Antusi A6 remote alarm wireless

Good day here is ANTUSI A6 bike alarm combined with tail light a bell This is remote control Bicycle holders for handlebars and part for rear alarm holder USB cable for charge Saddle rod holder and pulling straps Here are is second holder under the bicycle saddle Allen screws with keys for instalation Storage in foam Now i activate alarm with wireless control Led 3x blink Now make simple test My finger make litle shock First notice from alarm after second shock alarm get full ceremony I need to deactivate it by remote control (second button – unlock) No i turn tail light and switch modes In final i test “ring bell” and horn Antusi A6 have li-ion battery inside with capacity 800 mAh Now i test USB charging from PC Here is charge micro USB port I plug USB cable to this device ,, USB charber port have waterproof cover It simple but in first time , i need more time Finish 🙂 Now i use USB Voltmeter Ammeter , show voltage and inflow current USB ammeter is simple gadget with low cost about 2usd can buy on ebay .. 4.99V is ok usb have nominal 5V current is 0.2A is not much USB can give max 2.0A Tail light turn on while charging (not bliking this is efect on camera ..) Now see red and blue buttons I’ll explain what these buttons are Blue button is for pairing remote controller with tail light .. more in manual link below Red button activate COB light , It serves security if the wirreless controll did not work (Bad battery) This is all .. more on below is link with review

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