Arizona Officer Tries To Be Peaceful | Active Self Protection

Arizona Officer Tries To Be Peaceful | Active Self Protection

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  1. I don't agree that the cop did "An excellent job" cause he began to fight w/o any necessity. If he has a warrant – tell it to the suspect and then IF the suspect doesn't want to be taken into custody pacificaly and respond agressivily – take him with all necessary means. In Belarus there are two kinds of types of behaveur when arresting people- pacific one and aggressive. In case there is a warrant for some one not seen as dangerous suspect – police try to talk explaining and asking to surrender. In case the warrant is for aggresive suspect – the just don't talk but go hard in 3 or 4 agents not when they are alone. In this case policeman escalated situation, hadn't able to stay in safe and see the right hand. If the sspect wanted to do harm to the policeman – it could do it many times. Bad work. bad work. I agree with you almost always. Not this time. The police man instead of waisting time saying bla-bla could say "Hey, there is a warrant on you – please follow me to the police station." And who nows, maybe this suse would did so. Who knows

  2. The time taken by the officer to stall is time the suspect is using to decide what he wants to do. I’m a firm believer in placing someone in handcuffs as soon as possible to prevent them from acting or deciding to act

  3. In my opinion he knew he had a knife and shot him for thinking its a knife, he didn't knew its a pepper spray
    i don't see any reason to shot a person for pepper spray. he shouldn't have be in that situation from all start.

  4. Probably could have legit asked the guy about the warrant and probably could have detained him without much fuss.

  5. As a past correctional Officer, Jailer, and current Security Contractor I can tell you that Police have basically degenerated into a enforced Tax collections agent for the State, County, City, or Federal Government Office they serve. Many are so by the book and so brain washed out with the simple mentality of …( It's a law on the books so it's god's word ) they can't see past the foolishness and illegal or immoral problems with the laws or citations they serve out. many of those citations go against our bill of rights in more ways then one. It's degenerated to such a point that the AVG. Street cop has about 0 clue as to the rights of the public ………….or his own rights for that matter. They hold themselves to a cant be touched ladder in society and then make no calculated guess as to why the majority of people they arrest are poor or working class bums and Joe's trying to get by daily. By the time the rookie figures it all out he is so burnt out that he or she simply does the remaining 5-10 years of service and cashes that pension check ………gets his or her Gold "plated" magazine or if lucky a nice good by firearm . It's gotten to the point I refuse to work as anything other then a Security Officer and in most cases I always end up with a boss that's so brain washed by the book that they can't see past the little things to actually see a real violation of safety or a crime…………………….( Example……..worry about a piggy back employee with out ID badge and make 20 new rules over an incident like that but then they fail to address the problem of employees coming inside the work place with back packs and vendors.) Or if that example is not bad enough………………They will worry about some on the loose murderer cause his ex wife works at the facility but it was 30 years ago when they were married………….then on the other hand they will ignore the 15 homeless drug addicts that decide to walk through the parking lot all day long and night looking for shit to steal, no that only warrants a small note and quick look at the camera footage even though the same suspects have been told 10 times not to be on the property or they will be charged with criminal trespassing if seen again. It's just degenerated so bad………………all the people are to the government and bosses of the police are cattle with $$ and earning power just enough to line the pockets of the leaders and the rich so they can eat and drink like kings and queens.

  6. Pause at 6:11 person on bike riding away looking back seeing cop struggling with perp if that was me I would of helped the cop, just me saying. To each his own.

  7. Remember folks, a justified shooting in the eyes of the law doesn't always mean a justified shooting in the eyes of the Lord.

  8. He reacted well. He had to shoot 100%. It was the only tool in his hand, and he had to react QUICKLY. You don't know if that man is willing to attack, disarm you and use your own weapon against you if you don't take action the moment you become incapacitated. Good job mr officer, and I'm glad no lives were lost.

  9. I never understood taking pepper spray to see what it feels like. We get it, it sucks. no one advocates taking a bullet or a stabbing to see how it feels.

  10. Dude didn't have a knife….and the cop yells for him to stop after he's practically dead on the ground…stop what exactly? Being practically dead? Officers just love barking commands like they're not our servants. Or did he want the guy to stop holding the knife that the guy wasn't holding? This officer initiated violence because words in paper told him to. Being violent just because someone wrote some words on paper is not a valid excuse for violence….police WILL learn to be our servants again. Morality WILL won over legality.

    When morality conflicts with legality, cops pick legality.

    Rifling his pockets apparently equals "medical aid"

  11. That cop did not do a good job John! He caused all of that shit! What the fuck are you talking about, he sprayed the guy and they guy went to spray a guy attacking him! He didn't explain shit, he could have told him he had a warrant then if he wanted to take it up a notch then spray him. That was just a total joke!!! Then he said i can spray you but if you spray me you should die! Cops don't have more rights than the public! This is why the public hates cops! Total bullshit!

  12. how many dudes can run away from the cops, tell me stupid! Resistant, pepper spray the cop. thats why u got shot

  13. I have no clue what the suspect was expecting by spraying a cop who has his duty pistol drawn…

    Did the officer use excessive force?

    But the office though the suspect had a knife and the trigger pull was most likely a reaction to being sprayed. Can't say the suspect didn't deserve it though.. if your dumb enough to bring pepper spray to a gun fight you get what you deserve.

  14. Since when are you allowed to shoot people because they pepper sprayed you? It's like there are two different sets of rules for the use of force, that's not okay. If someone pepper sprayed me and I shot them with a gun in response I would go to prison for it. The double standard is appalling.

  15. TBH, the cop gave him zero warning before just throwing him on the ground. I don't know how compliant the guy would have been, but the officer should have at least told him he has a warrant and he's under arrest before taking him down. The cop escalated the situation on this one.

  16. Most Of These Videos Are Clear Cut. I Suppose In This Situation You Could Argue If The Officer Should Have Let Him Ride Away And Follow Him Til Back Up Arrives Especially Knowing He Has A Knife. With That Said, Once You Assault An Officer That Opens The Window For Use Of Deadly Force. Not Sure Why Anyone Would Put Themselves In A Position Where An Officer Can And Likely Will Use Deadly Force On You. Complying Is Your Best Option. But Like They Say, You Can’t Fix Stupid. I Am Curious What The Warrant Was For.

  17. i don't think it's accurate to call yourself a defensive trainer, but a scenario analyzer that goes too far scrutinizing every single bit of detail that aren't even necessary at times, gets reaaaaallyy long and draggy. Appreciate your effort but some things are redundant to even talk about, we're not 3 year old kids.

  18. Im going to dissagree on this one man, the officer was sneaky and underhanded, be honest and let the guy think for a second and accept hes going to jail. Or try to run, give him a chance to do the right thing, i feel this guy is drunk and just reacting to being attacked with no explination.

    Its not right to be all nice then just attack you. The cop was obveously a coward and was super scared and obveously a douchbag because he is dishonest.

    I dont agree with holding on to his arm, hes got a knife, create distance, draw, and order him down, simple clean and everyone goes home safe. If he runs, tase him .

    Again another example of needing a partner in your car… Would have saved this guy a hole in his neck..

    Yes, he helped save the guy, im just saying it was preventable

  19. The perp never complied the entire time. He just kept resisting and and lying about what the cop was doing. He had no intentions of going to jail.

  20. The only thing he could have done to maybe avoid this that i can think of is, let the guy go and follow him till backup got with him than reengage. With him on a bike and able to cross car stopping areas with ease that could be risky on losing him. If i would try that or not would depend on what the warrant was for. Lets be honest unpaid parking tickets is one thing a rape charge is another.

  21. Man the shit people ……cops have to put up with out there…I am sure glad they want this job..saves the public from going around and keeping the order in the animal kingdom…

  22. He said (drop the knife…….stop)knowing the guy was down and badly hurt. cop was clearly acting ……i think he thought he messed up but honestly good for the officer…..

  23. He ( the officer ) did exactly what he is trained to do . If you get sprayed with O.C you have the right to use deadly force . O.C. is a weapon that can render you helpless because you can't see, the suspect can get your pistol and shoot you.So the officer has the right to use deadly force in these situations. Great job by the officer .

  24. IANALEO. If you're not an officer, don't warn about OC… spray, leave and find a cop/dial 911. I once had to spray a pair of drug addicts prowling and breaking into cars in a parking lot after they aggressively charged and assaulted (not battered) me while I was parked there. They didn't count on hot sauce.

    Also, buy two OCs (1 to practice and 1 to carry) and practice hitting a target on a wall somewhere about 14-21' / 5-7m out. And carry a good trauma kit and practice how to use it (again, rule of 2's).

  25. Once an officer says your under arrest and a perp does NOT comply, perp has not excuse..responsible for escalating..gets what's deserved.

  26. Actually pulling and shooting is a typical martial arts technic- throws perp off balance that's why he was shot in the neck.

  27. Armchair quarterback here, I think the officer should have created distance when he realized the suspect was not going to cooperate. Distance is your friend. It protects you from knife attacks, punches and maybe even pepper spray. I also think the officer could have been more vocal with his choice of words and volume. Anyhoo, time to pull my reclining lever on my la-z-boy and crack me a cold one, because I've got more life threatening YouTube videos that need critiquing. "Honey, fetch me a beer please".

  28. I like it better when you show the video then go over your tips. This one is really drawn out. The first complaint I've had in all the years I've been watching you. I do love all your other videos though!

  29. First off, Love your feed, and the important skills taught. Secondly, the guy never pulled a knife. You can see the guy clearly spray the officer back with his own pepper spray, even though he had knives, it was in the best interest of humanity, to not use a gun, the cop even panicked after he shot him in the neck. If the person is wanted for a violent, or deadly crime, or a pedophile, all means shoot away. But the officer could have increased his distance from suspect/victim as to not fire weapon to prematurely. And the officer clearly asked him and the guy was honest. And never threatened with a knife. If the officer would have created distance, neither a pepper spray or a knife is a real threat, specially when he already pepper sprayed him, there is no way a thrown knife would be accurate. Police officers are not supposed to execute people, police officers no longer take the risk of being police officers, instead they fire from fear. Which is exactly why police are getting away with more shootings and deaths. Coming from a person who has been involved in many situations, I believe the officer could have done more to not fire weapon.

  30. This one honestly confuses me. Yes, respect authority, and comply with officers when asked – but pepper spray is non-lethal. Why did the police officer have justification to use lethal force against a non-lethal weapon. Legitimate question here – i’d like to hear from others in the law enforcement community about what the guidelines are in this circumstance. Though the perp was non-compliant, he hadn’t shown aggression toward the officer or shown intent to use lethal force. If this was a citizen arrest, would the arresting citizen be put to trial?

    I’m just putting myself in the perps shoes for a moment and playing devils advocate – I am compliant and officer becomes aggressive, I resist while asking why I’m being detained (this was answered, but obviously perp was in an elevated emotional state at that point), I am pepper sprayed, and return the exact same action, and am subsequently shot in the face. Help me out guys, I want to get some other brains to share on this one.

  31. Well this one I just don’t know about. The guy was being cool, cooperating but the way the cop attacked him I can understand his reaction. I don’t think this one is clear cut like the others.

  32. Pulling spray or a knife or a gun.. Stupid. I actually thought the dude pulled a knife, I would have shot also.

  33. Sorry people, That is excessive force. Spray for spray… Gun for spray. No!!!!
    I realize he was an idiot to assault a officer with pepper spay. However, the fact remains that the police officer shot a man in the head for spraying him with pepper spray. Fucking pussy!!!!
    How do you protect and serve when you can't detain a 140 pond man on a bicycle. I'm sorry, I should have said, BIG FUCKING PUSSY".

    First video I defiantly disagreed with you.
    Just me opinion….

  34. The anticipation is killing me it's like the talk shows they're trying to make conversation and kill time right before they let the guy know that he's been screwing a man the whole time not a woman
    And it's not a knife it was pepper spray

  35. The cop gave the perp a chance to finish his burger. But he lost it when seeing the perp started nursing his milk. I hope this is enough to justify the incident.

  36. Id like to know more about the med kit he pulled out at the conclusion of the video. Anyone Have any info? If so greatly appreciated.

  37. The cop didn't need to just grab the guy so quick and aggressively, the guy is extremely reasonable and in the open. Really should've let him know he was under arrest and what the warrant was for. Can't be pepper spraying cops though, you gotta get shot for that.

  38. another useless murder i wouldnt be surprised if the officer jacked off into the dead perps mouth afterwards, this is america after all…..

  39. Looks like attempted murder to me. The guy peppers you so you shoot him in the head hmmm what a pussy a** cop,what about your pepper spray or your taser. What happened to preservation of life and your training to use non lethal force whenever possible. You can not say you are in fear for your life if someone pepper sprays you. The problem comes all the way from the top with the very poor training of these pigs.

  40. classic case of man born in poverty who commits crimes because of the way he was raised, and now all he's got is a sad little bike and barely money to afford food, now he's going back to prison…if he were to be born in a rich family he would of never seen the inside of a jail cell

  41. I really first started watching your videos from early 2018, and notice the great weight loss. Keep it up. My wife and I have been in ketogenic weight loss for two months and I have lost a total of 20 pounds. Praise the Lord and pass the butter.

  42. Search for "Arizona Officer tries to be peaceful" video. It shows a guy pepper spraying an officer right after the officer peppered sprayed him. The officer then shoots the guy. John says that responding with deadly force isn't ok in this video but on the other video he says the officer did a good job. These double standards are why a lot of citizens don't trust police.

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