Angry Alex on Flips With Tips – Episode 14

Angry Alex on Flips With Tips – Episode 14

For those of you that know me personally you
know it takes an awful lot for me to get upset but today I’m absolutely PISSED if there’s
one thing I can’t stand IT’S THEFT For those of you who know me personally you’re
going to know me as a really even keeled, steady tempered sort of person and I don’t
lose my cool a lot it takes an awful lot to get me worked up to the point where I’m even
upset at you I understand things happen and as “flippers” we get calls all the time from
contractors not showing up a flooring guy that did a crap job and basically ripped you
off for $1500 bucks and you just kind of let it go, you go on but I took the worst phone
call I’ve ever taken in 5 years the other morning when I got the call from my GC saying
that someone broke in to our crawlspace and clipped all of the new electrical lines that
we just put in we just paid $7700 to have this entire duplex completely rewired new
panels put in and someone came in and I’m gonna save you the hassle of going into the
crawl space with me here but take a look these are some of our new electrical lines what
do you know they chopped them all and you know what they were live when they copped
them now they had the audacity to actually turn the water off to the house which was
nice cause they cut through one of our water lines so maybe they didn’t die in the process
of chopping out our electrical lines but you know we even set up a security system in our
houses we use SimpliSafe because we don’t typically have internet connection we don’t
have phone lines run we’re cutting all this stuff out anyways and SimpliSafe acts as a
cell phone base essentially and you can hook up motion sensors and cameras to it and whatnot
and we had motion sensors set throughout the units but who the hell thinks of setting this
stuff up in their crawl space for crying out loud well that’s where they got us they didn’t
touch anything else in the rest of the house we have materials in here we have tools in
here so they knew that the crawl space was easy access and for $20-$30 bucks that’s gonna
cost us another $4000, $5000 to have this stuff rewired I just I can’t believe it so
we’re getting more motion detectors we’re putting them in the crawl space we’re putting
them in the attic and we’re gonna put them in the new garage just to try to prevent anything
else from happening and I just hope that you guys can learn from this spend the $25 a month
spend a few hundred dollars to get the system

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  1. What horrible luck.  The thieves could have made more dollars per hour working at McDonalds than steeling wire out of a crawl space!

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