Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Security Camera Without Subscription – 1080p Security Camera with Night Vision

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Security Camera Without Subscription – 1080p Security Camera with Night Vision

When I was looking for a home security camera
I wanted one that didn’t have a subscription fee for video storage or monitoring. After doing some research I ended up choosing
the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 wireless security camera system. The Arlo Pro 2 offers 7 days of free cloud
storage on the free plan with the ability to download and save videos for use later. I saw that the 2 camera kit was on sale so
that’s what I ended up buying. The Arlo Pro 2 camera is compact, waterproof
and has 1080p resolution and night vision built in. Mounting is super easy with the magnetic nub. It’s really strong so there’s risk of it falling
off. But on the back there’s an optional quarter
inch mounting hole and USB port for charging and full-time powered operation. As mentioned before, the Arlo Pro 2 cameras
are IP65 certified waterproof and has a rubber seal around the door. And rechargeable batteries last 3-6 months
between charges depending on usage. But you can also have these cameras plugged
in all the time. There’s a speaker and microphone on the bottom
of the camera as well as a rubberized pad if you want to sit this on a shelf. The Arlo Pro 2 system uses a central hub which
connects up to 5 cameras on the free basic plan. The hub needs to be plugged into your internet
router with an ethernet cable for it to work. And anytime when you first power up the hub
it can take up to 3 minutes before the hub boots up and connects to the internet. So be patient and wait until the center LED
glows solid green. Everything is then run through the Arlo app
which is available for iOS or Android. To set up the hub, tap the Plus button in
the app and then select the type of Arlo product to connect to. I’m going to be setting up a wire-free camera
and this is where the app will help you set up your Arlo account and hub. When the hub is set up the Arlo camera can
be connected by pressing the Sync button on the top of the hub for 2 seconds and the Sync
LED will start blinking. Now press the Sync button on top of the camera
and a blue LED will blink slowly. The Arlo camera needs to be within one to
three feet of the hub before starting the synching process. But this is how to sync the included cameras
with the Arlo kit as well as any additional cameras that are added to the system. Again up to 5 wireless cameras can be added
with the free Arlo account. When the camera is connected, the blue LED
will flash quickly. Both of the cameras I have needed updating
right away so I’ll do that now. When it’s updating don’t remove the battery. After the update, I already got my first notification
of movement from the Arlo app because I’m sitting right in front of the camera. And here I can quickly show you a live view
from the Arlo camera here in my office. To mount the camera, use one of the included
screws. You only need one for the magnetic nub. Then simply slip the nub over the screw and
slide down. The camera then just sticks on and can be
mounted in 45 degree angles at the max with this mount. Now in Live View in the Arlo app, I can take
a picture, manually start recording video and also speak through the microphone. In intercom mode just hold the microphone
button down to talk. “This is the speaker through the Arlo Pro
2 app. I’m speaking into the phone and you can hear
what the speaker sounds like. It’s not the best quality but hopefully you
can get an idea of what the intercom will sound like when you’re speaking to someone
at the door. There is a bit of a lag or delay when you
speak so it’s kinda hard to have a real-time conversation so when you speak in here there’s
probably a 3 second, 2 or 3 second delay before the other person will hear you.” When motion is detected on the camera, the
system starts recording until the motion stops and the videos will be stored in the Library
in the Arlo app. Here it shows the past 7 days of activity
and there’s a green dot under the date where there is video content. It’s all really organized by date and time. Stored videos can easily be viewed by tapping
on a thumbnail. If there’s a video that needs to be saved
for more than 7 days it can be downloaded to the phone where you can share it or transfer
it to your computer. Here’s an actual video I recorded testing
out the night vision in my garage. When I turn out the lights it’s completely
dark in here. I’m using my phone to see where I’m at so
I won’t bump into anything. But as you can see it works quite well in
complete darkness. Overall I’m really enjoying the Arlo Pro 2
security camera system. The free cloud recording is what attracted
me but the Arlo system is one of the more expensive systems on the market. You can start with a two camera kit like I
did and then add more cameras as needed. Additional cameras are about $180 each. And if the cameras are plugged in you can
have 24/7 video recording with a premium subscription plan. But for me, the free basic plan is exactly
what I need. There are a few disadvantages that I found
with the Arlo Pro 2 system. It’s expensive and doesn’t include basic accessories
that I’d want. Like the longer power cables or a mounts that
are more flexible or secure. So be prepared to spend even a bit more to
be able to build the system that fits you! I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did
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  1. I cant seem to get the custom recording to work. Instead of getting every car driving buy I tried to get only the drive way. Says I need to have the camera plugged in. It won't let me do this wireless?

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