Are Airpods Dangerous?

Are Airpods Dangerous?

Are AirPods Dangerous? Technology is a wonderful thing. In the world of medicine it helps doctors
perform complex operations, allows hospitals to monitor patients and can even keep a heart
beating. When it comes to everyday life, things like
smart phones, home security systems and even your dishwasher make the day to day that much
easier. One of the latest tech gadgets that’s become
very popular are wireless headphones otherwise known as AirPods. You know, the little white things sticking
out of people’s ears? Yeah those. They’re great for playing music, talking
on the phone and basically anything else you’d use headphones for but without all that annoying
wire in between. The question we’re asking today, Besite
viewer, is; when we gave up that wire that connects these headphones did we give up some
health safety standards as well? To find out if AirPods are really dangerous
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miss our new videos. We’re not scientists, but we’re going
to relay some scientific facts to you about the beloved AirPods. If you don’t want to hear about any negative
effects, then we suggest you watch one of our other fantastic videos and keep enjoying
your blissful life, however if you do own a pair of these and are concerned then keep
watching. Before we go into whether or not these headphones
are bad for your health, we should probably tell you how they work. THE DAILY MAIL spoke with Dr. Moskowitz, who
is a professor at Berkeley about wireless AirPods. He’s quoted in saying: “AirPods communicate
with one another using a magnetic induction field, a variable magnetic field one sends
through your brain to communicate with the other.” Wireless headphones, or AirPods, connect wirelessly
to your device via bluetooth or short distance radio communication technology. Anything that connects “wirelessly” is
usually using some kind of electromagnetic energy wave, which in low doses isn’t harmful. The biggest worry factor that comes with using
things like cellphones and AirPods is that this type of technology is advancing so fast,
the research just can’t keep up. Think back to when the latest smartphone was
released. Did you line up to get one? Do you already have a fancy new pair of AirPods? If you’re like the average consumer, you
probably didn’t dive into medical journals looking for the health effects before you
bought them. Which brings up the second biggest worry when
it comes to using fancy new technologies like wireless headphones. What are the long term effects? It’s not the first time people have been
concerned with the effects of electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) in relation to our health. The US CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION
(The CDC) released a guide to using cellphones back in 2014. It goes through some frequently asked questions
about cell phone use being linked to cancer. The very first question on this guide is “Can
using a cell phone cause cancer?” Their stance? The CDC says that more research is needed
to give you an answer. Very reassuring…However THE WORLD HEALTH
ORGANIZATION (or WHO) has said that “To date, no adverse health effects have been
established as being caused by mobile phone use”. The truth is, smart phones haven’t been
around that long, so it’s hard to know what the long term effects will be. AirPods use the same type to radiofrequency
radiation that cell phones use. Now that AirPods, and wireless headphones
are super popular, the topic is resurfacing once again. In 2018 a pair of studies by the US NATIONAL
TOXICOLOGY PROGRAM found “clear evidence” that this type of radiation could cause cancer
in rats. But that’s rats, specifically male rats,
and not humans. This study doesn’t prove that EMF exposure
can cause cancer but what it does suggest is that prolonged exposure to them isn’t
totally harmless. Since AirPods use that same technology maybe
we should be more careful with how we use them. Maybe. The research from WHO tells us that bluetooth
technology (how AirPods communicate with your cell phone) emits low-powered radio frequency
levels, and a hand’s free device like your headphones, emit an even lower level than
that. Cell phones have to reach cell towers, and
in places that have bad reception (like your parents house) it has to work harder and will
emit higher levels of EMFs. The AirPods on the other hand only have to
reach your phone, so the level in which they emit radiation will logically be lower. The closer the distance, the less radiofrequency
power is needed. Ok great, so just keep your cell phone away
from your face and then you’re playing it safe, and you won’t have to worry. Which is easy if you have a fancy new pair
of AirPods, right? It may not be that simple. Remember that long term exposure we were talking
about. Coupled with the fact that cell phones have
only been popular since the early 90s there’s no way to tell what the long term effects
could be. People tend to wear AirPods for long periods
of time. Not only that but they’re placed right next
to your brain in your ears. According to Martin Pall, a professor of biochemistry
at Washington State University there’s many factors to be wary about. Not just signal power, but things like “inconsistent
pulses of radiation emitted by wireless devices”. But again, there’s nothing linking any harmful
effects to humans…just rats. Male rats. THE DAILY MAIL reports that as time goes on
more and more scientists are calling for further research when it comes to radiowave-based
technologies. Especially those that are in close proximity
with the ear canal and brain, things like headphones. Dr. Moskowitz (our friend from earlier) says
his concern is about the fact that there is “probably more neurological disorders and
diseases as opposed to cancer”. Plus the fact that the space in which AirPods
communicate is taken up by your brain, has some researchers asking for a more precautionary
standpoint. So back to our original question…Are AirPods
dangerous? Well we’ll let The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION
answer that one. They have said “Despite extensive research,
to date there is no evidence that conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic
fields is harmful to human health.” Many scientists are actively performing new
studies and don’t forget that there are many organizations there to protect you like
the FDA, the CDC and the WHO. All have regulations in place to keep us safe,
and healthy. If you are a bit on the skeptical side though
then your best bet it to just stick with wired headphones. So, what did you think of our video? Do you love keeping up with the latest tech? Do you wear AirPods or are gonna stick with
wired headphones? What’s one piece of technology you can’t
live without? Why not let us know in the comments section
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  1. So, what did you think of our video? Do you love keeping up with the latest tech? Do you wear AirPods or are gonna stick with wired headphones? What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without? Why not let us know in the comments section below the best gadgets out there! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. I want a iPhone instead of Android but after watching this I think I shouldn't get airpods iPhones have more advantages than Android but now I know these can be dangerous I'm keeping my Android and Amazon tablet until I get a apple device I am so jealous of my cousin because she has a Apple Tablet and I dont and I can't live without a electronic

  3. Airpods are literally just wireless IPhone headphones…if they're dangerous, then IPhone headphones must be dangerous as well 💁

  4. Wireless headphones aka AirPods. You guys are laughably under knowledge . What about other wireless headphones beats wireless, Sony, Bose and so on.

  5. You specifically said AirPods, my guess is that this applies to all wireless headphones/earphones. Can you use just one, instead of having them both in your ears communicating with each other through your head?

  6. I bought airpods and using they are great sound for music lovers but most times I use wired headphones I know anything using excess is only dangerous

  7. I wouldn’t worry about this because when 5 g is being used, the radiation on that will cause more cancer than AirPods or any wireless earphones/devices


  9. i actually DID look up the health effects before buying and i said hell to the nah. I dont like smart anything, even my laptop is wired to the internet box

  10. If they were harmful then apple would not legally be eligible to sell them there for there hypothetically safe to use because apple would be shut down if they were not safe.

  11. Everything causes cancer, the government isn't complete without your ass being in the damn hospital.

  12. What the world health organization really would like to say is: as long as these huge companies pay us tons, there are no evidence that electromagnetic fields are harmful. Nor let people know some of the things that we use everyday are harming us 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. Hi, are fake airpods or bad quality wireless headphones/ear buds more dangerous than good quality ones ? PLEASE someone answer ♡

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