Archangel Michael Protection and Cutting Etheric Cords Meditation

Archangel Michael Protection and Cutting Etheric Cords Meditation

Archangel Michael meditation
Please breathe in and out slowly in your own rhythmic pattern throughout this meditation
sit down or lay down in a very comfortable position
just let go and relax start to begin and feel as if your body is
melting with every inhalation, you feel yourself letting
go and melting in As you let go and melt in, begin to see the
bright, warm divine light above you feel its warmth and love upon your face
and see the light penetrate and melt away all tension on your face
see the light move and permeate down your throat and neck dissipating all stress away
the light moves down your shoulders down your arms and out your fingers
your shoulders arms and fingers are completely relaxed
see the light penetrate your chest and slowly move down your stomach down your thighs liquefying
away any and all strain and tensions the divine warm light melts away all the tension
from your legs and all the way down to your feet
you are so relaxed and so peace your whole body is loose and stress-free
the divine light above you protects you and soothes you
you are glowing in the divine light You soul knows, you are one with the divine
light you radiate in the purest cleanest divine
light feel how relaxing soothing calming and warming
the divine light that is within you is you are one with the light and have never
been separated breathe in the divine light which is you,
and see yourself radiating and expanding out you are protected by the heavenly light and
only that which comes from the divine, loving, caressing light can come through and nothing
else see the celestial light encase you in a protective
golden metallic bubble and see and feel a host of protective Angels
place a protective net around your bubble every time you breathe in you, breathe in
the divine light every time you exhale you radiate the divine
light even brighter and farther out And we now call upon your Angel to assist
us, and Archangel Michael feel and sense your Angel, and feel and sense
Archangel Michael’s energy come near you
ask Archangel Michael to intensify his energy so that you may feel it
pay attention to the sensations of Archangel Michael surrounding you
observe Archangel Michael’s energy around you how does his energy feel? Relax and keen in and learn to feel Archangel
Michael’s presence feel the angelic love, Archangel Michael radiates
to your heart feel the warm love, intensity as he sends
it you feel Michael’s presence all around you sense the blue protective energy Michael is
sending you feel his energy penetrate every pore in your
body and sense and feel your body drink it in
see Archangel Michael’s energy infuse with yours You are merging in Michael’s energy, you
are one Feel what it’s like to radiate with his
and in his immense energy enjoy this experience and sensation and allow
yourself to be saturated in Michael’s loving, protective energy as you enjoy and take in Michael’s love
and energy you begin to revert to a young child
For your inner child has no boundaries and is more open and receptive to the angelic
realm. you look up at the grandeur, the strength,
and protector Michael standing before you you are at awe of Michael, as he stands before
you You see the radiant, fiery glow Archangel
Michael is His armor shimmers in blues, radiating in
highlights, outlining his grand mass, and strength
Instinctively, you feel safe with Michael His red cloak, flows and dances behind him
giving you glimpses of his magnificent sword Michael kneels down in front of you, and you feel and see the tenderness and love
in Michael’s expressive eyes staring back you he gently, and lovingly picks you up and carries
you in his arms You feel safe and familiar with Archangel
Michael, and you rest your head on his shoulder He carries you over and makes his way to a
bench where he gently places your next to him you are so at peace sitting next to him, that
you nestle yourself right against him you close your eyes and take in the presence,
the love, and protection of Archangel Michael for your inner child knows to trust in Archangel
Michael Michael blankets you in his red cloak and Michael says to you with love and tenderness
I am Michael the great protector and I am here to protect you
when you have fears call upon me and I am here for you
have faith in me, believe in me when you need strength call on me
I will guide you, give you strength, courage, and I will protect you,
all you need to do is call on me and I am here your inner child knows this to be true, your
inner child remembers you open your eyes and look upon Michael and
you comfortably snuggle yourself in Michael’s cloak You feel so safe, so comfortably safe And You feel so liberated, And Michael says to you
I give to you my cloak, it is now your protective cloak;
it is a symbol of protection that is always around you and you smile as you take in everything Michael
tells you I’ve always been here for you, Archangel
Michael tells you all you have to do is call on me, and trust
and I am here Michael gently and lovingly kisses your forehead
as you take in his love You can’t help but feel his love in your
heart, radiating, growing stronger and stronger You can’t help but gaze into Michael’s
eyes, and you feel them radiating his unconditional love unto you. You saturate in it Feel what it’s like to be with Archangel
Michael Feel what it’s like to feel his love Feel what it’s like to feel the magnitude
of his presence and protection all around you Let go and immerse yourself in it And know you can always call on Archangel
Michael, and for those you wish to have his guidance,
strength and protection. Call on Michael when you need protection, Call on him when you need strength Call on Archangel Michael when you need courage Call on Michael when you want to be protected
from and cocooned from negative people or a negative environment You see Michael reach for his sword, and watch
him split and duplicating his sword, and he hands one to you. Archangel Michael says to you: I give this sword to you, and know that with
this sword you can cut negative energy and etheric cords. Energy cords that unbeknown to you, you have
created and attached yourself to situations or out of fear, to protect yourself. Or fear and beliefs others may have placed
upon you in this lifetime or past lifetimes. Maybe you have blocked your clear hearing
or clear seeing due to negative experience you had. Or Perhaps you may have blocked yourself creatively. Perhaps you may have blocked yourself so that
you may not experience hurt or pain. Unbeknown to you these cords keep hold on
you to situations or to others. This prevents you from moving on creatively,
emotionally, or to new friendships, relationships, or independence. If you find yourself unable to let go of someone,
or situation, or fear, especially something or someone who isn’t healthy for you, chances
are you have an etheric cord attached to the situation or to someone. Relax and think of someone or a fear or a
situation you would like to cut the etheric cord from:
See their face, or see the fear, or situation and say the following
“I cut this etheric cord that is attached to me, for it no longer has a hold on me.” State their name, situation or fear or feeling
and say: I cut with Archangel Michael’s sword and
my sword this energy that once bound me, and connected
me to you, I free myself from you and release you. See yourself and Archangel Michael cut and
burn the etheric cord. And say, with fortitude
“I am free and you no longer have a hold on me.” Relax and let go, as you cut this etheric
cord Let’s repeat the process again: “I cut this etheric cord that is attached
to me, for it no longer has a hold on me.” State their name, or state the situation,
fear, or feeling and say: I cut with Archangel Michael’s sword and
my sword this energy that once bound me, and connected me to you, I free myself and release
myself from you. I release you. I release myself. See yourself and Michael cut and burn this
etheric cord. With strength and conviction say;
I am free and you no longer have a hold on me. Let’s do it one last time, and repat; I cut this etheric cord that is attached to
me, for it no longer has a hold on me. State their name of the person, the situation,
or fear or feeling and say: I cut with Archangel Michael’s sword and
my sword this energy that once bound me, and connected me to you, I free myself from you
and release you, too. See yourself and Archangel Michael cut and
burn the etheric cord away. With all your strength say:
I am free and you no longer have a hold on me. Feel what it’s like to be free, and released
from this attachment. Relax and notice how you feel lighter, and
free. And see yourself radiating in the florescent,
divine light. You feel light as mist. You are thankful to Michael, for his second
gift. The first gift being the protective cloak
and the second his sword. Whenever you want to cut, or clear any negative
energy in an area or room, or to remove negative people from you,
Call on Archangel Michael and see him standing next to you, holding his sword too
And see yourselves, slashing the energy from a room, area or connection to someone. Demand the energy be cleared and see yourself,
the room be consumed by the divine light. Trust, for Archangel Michael will be right
beside you. And you nestle next to Michael. Ask him if he has a message for you. Let go and let the message naturally come
through, and do not force it in. Is there a gentle scent you are picking up
on? Or do you hear a gentle whisper? If so, you may ask Archangel Michael to amplify
the message to hear him clearly. Or are there colors and images you are receiving? Or perhaps sensations you may be feeling? Pay attention and soak it in. You may ask Archangel Michael to help you
understand the messages, sensations, and feelings, and messages you are receiving. It’s alright if you don’t receive anything
at this time, for with more meditations or when the time is right, you will. You will now have time with Archangel Michael,
and you may work on cutting more etheric cords, or you may ask Archangel Michael to help you
heal from the work you just did. You may also work with Archangel Michael and
ask him to give you strength in releasing fears you may be holding onto from this lifetime
or others that no longer serve you. Fears that someone may have put on you due
to their belief system, or fears you may have put on yourself as protection from negative
experiences, pain and hurt from this lifetime or others that no longer serve you. Or you may simply choose to talk with Michael
or just be in his presence. (Time to come back is: 47:20 on YouTube video) It is time to come back now and see your inner
child thank and hug Archangel Michael, Ask Archangel Michael and his angels to continue
to help you healing you and working with you throughout the day and as you sleep,
Thank Archangel Michael again. And when you are done embracing Archangel
Michael you see you are back to your true self. Open your eyes and know that Archangel Michael
is beside you, and all you ever have to do is call upon him and pay attention to the
sensations he sends you, for he is there. Trust in Archangel Michael, and know you can
always call on him. Be sure to pick yourself up slowly and to
drink plenty of water throughout the day. You have just cut etheric cords and done a
lot of releasing. With water the toxins and energy will leave
your body. You may write down your experience on your
Angel notebook Remember you can always talk to Archangel
Michael and your Guardian Angel they are always there with you, and also thank your Guardian
angel for working with you. I want to thank you for joining me in this
meditation. And I want to thank my angels and Archangel
Michael for helping me write and create this meditation. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this message with us! It's very relaxing and magical! I will visit your site often now! Peace be with you!

  2. Wow !….such a beautiful voice !…thank you so very much angel !…♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  3. Thank you!!! Carmen for this incredible meditation and opportunity to heal,it was so much needed today!!! I received a beautiful healing connection with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

  4. May the innocent and the world be protected by thee and healed in God's grace & Holy Spirit. Happy New Years everyone and only follow that gives and shares love not hate or violence. Moment you hear hate or killing words may you be blessed by God's & Archangels Michael & Raphael's wisdom of the Holy Spirit to back off and delete and fade in the protection & graces of God.! Love Theresa

  5. thank you,I did doze off in the middle for afew minutes, but I believe I achieved the reason for this mediation. thank you Archangel Michael and also my Angels ♡

  6. My sister in the light, right on time. Cutting the cords of fear that bound me in the perfect moment. The meaning of more coming soon … Been siting on that one for a few nows – millennia in human terms….bless you for keeping me in your thoughts and his truths in you. I love you, thank you, blessings and bless you…ping pong ball indeed, indeed yes it was…I hope you smile and laugh at your brilliant accuracy that came through. Love, Christina

  7. beautiful meditation I enjoyed it very much could definitely feel archangel Michael's presence among me and know feel safe and secure knowing that he as at my beckon call thank you I love you archangel Michael!

  8. I have been on-off from a man for 5 years he left me for good.
    Even so we are not together for 10 months, I keep finding out who he is dating in form of dreams and feelings. So much so last week a lady told me she went on a date with him. I knew because of the dream I had and because I felt it.
    I felt it even before he stated date her. Didn't workout and I knew that too.
    I am connect with him in a spiritual way very profound. One night his spirit came to me I I communicate with him when he smile at me.
    I am very connected but I realise his not phisically connect to me, his blocking his feelings for me.
    I feel pain in my chest when his thinking negative of me.
    I want this negative cord to end.
    I can't stop thinking of him it's too much.

    This meditation it's beautiful, very powerful. I felt warm waves through my body I kept crying. Is this the sign that the cord it's cut it?
    I also when I look at my ex he was laughing of me, when I was cutting the cord. Why it's that?
    Also I didn't head nothing from Angel but I saw blue indigo round circle. What that could mean?
    I would appreciate for your answers.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful video. Will do this meditation for as long as I feel it's over it all.

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  13. Thank you for this beautiful meditation to my beloved protector Archangel Michael, who never fails me! Archangel Michael keep me enshrouded in your Divine white protective light and blue energy. Stand as a guardian to God's promise that No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper! In Jesus's name! Amen

  14. Thank you for being courageous and obedient to both receive and share such a needed and beneficial experience and message for all who seek guidance, healing and deliverance from those appointed to help and assist us in our development as people of God and citizens of heaven,….in Jesus name,…Amen

  15. Dearest Carmen… I'm been through so, so much, I cry daily. I really wish I was near you for a reading/blessing. :-(. I'm learning to understand mediation and I need San Michael's protection bc the devil and his followers have been busy. Thank you for this wonderful mediation. Your voice is very calming and smoothing.

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