Apartment Security Tips

Apartment Security Tips

Whether you’re looking for a new apartment or simply looking
to improve the security of your current residence, here are some security tips every renter should follow. Before moving into a new apartment, look for basic security
features like a locked gate and a security camera. Bushes and trees should be trimmed around buildings
to eliminate potential hiding spots for thieves. If you’re considering living in a complex, each building should have key code access. Having well-lit common areas is crucial if you’re coming and going at night. Front doors should have peep holes so you
always know who is at the door. Ask your landlord to change the locks before you move in. Deadbolts should extend at least one inch. If you’ve already moved in, reinforce your door with an inexpensive security bar. Always lock your doors- even for quick errands
and never leave it open for friends. Keep your windows locked when you’re not home even if
you don’t live on the first floor. Consider installing window pins for extra security. Do not to leave building doors propped open for visitors. Put your last name and first initial on
your mailbox to protect your identity. Following these simple tips can help prevent a break-in. For more home security tips, visit homesecuritydeals.com.

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  1. My apartment is installing new id card security keys and new cameras. And the day they did, i gave them my one month notice that i was moving out. Fair warning you install id cards like this in a apartment build be prepared to lose alot of business. I have talked to a few of my neighbours and they all plan on moving before next summer.Oink oink piggy oink.

  2. Key codes and extra security features of a $700 to $800 apartment are nice. But I don't make that much money. I have a $300 ghetto apartment in a high crime area, how do I cheaply secure that?

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