Are you PROTECTING your playing cards?!

Are you PROTECTING your playing cards?!

Yeah, what is up Chris Ramsey here and welcome back to today’s a little bit of a recap video first of all Thank you so much for the support on the last video concerning the first playing cards I’m really stoked to to drop some more knowledge about that very soon as well as the dates. They’re gonna be printed How this is gonna work? I’m putting everything together So hopefully really really soon you guys be able to Start funding this and we can start you know getting the ball going but today is not about that today’s about you I asked you guys on Twitter hit me up with some questions you guys want answers I’m gonna answer a few those, but I also have this going on fan mail Well, we’ve got a whole bunch of fan mail here to open up include it in this fan Mail is something special here, and I know well I know it’s inside because it’s written on the box, but I’m gonna be doing a giveaway with the contents of this box So we’ll get to that in a second, and how you guys can enter to win the contents but first Let’s get to Twitter and answer a few of those questions that you guys had Pig cake ask me a question Where is the next platform for magic beyond YouTube good question? I think in the very distant future We’re all going to be living in a virtual reality simulator Which basically means that we’ll all be on social media, but we’ll be seeing each other through these VR glasses So I do think the next step after YouTube. Hopefully YouTube lasts a while, but after that I think naturally would be like a vr. Social media thing and then with that comes via our magic performances That’s what I think Matt chat like I struggle with feeling like I’m not learning enough, or I get really lazy What are you doing? You’re feeling uninspired or stuck Move on to something else playing a simple stop doing what you’re doing and do something else that makes you happy while there Dude, how do blind people know when to stop wiping? This is some sort of magic trick? Chris shadow and TC if you are doing magic what would you do I’ll be doing YouTube I think right about now but always loved Camera whether I’ll behind it or in front of it whether that’s acting or editing or filming I probably be involved with YouTube somehow. It’s ill enkidu describe a magic means to you just one word astonishment I think that’s the word I would choose today Joko says not magic-related, but favorite movies and favorite lines from them Anybody name that movie Boondock Saints one of my all-time favorite movies I’m a big fan of Indian movies so Boondock Saints poolhall Junkies was also another one sea captain where – where’s some good tricks to do with a double-faced card I got some of the packs bicycle gimmick cards, and then don’t know what to do with them I actually have an original routine that I come up with using a double-faced card Let me know if you guys want to see that I might be able to teach that on Monday If not I can teach something else so it’s up to you, but I drop a comment so that’s it for Twitter comments Thank you guys so much and let’s get into some Meal Time all right packaging on this thing is exquisite We’ll get to that in a second. Let’s check out some letters. Oh this is This is a bit creepy. I’ll be honest this might be the creepiest letter. I’ve ever received in my life Hey Chris visiting from Sweden went to Montreal on the way to Toronto and we decided to go past your town Hoping you get a picture with you instead of your post box Fabian from Stockholm took a picture of the peel box My PA box uh that’s a little weird creepy and flattering so thank you for that Fabian How did he get this printed whatever Nick from Greece look at those beautiful stamps christopher watching video From the second day. I started doing magic no nice Shy thirteen-year-old kid that had only his physics and philosophy books and three good friends you have made Me now being a guy that in four hours will be showing about 100 people a little bit of magic in a contest Oh, my god, Nick. That’s massive. It’s basically a thank-you letter from a boy in Greece. Well Nick Good luck, sir. Thank you for the letter. We got one here from Jeffrey oh My god. This is a doozy. Oh look at that Jeffrey drew out an amazing memento mori’ skull well done Jeffrey Thank you so much for this letter man appreciate it This is from a girl named Samantha your crescent writing you because I would like to tell you what an Inspiration you are I love your videos so much and you made me love magic and Carter Street awesome Mm-hmm that she writes at the end, also, where did you get your tattoo and do you like Disneyland? Yes On both accounts alright guys somebody went through a lot of trouble to decorate this look at that We got like a sticker here. This is great. Where is this even from from Connor Connor? I will do the honor mm-hmm Shop this open. I’ve no idea what this is what is this? This this looks interesting I’m not gonna lie, let’s have a look Fine line playing cards, okay, so we got a deck of cards here from us, PC. I’ve never seen these before Interesting I know you’d like to open Casing so I didn’t open it enjoy fine line look at the gilding on this look at that look at this little Gilding this little gold gilding you sir our legend. Hey Chris name is Carter. I’m 15 or 16. I love your channel I watched a video on debt collection. I noticed that you did not have a certain deck that I really loved I’d be collecting decks for quite some time now naturally. I’ve come by some amazing decks this is the fine line deck by Adam Farr be ours and Adam Thompson one of them the coolest parts of this deck is the Challenge of figuring out what the card is from the illustration. This is also one of my favorite deck of cards It was also a Kickstarter project I lost the cards and the deck nut case looks awful because I used the hell out of it Black tie playing cards you need to protect your deck Case better than this you could probably use one of those card guards fine line playing cards. These are cool So you said I have to figure out what the cards are by looking at the illustration of the grieving king? I see what this is But how are you supposed to know so these are illustrations of to tango right two to tango? Three is a crowd. Oh, this is clever four corners of the earth. I see what they’re doing here And pretty well, let’s play our game. Let’s see if you guys can guess what cards these are can you guess what card this is? Probably a seven because I’m guessing seven colors of rainbow eight for octopus all right Let’s see if you can guess this one. So it just says drag. It’s a queen I don’t know how you would tell us what the suits are, but interesting anyways. Thanks to that now Let’s get into this so I’m running a contest but some of this baby up right now This is the same guy that sent me our guard before so he says thank you for the post and includes the card guards Alright, so they’ve sent me 50 card guards these things here, which I mentioned in the video before helps protect your cards It’s really really cool way, and I guess to thank me for the video They send me a whole bunch but I have no use for these I already have a few and I’m not gonna use up 50 of them so what I’m gonna do instead I’m gonna give them away to five of you so five of you are going to have ten of these each and to win basically below there is a link to gleam Gleam is a site that takes care of contest right it makes it really really easy for me and easy for you guys to enter this contest and you have Entries so based on the different things you can do it’s kind of like a game for every different tasks that you do you get more entries into the contest so do them all and you maximize your entries and Your chances obviously of winning 10 of these so just go ahead and check out those entries below click the gleam link It’s the first link on the bottom of this video And it’ll take you to a post and follow the directions there for your chance to win a bunch of these On the houses anywhere in the world by the way no matter where you are you can participate in this contest winners will be chosen Through gleam through this thing so the more entries, but in the more chances you have Contest ends on Sunday at midnight and all announced the winners on Monday during the tutorial so that’s it guys just wanted to chat a little bit and give some things away and open some boxes and Answer some questions pretty chill laid-back video hanging out with some friends tonight I’m gonna be vlogging that and I got some exciting things upcoming next week aside from obviously Monday’s tutorial Tuesday I am part of a panel talk at in Montreal so Montreal is hosting its first YouTube space pop-up shop because YouTube doesn’t have a space in Montreal so they’re kind of like testing it out so myself and three other top Creators in the province of Quebec will be basically hosting a panel talk for a ton of like Advertisers and stuff that are coming to chill at the YouTube space, but not only that I’ll be filming in their YouTube pop-up space On that Tuesday as well so probably a tutorial so in the next coming weeks You guys are gonna see like super-high-end tutorial Just because I want to use the space because I’m allowed to so I thought that was cool But I’ll be sure to vlog that and take you guys along with me Guys thanks again for watching this video. Thanks for all the support and We’ll see you on the next video peace

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  1. There is an episode called "Nosedive" from the "Black Mirror" show on Netflix, that creates that social media future you talk about in the beginning of the video. It's kinda creepy, but worth watching and reflect about it.

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  3. meeh, still no name or url to that card guards (i missed the giveaway, but maybe i want to buy some)…^^

    please give us a name ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hey Chris, I want to buy some of those card guards but I canโ€™t find them on eBay or amazon. Can you please tell me where I can find them and what they are called.

  5. Blind people wiping. RFLMAO I know that's sooo bad but damn if it didn't make me laugh out loud. I know this is an older video, love your vids, and you have inspired me to begin magic at 46. Starting with learning the double lift. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Where can I buy card guards I live in Canada and canโ€™t find anywhere to find car guards does anyone know

  7. I doubt protect my $1 maverick playing cards I use for 4 months.. I'm happy with the return on my investment ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Since the contest has ended, does anyone has a link to buy those clear tuck boxes to protect your cards?

  9. Hey dude, Ive just started watching your videos and I love your channel! I've never really watched YouTubers before and I watch your videos everyday now ๐Ÿ˜€ Are your cards still available to to purchase?

  10. Perfect video other than the fact that the background music is it loud again. Thanks and see you in another comment section.

  11. I always leave the cellophane on my better quality cards I always remove just enough of the cellophane so that you can open the box but leave plenty cellophane on the outside of the box to protect it from getting dirty or wet cuz I don't have a soft drink near by when I'm practicing card magic

  12. Fan: lemme send Chris something to show my appreciation.
    Chris: This package was sent to me by my fan. I'm gonna give it away! Yay!!

  13. Is it ok if I put a couple of books on top of my playing cards for a few hours to keep them flat? #begginerquestions

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