situation that time will crawl to a standstill when its bad enough, and 30sounds feels like an entire day in itself as many frames as this video is in a second 60 is a going rate thats roughly 30 to 15 physical movements that can be exchanged, what do i mean? I mean a phone could be grabbed and 911 dialed, help asked for, running, opening doors, finding and unlocking a gun and loading it, packages can be stolen, doors kicked in, pets taken, the list is extremely long and in 30seconds you can go from watching game of thrones to outside chasing off a theft who grabbed a package from your doorstep! Although some extremes these things happen and have and will, and if possible to prevent or catch or stop a crime devices like this have no technical value in my eyes! If you can see someone shifty eyed walking to your door with something covering their face and you can activate a siren or yell at them to get away the cops are coming you could have saved your life or someone else’s or stopped someone from doing something as desperate as breaking into a house and destroying theyre future. Not everyone is a seasoned criminal or mastermind who has a heart of stone, no some of these people are drugged up fools who have nummed themselves to logic and reason and are simply Not thinking right, and are to blame for their actions non the less, and then theirs the straight no care or concern for other life and are just full blown out of control, the difference matters not because protecting yourself and your home and family are at risk and how do you put a price on that? Well I believe if you can afford it, the cost is worth it in any form of way, if you cant buy either of these well made devices SOMETHING IS BETTER THEN NOTHING! Thats how i feel about it. And im very happy to see videos like yours. Keep up the good job, some people out there simply say “hello i bought this, it records at night, wifi, it has a plug, and important security and i think good.” Basically thats how they sound, and the title says review… so i think to myself review ?🤔wheres that part… all i saw was some idiot say they got a free product and admit that and that tells me thats the only reason they are doing this… so im like well is this company stupid are they paying this fool to represent them? What does that say about their product? And more importantly what does that say about my safety? So I contact these companies, and I Demand they explain themselves on a basis that what if id bought the product in hopes of it working by holding a charge vs having to stay plugged in and i thought it was a charged product and the person clearly said it was a device that holds a charge and that he was given the thing from the maker but the whole time it wasnt working and someone comes and breaks into my home. Im gonna be mad as hell and im gonna blame them for the loss! I dont care what the box says i was told this by someone whos reping the product by the maker i demand they explain themselves and what are they going to do about it!? And it usually involves that persons channel being shut down and they disappear in the youtube world, and are usually stuck feeling stupid because they screwed up a sweet gig to get free stuff for making a video review that completely sucked, and had they did it right could have went on to maybe reping for the company in a nice fat pay check to back it. So thats kind of what i bring to the table, every now and then i run around and see what people are doing and saying and verify rather they are truthful or not and ill test them in what they say. But you are very good at your quality and I completely like it, its nice to see people helping others make a proper choice in safety and showing who stands to help and in what area. 😸take it easy. Bye now. 👋

  9. I purchased a flex 1 week ago. It worked flawlessly for the first 4 days and then went offline. Tried all of the troubleshooting tips and it remains offline. Contacted canary support through email (they no longer offer phone support). I got a canned response telling me to try all of the things that I already did. No real help from then. So, essentially I now own a $175 paper weight. Stay away from canary. Their customer support is terrible. Wish I had done more research on this before buying. I own a ring stick up cam for the front of my house and it works great. Sticking with ring.

  10. Arlo has launched Arlo Pro 2. Pro 2 has a 1080p resolution (Arlo Pro is 720p) and three new benefits if the camera is plugged-in and used indoors. When plugged-in, it offers activity zones, a 3-second pre-buffering feature, and optional continuous video recording if you pay for a CVR plan.

  11. I love your comparisons and testing dedication of your videos! Testing these products over a period of time really does help in validating the results – I appreciate that! One recommendation I'd have is I honestly want to see more of the video review to fully get an in-depth analysis than have to switch over to an article. I'm sure a small percentage of viewers do that. Don't be too unwilling to hit 5-10min on these reviews and usually in tech reviews it's really no biggy to us!

  12. As someone who has owned 2 canary flex units for almost a year, I can't recommend their product. Both of my flex units look like hell, they're discolored, and the magnetic charging ports are starting to rust. I took great care to mount them under the eaves of my house, but that hasn't seemed to make a difference. One of the units is having increasing difficulty charging, taking forever to do so, probably because of the corroded connector. The battery in that same unit is only lasting a week or two, and that's with the sensitivity turned all the way down, and angled to minimize motion alerts. Combine all of this with the yearly $149 fee, and the Arlo Pro is looking like a better deal to me every day.

  13. I just bought canary flex and waiting for the shipment. Question is – can I use it away from home? I do cat rescue so I would like to set up the camera where cats come to eat and sit in my car so I can observe them. Will this work?

  14. Do yourself a favor people buy the Arlo system… canary needs lots of improvement, I have a 35 dollar WiFi cam that works lot better than this expensive one

  15. I had Canary for about 1 year, and Arlo for about six months. Canary is an okay device, I give them 5 out of 10. the system if good if you are willing to pay for a monthly service. On the other hand Arlo is a better camera with more features and better quality with out the monthly service, and it gets much better if you wnat to pay for the service. But outstanding even without the service. Conclusion : Don"t waste your money with Canary, Go with Arlo, better overall.

  16. Very impressed so far with the quality of the cameras and ease of app use.>>>    I like how you can refine your settings as well. I’d recommend everyone start by setting their sensitivity to 100 and work down from there to see what works for you. Set up was simple and took ten minutes, it took longer to physically install the outdoor mounts than setting up the software.

  17. Excellent review. Short, I concise, excellent and visual support for your observations. Count me in as a new subscriber. Keep up the good work.

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