Anti-Vaxx, Gun Control, Border – Your AMAC Weekly News

Anti-Vaxx, Gun Control, Border – Your AMAC Weekly News

Hi I’m Ben Ferguson and welcome to Your
AMAC Weekly News. First up, congratulations to all those in the
anti-vaxx movement. Because of you, the United States will more than
likely lose its designation as a country that had eradicated the measles,
more on that in a moment. Up next, the liberal response to mass
shootings is always the same – blame the gun and demand new laws to take away our
Second Amendment rights. Well now liberals are calling for a
total gun ban on the type of guns that most Americans use for home security
following the devastating shooting in Odessa, Texas. I’ll break down this new
plan for you in just a moment. And finally, Democrat Representative
Ilhan Omar decides that she doesn’t trust the United States to handle its
immigration crisis, so she’d rather hand that power over to a foreign agency, more
on that story in just a moment. Finally, quick reminder for you, please
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right now. So to all of you who are on the
anti-vaccination movement, congratulations! You did it. You have
officially made sure that one of the greatest achievements in world medical
history might just be stripped away from our country in less than a month.
According to the CDC, there is a reasonable chance that the United States
will actually lose its measles elimination status as early as October.
Now when the World Health Organization declared back in 2000 that the United
States had eliminated the measles, it was considered one of the biggest public
health achievements in world history. However, a movement among some parents
in the United States to avoid vaccinating their children, the anti-vaxx movement, had been
fighting against this achievement since day one. Now these parents claim and believe that
vaccines are composed of solutions that cause autism and death. Now we are seeing
an increase in illnesses like the measles that some are attributing to the
popularity of this anti-vaxx movement. Dr Nancy Messonnier, who is the director of the
CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases has said, quote,
“It certainly is incredibly frustrating and upsetting to the public health
community that we may lose measles elimination status, because we do have a
safe and effective vaccine.” Now the World Health Organization removes a country’s
elimination status when measles has been spreading continuously for one year.
That’s exactly what’s been happening in the US. Now this is embarrassing for the
United States to have to step back and remove its measles elimination status
simply because people refuse to trust the science behind immunizations. Now
this isn’t just something that impacts our country, it also impacts our standing
around the world. The lack of support for protecting our own people could
undermine the long term efforts to convince other countries to double down
on vaccinating their citizens, thus making world travel much more dangerous.
Now when vaccine rates plummet, death and disability from diseases like the
measles increases. Not getting vaccinated doesn’t just affect you it affects every
single person who comes in contact with you. Now this new movement seems
to be extremely popular among young Americans and their newborn
kids that they’re using as guinea pigs for their internet medical ideas. So
starting today, each week we are going to have a new poll in Your AMAC Weekly
News to get your views on important issues. We here at AMAC want to hear what you
have to say about the anti-vaxx movement. So visit the website
and you will find our poll where you can tell us which
best describes your views on this issue. Make sure that
your voice is heard, take her poll right now at In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, liberals have
made a point to use this and pretty much every single opportunity to push for the
removal of as many guns as possible in this country. Former Vice President Joe
Biden seems to think that keeping law-abiding American citizens from
purchasing and owning any gun that has a magazine or holds multiple bullets
should be outlawed. Yes, you heard that right. Biden just proposed
banning any gun that holds two or more bullets. Now this is
the most extreme gun control measure ever proposed by any Democrat running
for the White House in history. Just take a listen to Joe Biden in his own words
from C-SPAN. The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons,
magazines the can can hold multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless. It is no
violation of the Second Amendment, it’s just a bow to the special
interest of the gun manufacturers in the NRA. It’s gotta stop. Now Biden
is also claiming the Second Amendment does not give you the right to own a
bazooka or buy an F-15. Well, Uncle Joe, no one ever said the Second Amendment
covers airplanes. Yet he’s connecting the two, take a listen from the same clip
from C-SPAN. This is not any — in any way a violation of the Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment doesn’t say you can own any weapon you want, it never
said that. If you’re able to do that why can’t you have the money go out and buy an F-15? Why
can’t you buy a bazooka? You can’t, it’s irrational. Now just a point of clarity
here to Uncle Joe Biden, you might want to google, just do a little research
before you tell Americans that you can’t buy an F-14, F-15, or F-16. In fact just
this week a fully functional F-16 went up for sale in Florida for just 8.5
million dollars and the listing also says nothing about the Second Amendment
being needed to protect your right to own an airplane. Now Biden isn’t the only
Democratic presidential candidate that is running wild with this idea of
banning weapons that they don’t agree with. Beto O’Rourke said he wants to
be clear that he will force all of you to give back your AR-15s and AK-47s.
Listen to this from an interview that aired on MSNBC. So I want to be really
clear that that’s exactly what we’re going to do.
Americans who own AR-15s, AK-47s, will have to sell them to the government.
We’re not going to allow them to stay on our streets. to show up in our
communities. Now O’Rourke doesn’t stop there, in
fact there was a post on Twitter from his 2020 campaign that unveiled a new
anti-gun shirt that will pretty much blow your mind. Take a look at this
picture and you’ll see what I’m talking about. “New in stores 100% of the proceeds
will benefit Moms Demand Change and A March for Our Lives. This is blanked up
we can change it. That’s right there is your candidate for the Democratic
presidential election dropping f-bombs to be a tough guy telling you that he
wants to take your guns. Now it didn’t just appear on a t-shirt
either, it came out of his own mouth and was posted on his own Twitter page. Watch
this from a campaign stop he made on Saturday night.
I’m sure how many people have been shot don’t know how many people have been
killed, the condition of those who have survived don’t know what the motivation
is, do not yet know the firearms that were used or how they acquire them. But we
do know this f***ed up. Now what’s even more crazy
is all these Democratic presidential candidates are
even going so far as to now say that they don’t like the Justice
Department’s new legislation, which is to expedite the death penalty for
individuals found guilty of carrying out mass shootings. Yet they’re the same
candidates for the Democratic Party who pretend that they take your safety
seriously while trying to take away your right to actually protect yourself. Now
it’s time that we stand up for our Second Amendment rights and that’s why it’s so
important for you to join AMAC. AMAC is in Washington every single day standing
up for your Second Amendment rights and making sure that candidates just like
this do not have the ability to take away the guns that you use to protect
yourself and your family. Democrat Representative and member of
the so-called “squad,” Ilhan Omar, now believes that the border crisis has
become so extreme that we need to call in the foreign military leadership and
troops from the United Nations to fix our immigration crisis. This isn’t a joke,
take a listen to Omar in a video from an event posted on Twitter. If we want to continue to be
the kind of country that condemns countries in Africa, or Asia, or Latin American
countries for its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. So we should do what any
other country does by dealing with this situation in a serious way. So we have to
bring in the United Nations High Commissioner on refugees. An agency that
has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees –. What you just saw there was an actual member
of the United States Congress calling for a foreign invasion of our country.
Now this same member of Congress is one of the many on the Left who have
consistently attacked our actual men and women protecting our actual border. She
and her fellow liberals have called border agents “criminals,” they have called
border facilities “concentration camps.” Even when Antifa
fire bombed an ICE facility in Washington State, Omar refused to condemn
that attack. Watch this from an attempted interview from The Rebel. Antifa fire
bombed a facility in Tacoma over the weekend, it’s an ICE facility. Will you
condemn them for that? I mean — firebombing a concentration
camp is kind of a laudable thing if it actually is concentration camp, you must
be happy that they did it. No? Are you pleased? Should more people do it?
It’s easy to say no. It’s really easy to say no. Why would we go to foreigners to
fix our own border issues? This is so anti-American in every single way and
these are the people who are making decisions for all of us. Now this is why
we need to fight so hard to support our men and women at the border and Donald
Trump as he works each and every day to protect our country. We should never
accept an American member of the United States Congress supporting a foreign
takeover of our American border. Now we will keep you up to date on this story
as AMAC is fighting in Washington to make sure this plan never happens. That’s
it for this edition of Your AMAC Weekly News. Please be sure to share this
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back next week for our next episode.

3 Replies to “Anti-Vaxx, Gun Control, Border – Your AMAC Weekly News”

  1. Don't agree with your trolling of the antivax movement. Can't wait to see the results of your polling as I think you will find it surprising. Also need to look at the medical research, not clear all the risk outweighs the benefits.

  2. Ben Ferguson….who the heck are you? And is AMAC using you as their spokesperson now? Because if they are, they are guilty of promoting false information…As in calling out a so-called Anti-Vaxx movement? First off, Measles, (which is a completely harmless childhood illness, that when contracted naturally, provides a lifetime of natural immunity, which is not possible with the vaccine, but also provides natural cancer-fighting elements) was NEVER eliminated from the U.S., but just simply went down. And truthful charts show it went down on its own, way before Big Pharma created their poisonous vaccine! Also, you do realize, that our profiteering CDC is funded by the Pharmaceutical companies, and that "Nancy Messonnier" gets a big fat paycheck to market those vaccines! Why does no one remember the CDC whistle blower (from just a few years ago), that publicly came forward about how the CDC falsified the research, that originally showed the vaccines cause Autism, and other serious injuries to our precious babies and children?

  3. I want to point out some other things to you AMAC, and Ben Fergusen….Why is it not okay to go to foreigners to protect OUR borders (which I agree, it is not), but somehow it is okay to go to foreigners (the WHO) to tell us what to inject into our own babies and children?? Also why is it important to protect our Second Amendment rights to bear arms (which I agree, is important), but you think we should not be able to exercise our First Amendment rights? We are guaranteed the right to the Freedom of Religion, but you think that the pharmaceutical industry and CDC should be able to end that right that is guaranteed in our Constitution, so they can profit by injecting our babies and children with vaccines that have been proven to contain ABORTED HUMAN FETAL DNA (which is most definitely an encroachment on our religious freedom rights)!!

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