Arlo Pro vs. Arlo Pro 2 Review and Comparison

Arlo Pro vs. Arlo Pro 2 Review and Comparison

Hey, y’all, it’s Rose, and thanks to Netgear’s
generosity, we are going to take a look at Arlo Pro 2 as compared to Arlo Pro. Both are battery powered, indoor/outdoor home
security cameras, and they both offer a lot of the same features, but Pro 2 is newer and
offers four upgrades. Physically, the cameras are nearly identical. Pro 2’s lettering is slightly more metallic,
and the face of the camera has a white ring versus a black ring. Both cameras have a magnetic mount and can
be placed on a flat surface or mounted. I’ve heard some speculate that the cameras
are a different size, but they aren’t. In fact, they are both compatible with the
same skins, mounts, batteries, solar panel, and even Arlo’s upcoming smart security light. And they use the same base station. And yes, though the cameras are cordless,
they do require the Arlo Base Station which must remain plugged into Ethernet and power. The Pro Base Station has a built-in siren
and a USB slot for local storage. Pro and Pro 2 also share the same compatibilities
including integrations with Echo Show, Echo Spot, IFTTT, Stringify, and SmartThings. And they offer the same modes which you can
customize for each camera. You can use geofencing so that the cameras
will automatically arm and disarm as you come and go, you can create a schedule, or you
can create custom modes for each camera individually. For example, if your indoor camera detects
motion and audio, it should sound the siren and send a push notification. All recorded footage is saved to your “Library,”
where you can filter events, share them, or even download them. The first major difference between Pro and
Pro 2 is resolution. Arlo Pro is configurable up to 1280 x 720
while Arlo Pro 2 offers up to a 1080p resolution. Both offer a 130° field of view. The difference in resolution is in the details. When looking at things like leaves and blades
of grass, you can see that Pro 2 is clearer. Mr. Fester has asked about camera frame rate. The frame rate during the day, if you’re using
best video mode, is 24 frames per second, that drops down to 15 frames per second at
night. At night both cameras use 850 nanometer
LEDs to illuminate up to 25 feet. Pro and Pro 2 can both detect motion and sound,
both offer two-way audio, and seven days of free cloud storage. Both offer extended cloud plans and the option
to subscribe to Arlo Smart for $3.99 per camera per month which categorizes alerts into four
categories: People, Animals, Vehicles, and Other. If you choose to plug in your Arlo Pro 2,
it offers three additional features that Arlo Pro does not. First, Look Back. If you’re worried about missing events,
plug the camera in. While plugged-in, Arlo Pro 2 offers Look Back,
a feature that buffers three seconds of video at all times. If an event occurs, you’ll receive event
footage plus the three-second buffer. Here we have the same event as captured by
Arlo Pro and Pro 2. Pro 2’s recording begins before I enter the
kitchen. Second, Activity Zones. When plugged-in, you can create up to three
zones for Arlo Pro 2 to monitor. If activity is detected in one of your zones,
you’ll receive an alert. Activity that occurs outside of your set zone
will be ignored. Third, you can pay to add continuous video
recording or CVR. The 14-day plan starts at $9.99 per month
per camera. CVR footage is stored to the cloud which means
that it’s not compatible with USB storage which is for motion and audio triggered recordings
only. There is a catch to this plugged-in business. Arlo Pro’s power cord is not weatherproof,
which means that the three features above will only work if you have Pro 2 plugged-in
and monitoring indoors. To sum it up, Pro 2 offers four upgrades
including resolution, Look Back, Activity Zones, and CVR. But there are actually five differences between
Pro and Pro 2. The final difference is price. An Arlo Pro 2 add-on camera is around $220
where an add-on Arlo Pro is $190. Is Pro 2 worth the extra cost? Personally, I don’t plan to use the camera
plugged in, but the higher resolution alone is worth it to me. What I can’t talk about yet is battery life. I’m assuming that since the two cameras use
the same battery but Arlo Pro 2’s resolution is slightly higher, that it might have a shorter
battery life. To answer that, I’ve got both cameras fully
charged, using the same mode, running side-by-side, and I plan to continue to run them until we
have our answer, which I will drop in the comment section below. If y’all have any questions, let me know,
and I will help you out if I can. If you want to buy your own Arlo Pro 2, I
would so appreciate if you would please use the link in the description below. I will get a small commission if you use that
link, but I’ll use the money to keep this channel running. And I appreciate y’all, and I look forward
to seeing you soon.

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  1. quote: [PDF]Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Camera System User Manual
    Place your Arlo cameras at least 10 feet from the base station, and allow at least 6 ½ feet (2 meters) between cameras.

    Follow these guidelines to prevent WiFi signals between the devices from interfering with each other. When positioning your Arlo camera, keep these tips in mind: • Keep active locations in

  2. Rose, do you realize there are holes in your jeans? If you do a GoFundMe, your viewers would probably buy you some new jeans.

  3. I have been leaning towards the Arlo Pro 2 for my security camera system but there’s a few things that put me off. Having to purchase the data plan for continuous recording doesn’t make sense when it is possible for me to attach a 2TB drive to it. I would have preferred to have the continuous recording done locally and the event based recording to the cloud as a back up. That way I am not forced into paying out more monthly or yearly especially as I feel we already pay that in the high startup price when compared to similar systems. I guess Netgear want to encourage people to pay for their subscription services.

    Another thing is having it plugged in doesn’t make much sense if it’s wireless. I really liked the Swann 4K system for its ability to retain clarity when zooming in further objects but what put me off there is that there is no recording to the cloud so someone could just take the recordings with them.

  4. Thanks for the vids. If you could pick the best security camera with price not being an issue, what would you suggest?

  5. Hey Rose, great review! I have a suggestion for you. Make sure to test the night vision quality without a skin fitted. I noticed you showed the cameras fitted with brown skins with a lip surrounding the front. If you test the cameras with and without this skin fitted, you will see a massive difference in contrast and overall quality. This is due to the IR LED light bouncing off the lip and being picked up by the wide angle lens. I have the same brown skin fitted to an Arlo Pro camera and noticed the glare is far worse than a black skin fitted to a regular Arlo camera with the same shape lip. I have subsequently cut all the lips from my camera skins and have also noticed far less issues with spider webs covering the front of my cameras.

  6. Good review… The more I hear about how restrictive / limited Arlo is, and how expensive it is to remove some restrictions, the more convinced I am I made a mistake buying 4 Arlo Pros last year.

  7. Great video. Thanks. I have an original Arlo system and honestly have always been a bit disappointed in it. Even with very good Wifi, the lag in video recording usually meant all I got was a lot of videos of people's butts until I got very creative with the placement of them. Two of my 5 cameras have broken in less than 2 years as well. I've heard people say the Arlo PRO is better in terms of quality, recording speed, and Wifi issues, but was afraid to invest the $$ on the gamble. Still weighing whether I should risk it or not but at least your video makes it look like a few bugs were ironed out since the 1st generation.

  8. They have the exact same resolution. I bought both and put them both side by side on the highest available quality (used with a 4k screen) and the resolution came out exactly the same. It is not worth the price difference unless you need the extra features.

  9. Please make a video that compares the time to receive a notification and view a clip. I want to know who is coming to my door before they get there. Most cameras send the notification after recording ends. I can't find the info to compare anywhere.

  10. Great review! I am debating between the Arlo Pro 2 and the Nest, do you know if you are able to download clips from the CVR cloud to an sd card on the Pro 2?

  11. Hi Rose….thank you for your review. Based on it, I purchased a system 4 pro cameras, and I added a fifth pro2 camera. Question….although each camera is set to record for up to 300 seconds, I find cameras cutting out while motion is still occurring. Have you heard of this….or is there something else I need to do to rectify this situation? Thanks!

  12. Is it possible to just plug in the Arlo Pro 2 camera to set (program) a motion activity zone and then unplug it and still have the activity zone work? My front door camera gets triggered when cars pass by in the upper left corner while my driveway and front door are in the lower right 2/3 frame.

  13. This was a REALLY informative review – well done for all the effort you put into making this upload – Very much appreciated 🙂
    BTW, you are so pretty as well – it was an extra pleasure to see you in 1080p

  14. Hello Rose. I have relied on your informative and well detailed reviews while I have been shopping around and this is the first time I post.

    It goes without saying that you are charming in more ways than one, but your video reviews carry plenty of substance for others to learn from.

    I tried Arlo Pro which intrigued me for the wireless feature, but was disappointed in the motion/recording time ways and chose not to keep it.

    I bought the Ring Doorbell 2, but since it's a battery based device, the motion was not sharp and the video would freeze often. However, I did buy two wired spotlights in which the motion detection is smoother and the recording after motion is detected last one full minute. Although it is not continuous recording, I can live with the features provided and their $30 per camera plan for a year is not that bad for cloud service. I made the decision to keep them already.

    Currently, I am also trying out the Nest Outdoor Camera. Although the yearly subscription of $100 for 10 days of cloud service is steep, I think it will be worth it as the main camera for continuous recording on my front on the house. The only thing I am disappointed about Nest Device is the Microphone/audio feature which it is not a 2 way audio device and whenever one uses the talk feature, it does not record it . It only records the sound/voice of the person being recorded. The Ring Devices microphone- 2 way audio beats NestCam in that aspect.

    Thanks Rose, you are one eloquent reviewer with that touch of subtle charm 🙂

  15. Many reviewers who have both these cameras say to stick with the original Pro because the Pro 2 a) goes offline randomly b)has much poorer night vision. On the Best Buy site, in particular, there are a lot of side by side photos that show vastly worse night vision on the newer model. Have you experienced these issues with the Pro 2?

  16. Hi again Rose. 🙂 A couple more questions about the cams:
    1. If you turn on live view in the app, does it show the feed continuously or does it turn off after a while? And is that costumizable?
    2. Also; can you see live feed from several cameras simultaneously or just from one camera at a time?
    3. How long does it take for the video to wake up once you start the live view from the app?

  17. Cameras lose sync after power outage – every time.
    If it happens early in the day while i'm at work, i have the rest of the work day without my cameras working. if it happens while i'm sleeping, i'd go the whole night without my cameras working.

    the cameras should re-sync automatically after the base station has power restored. it's a faulty program, plain and simple. Still hoping they update the base station to fix this completely.
    Show less

  18. Anyone else having issues with turning on the alarm and it not sending the siren to the camera? It did when I first got it and now it doesn't. I've searched online and the only answer is to powercycle the base station. That didn't work for me. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  19. Can you use Google home with Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 and an Arlo Pro 2 is it audio better cuz it's on Arlo Pro the audio was really bad I thought when I heard it

  20. What do you think about this Rose? And thanks for the reviews! DD

  21. Hi Rose, first I'd like to say that I really like your videos, keep it up! I had the Arlo HD (1st Gen) for the last 2 years. It always worked fine, but the motion detection is too slow, so I want to replace it with the Pro or Pro 2. I'll be using them only outdoor without wire, so a lot of the new Pro 2 features will not be available to me. I'd like to ask, would you recommand the Pro or the Pro 2 to me? I'm unsure, because some people say the Pro 2 has still battery issues and the "1080p" picture is not really different to the 720p of the Pro. Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!

  22. Terrible Music in this video! You can't even hear what she is trying to tell you. It's jarring! Video Review Fail.

  23. I have two questions. 1. We want to have the cameras cvr, do they have to be plugged in in order to have cvr, we wanted them outside and recording. I am fine with paying for a plan. 2. If both my husband and i want to look at on our phones, can we look at same time and if we have to create an acct, do we have two logs in or sign in under the same. Thanks

  24. I left a comment on another one of your videos…but I used the link in your description above to buy the Arlo Pro 2, two camera kit. Thank you again for your insight and the quality and integrity of your reviews. They were an instrumental part in my decision and they are most appreciated.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. Hey rose I'm thinking of getting arlo 2 but I want too put them outside and want to plug in so do u know if this plug thing is figured out yet thx u for outdoor use ..

  26. I have a question my arlo pro in live mode sound go on off like it’s breaking up listening in live mode any fixes for it ..

  27. I just ordered a 3 set form HSN.  I don't know which camera set it is.  I think I will send them back and go Ring, because you can add a solar panel to charge them.

  28. I ran Arlo Pro and Pro 2 side-by-side for 5 months to compare battery life. My hypothesis was that Arlo Pro would last longer than Pro 2 due to 2’s higher resolution. I was wrong. There was almost no difference between the two batteries though Arlo Pro 2 held a slightly better charge (1-5% at times) than Arlo Pro. I think this difference is probably due to the battery being newer than the one I have in my Arlo Pro. Final verdict: There is no difference in battery life. What seems to have the most impact on battery life is activity. In previous tests, Arlo Pro lasted about 2 months in a higher traffic area. The time to recharge the camera’s battery from 0-100% was 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  29. Hello Rose,
    By any chance did you do any follow up on how far would the cameras go from the base station. I am considering buying the Arlo Pro 2.

  30. Love how it was so easy to setup this camera>>>   Had samsung cameras before, but must say the Arlo Pro is a very nice, the quality and sound is outstanding.

  31. Hello Rodé I have couple questions about the Arlo Pro 2, 1) after the 7 days of recording, the next day start over? Or do I have to delete by myself so it can record again the next day? 2) I need it for outdoors, it means I should get a subscription? 3) if I plug in with a hard drive, the videos can save them there? Thanks.

  32. I have the Pro 2, six cameras, the batteries last months and they require no wires, they are sharp in pixels and am so glad I bought them, I do have an extra one inside. the batteries do last a long time and i have no complaints. the price could be less, but in all honesty there are no other competitors for the buck. i hope i don't sound like a salesperson, but am happy with them. i would recommend them to others and have already to my siblings.

  33. I purchased 2 arlo pro 2s,and had resolution issues with both of them. Tech support deemed them lemons, so I returned them. I was lookibg at the argus but they dont have geo fencing or storage. Do you think i should try another set of arlo pro 2s or do you recommend another camera?

  34. Great review I am thinking about getting a aero pro set of 3. My concern is long term battery life, I have heard the battery life goes bad after a while how is your batteries holding up ?

  35. So have a question about system. Does the cloud storage record up to 7 days then I have to go in and manage storage so I can keep recording or do you have to pay for the plans in order to record more

  36. Yo Rose,
    I got the Arlo Pro 2 (4 cam setup) … When I plug in a USB storage device it will record to that device. But I notice that It won't record to the cloud. Is there a setting that I can set to have the Arlo's record to the could by default and then switch over to the USB if the WiFi goes down for whatever reason?

  37. Is it correct the Arlo Pro 2 is cheaper in the long run then the Arlo Pro due to the batteries in the Pro being expensive but not rechargeable but in the Pro 2 the batteries are rechargeable?

  38. ARLO ( by NETGEAR ) was a great solution for your ( home ) security. I mean it was basically the best system by far. ( so far the good news )

    Since the company runs solo ( not under the protective wing of NETGEAR ) the major mistakes are just piling up. Their first pushed update ruined the base station. When confronting ARLO to their faulty update by following their support channels, they just simply push you around. NO SERVICE IS GIVEN WHATSOEVER. I have spoken to 3 different support agents and 3 times ARLO admitted the problem and 3 times they were going to send a new base station. At the end of the day ARLO did nothing but making false promisses. ( you do not have to believe me , I screenshotted every conversation so I have proof )
    So what is happening is that you payed a lot of money for a working product, ARLO ruins it and no service is given to make sure your security sistem is up and running again.
    My advice, stay as far away as possible from ARLO devices. NO SUPPORT AND UNITS THAT CAN BE FAULTY AT ANY TIME. Spread the word

  39. If you plug in the camera, do you still have to have the battering in it, regarding that I will be away for sometime, I. Don’t want a bettering to over heat.

  40. Im looking at trying Arlo and found a deal for the Arlo pro w/3 cameras for 379.00 is the pro still worth buying ? And you can get a square trade 3yr warranty for additional $49.95 is the warranty worth it ?

  41. We have the regular Arlo and we live in the moutians with verying temps they don't last long at all on battery at all don't face near sun rise they will delvop a red tent hopefully the Arlo pro will be better

  42. Is the free 7 day storage on the arlo pro 2 similar to the storage on the blink xt….where its free and you can just delete what you dont want?

  43. Just picked up pro 2. 2 cam set for 377 at best buy. Was going to go with just the arlo pro but they ran out. For the price seems fair enough

  44. Can an arlo system be accessed from 2 different phones? And can i just check in and watch live feed while im away?

  45. Hi I have 3 of Arlo Pro cameras n base station. I’m thinking of buying 2 of Arlo Pro 2 with base station. Are these both works all together? And how can I set Siren sound on motion detection ? Thanks

  46. Costco has the Arlo Pro 3pk for 300 and Best Buy has the Arlo Pro 2, 2pk for 300. Which would you choose???

  47. Omg thanks for the review and all of the replies. Helps so much! Questions: What is the solar panel for? Still confused on this. Also, after a year now would you recommend the Arlo pro or Arlo pro 2? Thanks!

  48. Your link comes with 2 cameras. Does each camera have a mount of some sort? I want to find moving animals.

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