5 Replies to “APEX Destiny Panel: Dismounting from the wall”

  1. Oh, lets not FYI the "DIY'ers" that unless you reconnect the RJ31X conductors as green to black and red to yellow or make the correction at demarc…you'll be w/o dialtone throughout the residence, geez!

  2. hi, I want know something , I have vista 20 with 6148 keypad, all my system is wired, I like wired less false alarm, but I can used the L7000 keyboard with my system  vista 20.. o I buy new one but I can still used old wires..i can do that let me know please

  3. Yo dude is the original installer still employed by your company I ask cause damn the fucking installers a butcher look at the size of hole he/she made to bring the circuits thru a true alarm pro would not make hole of that magnitude on the wall regardless if the panel covers it at the end

  4. what do you guys do with the old panels? do you just throw them away, recycle, or have like a room for old panels

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