Angelic Encounters & Supernatural Protection!

Angelic Encounters & Supernatural Protection!

Sid: Can angels bring people new hearts? My guest says he knows it’s true. Next on this edition of “It’s Supernatural!”
[music] Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom
and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should be nothing beyond one’s
power to discover. And yet the strange, unusual and mysterious
world of the supernatural defies understanding. Stay tuned for a unique and powerful investigation
into a curious undiscovered universe only on “It’s Supernatural!” Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth, investigative reporter, and
have you seen an angel? I have some guests that have not only seen
angels, but they would not even be alive if it wasn’t for angels. Dawn, in 1976, you’re living in a trailer
park in Sedalia, Missouri and what happened? Dawn: Well I had woke up at about 3:00 in
the morning with almost like the bed shaking and the wind howling outside the window. And I was terrified of storms, so I felt like
maybe I needed to get up and check on things. But I was so scared; I was afraid to move
out of my bed. So I looked out the window and opened the
curtains, and sure enough, the wind was knocking the trees down to the floor, to the ground. And I remember crawling back underneath the
bed thinking, “if God doesn’t spare us, it’s not going to be a pretty sight when it’s
done”. And I felt like the Lord had told me, “Get
up and look out the window again.” I don’t want to look out the window again,
you know. Sid: Pretty foolish. You don’t want to see that. It’s bad enough that it’s happening. Dawn: Right. Right. Am I going to look at it
again? And I just felt like I needed to do what God
had told me. I was obedient, and I looked out the window;
and to my astonishment, I looked out and saw these huge, absolutey massive, white-robed
beings; and their faces were so bright that I couldn’t see them. But they had a hood on the top of their head,
and they had a tie around their waist, and they were standing there holding hands. You could almost see their hands gripping. And they were – their backs were faced to
the wind and their front was faced to me. I laid back down again in the bed and I thought,
“did I just see that?” And the Lord spoke to me again and told me,
“Look again. I still want to show you something.” And this time when I looked up I saw the entire
mobile home being encompassed by all these angels. Every one of them were holding hands, and
they were 8 feet – 10 feet tall, somewhere around in there. They looked like basketball players, but their
shoulders were as broad as football players. They were massive in size. Sid: How did you feel when you saw this? Dawn: Just – I was absolutely amazed, and
I was like, “am I seeing what I’m seeing?” Sid: Had you ever seen angels before? Dawn: No, I don’t recall seeing an angel before. Sid: So what happened to all that fear? Dawn: It absolutely left and I just – I just
felt such a peace; an overwhelming peace that there was no more fear; that I didn’t need
to be scared of what the wind and the storm would do because God had sent beings to protect
me, and He loved me enough to do that for me. Sid: How much damage occurred to your trailer? Dawn: Absolutely none. There was no damage whatsoever. Sid: Now if the angels were not there, what
do you think would have happened? Dawn: Well there were trees around us and
there was – we lived on a gravel road. So the gravel was, you know, before I looked,
when I looked out the window the first time, the trees were bending over touching the ground. So they wouldn’t have lasted very long. They could have come through the windows of
the mobile home. That’s why actually I didn’t want to look
out the window because I was afraid that one of the tree limbs was going to go flying through
the window. And we were – the mobile home was secured
and tied down. But you could feel the mobile home moving
and the wind outside was making this freight train sound. And I was just – but God sent his protection
in the form that I could see it so that I would never be afraid of storms again. Sid: Wow. But you ran into something actually even,
I think, worse than the storm. Tell me about that. Dawn: Well probably around 4 or 5 years ago
I was faced with some demonic activity going on in my home, and I wasn’t quite for sure
what I was supposed to do about it. Sid: You were an abused wife. Dawn: Yes, I was, for many years, and it seemed
to get worse as the years go on with the abuse growing and the violence getting worse. And I remember that during that time there
was never any way for us to know what we were going to deal with when he came
home at night. One night it would be fine, the next night
it would be horrible. Well after many, many times of abuse he got
up one morning, couldn’t find the keys to the car and got irate. And when he got irate I saw his eyes
literally turn red. The pupils of his eyes turned red and the
fear that overwhelmed me was horrible. He got so angry that he wound up choking me,
making a concussion, knocking me out. I remember trying to get out of the house
at the time, and it was as if he would translate from one place to another place so quickly
that I couldn’t get out. And I remember him coming after me at the
last minute and I looked over and saw the Word of God, and something inside me told
me to pick up the Word. And I picked it up. Sid: Picked up the Bible. Dawn: I picked up the Word of God and put
it up in front of me so that the Holy Bible read outward, and that’s just the way I picked
it up. I picked it up and held it in front of me,
and I just prayed in the Spirit, saying, “God, please spare my life.” Because I knew that I was not dealing with
a human being. I was dealing with legions of demons inside
this man. Sid: Possessed human being. Dawn: Yes. And so it was if – when I started praying,
God stopped him in his tracks. He froze. He didn’t move. Sid: You mean, he’s coming towards you; you
hold up the Bible facing him. Dawn: Yes. Sid: And he froze. Dawn: And he froze. Sid: You’re not exaggerating. Dawn: No, I’m not exaggerating. Sid: He froze. Dawn: He didn’t move. I don’t think he breathed, you know. He just stopped, and he didn’t do anything. And his eyes got really big as if he was seeing
something behind me, and I don’t know what it actually was. But as soon as that happened, after he froze,
and he looked, he wound up collapsing in the chair right beside me. He just collapsed. Sid: What do you think that he saw behind
her? I think he saw some of those same angels that
protected her in the trailer park. I want to go to Janie in the control room. Janie, you saw an angel also. Tell me about that. Janie: Sid, I used to be a school teacher
in the Greek Orthodox school. And all the children during the summer would
go to Greece and they would come back with bugs. So I was teaching them, and I hate to say
it, but I ended up having bugs and I couldn’t get rid of these bugs. So I was trying to sleep one night and thinking,
“how am I going to get rid of it.” And I thought of 4 scriptures. I thought, “God has not given me the spirit
of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” “When I lay down I’ll have a sweet sleep.” “By Jesus’ stripes I was healed.” And “The angel of the Lord encamps
around those who fear him.” I said those 4 scriptures, but I didn’t really
feel anything. I started lying down, and all of a sudden,
I felt this hand grab my arm, and my body filled up with the most intense fear, and
I knew that that was not an angel, but that was a demon. I looked over but I couldn’t see anything,
but my body was so full of fear. But all of a sudden, I looked up on my ceiling,
and I saw a big man, and he was an angel, and he was just floating on my ceiling. And I wanted to keep looking at him, but I
felt completely asleep. And the next morning when I woke up, all
the bugs were gone. Sid: We’ll be back right after this. But do angels smile? Do angels smile at you? I have a man that says they do. Be right back after this. [music] Hello YouTube mishpochah! Mishpochah is a Hebrew word; it means family. This is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally
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single episode of It’s Supernatural! [music] Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative
reporter, and I asked you a question. Have you ever seen an angel smile? Do you believe angels smile? My guest says they do. Joseph Morris, tell me about the smiling angel. Joseph: Well I was in a meeting in Seekonk,
Mass, and working for an evangelist. And all of a sudden I looked up, and there
was an angel standing there. Sid: Was that the first time you ever saw
an angel? Joseph: Yes, sir, first time. I was just as shocked as anybody else
would be. I was brought up in a normal home not to think
of anything weird or religious. Sid: What did the angel look like? Joseph: He had long brown hair, looked like
a real strong man, about 8 feet tall; actually had his head bent over a little bit. Even though there was a dropped ceiling I assumed
he could go through it, but he was bent over a little bit like that. It just shocked me, and he turned and smiled
at me. I was going to make a new exit door because
it so scared me, because I was brought up not to ask for visions or anything weird like
that. But I saw him around these other ministers
helping them in a service. Like every move they would make, he would
move, make the same move almost as though he was like a guardian-type angel, I guess,
and real, big, tall, strong. Sid: And he smiled? Joseph: Yes, smiled. Scared me so bad. I was like, “oh my word”, because it just
shocked me. Sid: So he knew that you knew that you were
seeing him. Joseph: That’s how it seemed. As though it was almost just as neat to him
that it was freaking me out. And it was totally freaking me out because
I was like, oh my word, I’m seeing– You know, I started looking around thinking,
“I’m seeing something”. Then I looked down again; I looked up, and
they were still there. And so I was trying to make sure I hadn’t
lost my mind, and I realized they were there; yeah. Sid: And then another time an angel actually
told you something about your family. Joseph: Yes. I was traveling on the road at that time,
away from my wife. And we had some financial needs, and I was
trying to work up thinking, “how am I gonna take care of this?” Actually, I was taking a bath in a hotel in
Virginia, and I sensed something. I looked up, and there’s this huge angel standing
right there. This so shocked me I didn’t know what to do. Then I quoted scripture to him, that “God
supplies all my needs”, and he disappeared. But I thought, it would have been neat if he
had waited a few minutes. Sid: How did this particular angel look? Joseph: Similar. Sid: Was he the same one or different? Joseph: No, I don’t think so. He looked totally different but similar as
far as a man, long hair, almost kind of a darker brown hair. I didn’t really get caught up in the features. I was just shocked at the – I was in the bathtub
and I wasn’t – I was thinking, “if you’d wait a couple of minutes.” You think of all the
cool things you’d want to say. Sid: Of course. Joseph: And it just doesn’t happen like that;
you’re too shocked. So I just quoted scripture to him. Sid: Were you afraid? Joseph: No, I really wasn’t. I was shocked; a moment of afraid, and then
a peace. And then after I quoted the scripture, about
3 days later, our finances were met, and everything was fine. Sid: So tell me how you think that
dimension worked. Do you think that you said a scripture about
your finances? Joseph: Yes, sir. Sid: From the Bible. And so what did this angel do with this scripture? Joseph: I believe he went and brought it to
pass. I think he was waiting for my words as far
as the scripture says, waiting for me to speak what is rightfully mine. And I think they’re here all the time waiting
for that. We just don’t see them. Sid: So you think like right now on this set
we’re surrounded with angels. Joseph: I believe we are, yes, even though
we don’t see them. Sid: How come you see them and most people
don’t? Joseph: That’s a good question. It would be what we call discerning the Spirit,
one of those gifts of the Spirit in the scriptures. I never prayed for it, never thought about
it. It just began to happen. One of the men that I was around as far as
working had that happen at times, but I never wanted that. And just all of a sudden in 1986, that began
to happen. And I think it was leading me to when I was
in the service, a miracle would happen, and I would want to leave the service, or freak
out. I would get used to that happening, so it
didn’t scare me so bad. I think the Lord was trying to train me a
little bit to get used to it. Sid: Well I don’t know about you, but there
was a time that I saw an angel, and that’s why I can believe about the smiling angel. I was on my way to St. Petersburg, Russia,
and I was making a telephone call, and the man at the next booth, I was a little concerned
about because sometimes people try to steal your, you know, your code number that you’re
calling. Joseph: Sure, sure. Sid: And so I’m looking at him and he’s smiling
at me. And I’m thinking, “are you a thief or something”,
you know. And so I kept my eye on him. And finally he walks away, and I look, you
know, is he around my back – Joseph: Right. Sid: Looking for my number, my code that I’m
using? Joseph: Sure. Sid: And he’s not behind my back. And there was a long corridor. There was nowhere for him to go. He was gone. Joseph: He disappeared. Wow. Sid: But he had the nicest smile, and I had
the best meetings. Joseph: Oh, isn’t that great. Sid: In St. Petersburg. Tell me another angel story. Joseph: Several different ones. I saw an angel stand by this woman in a meeting
in Pennsylvania, and I was praying for her back. Words of knowledge that I have in a service,
I knew the woman had been in a car wreck. She came down. I’m getting ready to pray for her. All of a sudden I realized to back away from
her a little bit just to wait a moment. And as I did, I looked up and there was an
angel just like those other times standing beside her, messing with the side of her head. But I was on the other side of her, so I really
couldn’t see. So I said, “What’s going on with your head?” So I’m just asking her, and her eyes looked
up like that, and she goes, “I can hear.” And I didn’t know that she had been deaf in
this left ear. So the fruit of it was she got her hearing
back. And I really don’t care how it happened, I
just saw the angel stand there and really didn’t see what he did, but she was fine after
that. So it was neat. Sid: Well I think neat is too mild a word. It wasn’t just neat. But did you hear what Joseph Morris said? That there are angels around us all the time,
waiting to do what God’s Word from the Bible tells us. So I have a favorite word from the Bible:
“All things are possible to those who believe.” So I’m believing angels are about ready to
move on that word. What do you need in your life? We’ll be right back after this. [music] Sid: Let’s go to the control room and find out
from Janie who our guest next week is. Janie? Janie: Sid, you’ll be interviewing a man by
the name of Dave Roberson, and this man has spoken languages such as French, Spanish,
Aramaic, German, but no one ever taught it to him. He spoke those languages supernaturally. And that’s happened to me, and I know it’s
happened to you, Sid. And when it happens, I mean, I’ve been with
people who would speak French and then all of a sudden when I would pray, it would come
out in French. It would be something like this, [French]. It’s a supernatural language. Sid: Listen, Janie, I studied German in high
school and I sure wish I had learned it supernaturally. I had a rough time with German. But one of these days, I believe that all
things are possible to who? Those who believe. As a matter of fact, have you ever spoken
in a language that you’ve never been taught, that someone has recognized? Joseph: Sure, yes. Sid: What was that? Joseph: It was like Japanese. In a time, in Tulsa, Oklahoma I was speaking
in tongues and somebody said, “That’s Japanese.” I said, “How do you know this?” “Well I speak Japanese.” And I was speaking of the wonderful works
of God and didn’t even know what I was saying. Sid: But I’m interested in this woman and
the new heart. How did you even know about that? Joseph: Well I was in a service and I looked
up and these two angels were standing there, and I was shocked once again. So I looked down and I thought, you know –
Sid: You’re shocked a lot. I’ve noticed. Joseph: Well you know, I wasn’t anticipating
that. So and they were – they looked so intently. like they were looking at me for such
a purpose. They weren’t just to, you know, hang out. They were there for a purpose. So I ducked my head. I was waiting for my friend to come in and
preach, and he came and started preaching. And then I had a word of knowledge: the Holy
Spirit told me on the inside that those angels had come to deliver a woman a new heart. I still didn’t think I was going to do that. I thought maybe my friend preaching was going
to do that. At the end of the service he didn’t call it
out. So I got up and said, “There’s a lady here
that needs a heart – has heart trouble.” I wasn’t quite as bold as I should have been. This lady got up and I said, “As a matter
of fact, you need a brand new heart.” I got real bold once she came down, and
she said, yes. I was thinking, “Lord, heal this woman before
she dies”. She looked like she was going to drop dead
right there. Well I told her these angels had “come”,
I said, “But Jesus is your Healer; you’re redeemed from the curse,” and that kind of
stuff. And she fell out; went back to her seat. Sid: When you say she “fell out”, the
Spirit of God put her over backwards. Joseph: Yes, sir. She laid there for a moment. You could see light come back into her, color
come back into her; went back to her seat. The wonderful thing was they gave the altar
call. She came down, gave her life to the Lord,
and her family did. Well she goes back to the doctor. The doctor does an EKG. He goes, “Wait a minute, wait; what’s going
on with you?” Her heart muscle was so damaged, she needed
a transplant. He said, “You’ve got a brand new heart muscle.” You know, it doesn’t even read the same. So the newspaper people found out about it. They came on Wednesday. We didn’t know they were newspaper people. We were just preaching the Bible, and so they
wrote down things, “redeemed from the curse”, quoted scriptures that we had quoted in that
service. Well come Friday night, we came to the service
and the entry of the church was filled with people, with candles, incense, all kinds of
interesting things. But they had heard an article came out that
afternoon that, “Angels Bring Woman New Heart”. So all these people came to hear about the
angels, but they got the Good News preached to them that night. And I saw all these people come forward to
give their life to the Lord. So that’s what that demonstration was for,
I believe. Sid: I mean, and this woman was literally
given a brand new heart. Joseph: Yes. That’s what the doctor said.
He was shocked. He said, “Where did you go?” She said, “I went to a Gospel meeting and
a man preached and laid hands on me.” And she was healed. Sid: In Italy, there was someone with cancer
and a tumor? Joseph: Yes. Three weeks ago, I was in Rome, Italy a suburb right outside of Rome called
Ladispoli; I may not be pronouncing it right. But I had a word of knowledge: the Holy Spirit
told me that somebody there had a cancerous growth. Some people came down, and a little girl had
her head wrapped around; and I didn’t know at the time, they had given her two weeks
to live. I said, “I command you to be healed in the
name of Jesus.” And I said, “You can go back to your seat.” And her parents just stood there waiting for
me to do something radical or whatever. I said, “No, she’s fine. She’s healed according to the Word of God.” Well, she goes back the doctor. The doctor checks her. He goes, “It’s completely disappeared.” It was inside her head like that. Sid: But wait a second. The doctor said 2 weeks to live. Joseph: That’s what he said. Sid: Two weeks to live, and then instantly
healed. You see, when I say “All things are possible
to those who believe”, they really are. Joseph, if this were speaking, as a matter
of fact, would you pray for people to be healed? Joseph: Yes. Sid: And see if you move into supernatural
words of knowledge. Would you do that now? Joseph: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Father, we thank You for this audience hearing
the words about ”All things are possible to him that believeth”. We thank You, Lord, that this is a year that
You will be Almighty to us. I thank You for healing chronic asthma right
now. Father, we command lungs to be whole in the
name of Jesus. Lenses in people’s eyes, we thank You, Father,
for repairing damaged lenses. I command a carotid artery right now that
is blocked, I command that artery to be open right now in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank You for demonstrations of
the resurrection in this day. We thank you for a digestive tract problem
being restored right now, Father, cancer, cancerous growths in the colon, cancer, you
die right now in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank You for these folks that
are whole. We thank You for revelation about what we
have, Father, that “All things are possible to him that believeth”. Lord, we thank You for it, we thank You for
deafness to be gone, ears to be open right now, perfect hearing in Jesus’ name. We thank You for taste to come back to somebody’s
mouth, that they’ll be able to taste their food, Father. We thank You for that in Jesus’ name. Sid: That was very specific. Have you ever had a word like that before
about the taste? Joseph: Yes, I’ve had several about that,
yes. I’ve had one where I saw a gash on a person’s
tongue. I said, “There’s a person, you’ve got a
gash on your tongue. A child came down, was playing with a snapping
turtle, and the turtle put a big old rip on his tongue. I saw a woman get poked in the eye with a
fork one time and I called it out. An elderly woman came down, her sister
had poked her in the eye with a fork, so she was healed. Just unusual things like that, but thank God,
He knows everything. Sid: Now you also know almost warnings about
accidents. Explain that. Joseph: At different times I’ve had the Holy
Ghost warn me ahead of time about things like that. I also had a vision of a brother in a plane
crash, and at the time he didn’t even have a plane. Six years later, he ended up getting a plane
and he was rescued from that. And supernaturally was taking off on this
runway, had engine failure and came to a stop at the end. I believe people in his church began to pray. The Lord warned me that way. That’s called a word of wisdom, technically, but it was to get me to pray so that wouldn’t happen. Sid: What happened in Pittsburgh? Joseph: Several things. A child had leukemia got healed; a young lady. Sid: My goodness. Joseph: A friend of mine is a doctor. He said, “no, it just went into remission”. I said, “well one minute they had leukemia,
the next minute they didn’t”. So I gave him a hard time. He’s a Believer, but it still shocked him,
too. But it was a young, about 10-year-old girl
who was healed of leukemia there. Sid: What about you? There is something that is wrong with you
that is beyond something physical. You see, you are separated from a vital relationship
with God. I’m not talking about religion. I’m not talking about saying a prayer with
Billy. I’m talking about knowing God. I’m talking about not knowing because some
man tells you know. I’m talking about knowing God because you
know him. I’m talking about a purpose for your life,
a destiny for your life. And I want you pray with me because there’s
a presence of God right now that is going to change your life. Someone’s back was just healed in Jesus’ name. Say this prayer right now. Out loud. Dear
God, I’m a sinner. Please forgive me for all the horrible things
I’ve done in my life. I’m so sorry. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and
by his blood I’m forgiven. And now that I am clean, I make Jesus my Lord
and savior. Lord Jesus, come inside of me, take over my
life. I make You Lord over every area of my life
in Jesus’ name. Amen. If you said that prayer and you meant it,
God heard it. And I pray Spirit of the Living God becomes
so real to everyone that prayed that prayer that no one could ever take that
relationship away. I speak shalom to you, great shalom, great
peace in Jesus’ name. Now it’s yours. Amen. [music]

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  1. Hi Sid. When I was very young I seemed to be taken downstairs in my home and there was Jesus. He had children with him and they were holding hands in a circle . I never felt uncomfortable. Then I had problems with my ex partner.. I was then taken downstairs and I saw an angel in my kitchen his head touched the ceiling I knew he was there to protect me from the problems. Then I heard words spoken to me the next day saying open up your eyes and u will see. This meant spiritually . I came alive again from my ex trying to drag my spirit down. Then when my nana was dying I dreamy I went to her home and two angels were at the front door of her home male n female. There were blue glass wings on the side of her house. I asked the angels if I could go see my nana.. Very nicely they said no we are taking her very soon. I knew they were angels n my nana was going to heaven. After she died I was taken in the spirit to heaven n I saw my nana. The colors there are just amazing and you just want to stay there. My nana looked amazing. She was back to being young like in her 20s. She couldn't see me or hear me but I could watch her. The angel that took me there i couldn't see them but I heard their gentle voice to me. Since then my angels have protected me from the enemy. A battle in my bedroom for my soul with the enemy and God. I was protected from the enemy. God was fighting for me so much. The hedge of protection went in front of me and then the battle went on right there in my bedroom. I said are fighting for my soul oh God. Wow. God is always fighting for me and protecting me. He is my lord. Many tines my angels have looked out for me all the time. Telling me to get back and wait etc. The enemy keeps now trying to attack me all time now. It uses my husband to get to me please pray for me please. Husband seems to go against God with the marriage vows. Please can u pray for me Sid. My name is Ellen.

  2. I have spent the morning in prayer due to a family emergency…fell asleep with this playing. Had an incredible dream where I physically felt Father God lovingly touch my forehead, rub my head, and massage my scalp. I don't know what it means, but I am so thankful for God's love and presence in this time.

  3. lived in sedaila mo, i great evil i felt as i drive up stop sign had 666 in blck all over it, their was devil pig sacrifices in the area, i was inspector for whiteman air force base age 20s,
    some kids sleep at my friends house had pentagrams drawn on them while they sleeping, at this time i am dumb founded, never knew about this stuff??
    learn marshal mo, capital of satanic activity in USA…
    same freind in metal hospial after bloody fight with his x, he is x army and drunk… visit him on wednesdays and sundays.. that man spoke the serinty prayer very profound to me as academic 3.8 free scholarship to college…
    ……..never learned about goD? during that vist my life from birth to present 1988 flash before my eyes…………
    ……..every moment in seem hours but was only seconds…. since then GOD spoke to me 7+ times, so many miracle s each week here now… healed and been healed, GOD even chose my wife, after 4 year search , 12000+ women 16 countrys….. angels have saved me, GOD has seen my pure heart , pure body to 35, blood of JESUS has power, many supernatural happenings.. will stop here feel words on deaf ears

  4. Yes, I have seen an angel before; This just occurred last year in July 2018. He was tall to the heavens, had a trumpet in his left hand with the trumpet in his mouth, like he was about to sound the trumpet. He was pointing me to a direction to follow, which was opposite to where others were going. As I was going to that direction, I would gather some people with me and took them into the a house safely. The angel was dressed in white, had golden hair and the realm where he was standing was the color of gold. I thank God for giving me the privilege to know Him.

  5. Yes, I have seen an angel before; This just occurred last year in July 2018. He was tall to the heavens, had a trumpet in his left hand with the trumpet in his mouth, like he was about to sound the trumpet. He was pointing me to a direction to follow, which was opposite to where others were going. As I was going to that direction, I would gather some people with me and took them into the a house safely. The angel was dressed in white, had golden hair and the realm where he was standing was the color of gold. I thank God for giving me the privilege to know Him.

  6. According to the Bible we have a very misconstrued and deceived
    understanding of spiritual facts, as taught us by the traditional
    churches. Death is the END of life, not life in a subterranean place
    called HELL. Heaven is not the reward of the saints of God. JESUS is not
    the proper name of our Lord. God, the Father, also has a name and it is
    not JEHOVAH.

  7. Hey Bro. Sid, I watch the show and I believe I got a healing on my hearing, I wear hearing aides, but I can hear without hearing aides, I Just Want To Praise Jesus and give him all the glory for his servants and and their gifts,

  8. I've had the privilege of hearing a choir of angels singing twice ,once after my rebirth and again several years after at a opening of a rebuild church wow it's amazing . thanks be to god.

  9. I looked up saw a cloud in the perfect shape of an Angel about 24ft. Many supernatural things were going on. Thank you Lord

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    With You all things possible !
    And making Supernatural Blessings again and again abundantly, continually!
    God works are never failed!
    Thank you so much Lord!
    All the glory to Lord, Jesus Christ!

    Thank you so much today again!
    God bless all!
    God bless AMERICA!

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    This was in 2010.
    HE gave me tools to use from GOD. To help others.
    Witness to others.
    How I Know it was an Angel of GOD.
    Because three weeks later when I got out of Sparks Hospital in FT. Smith ARK. HIS house was a Green Field.
    The neighbor Saw my car parked in the middle of the yard. NOT the driveway I parked in.
    My Wife saw the house that night too.
    But she wanted to go home. So I dropped her off at home. Then I went to the house.
    This Angel prayed for me for GOD to use me more. And GOD HAS. Numerous times.
    Numerous ways.
    GOD Still uses me even today……..NOW!!!.

  12. It is funny there are angels that look like human Heb 13 dont forget to entain strangers for some have entertain angels una ware….I have seen angels that have white hair and dont speak.but you know what they are saying. I died twice. and came back…. But be Careful for Satan comes as a angel of light.

  13. An angel came to my house and healed my mother we did not mean to take the picture it was an accident on our part but was it an accident on God's part no it wasn't it was meant to be shared angels are real God Hashem is real Yehovah and Yeshua Jesus are coming soon I was told that the mark will come in 2020 and many will have the mark and your fingerprint eyes Iris recognition and facial recognition to use this as your money you will have accepted the mark of the beast we must not do this we must protest because the most high Yehovah has spoken I am a Jewish Ebounite Nazerite follower of the WAY I AM A ESSENE BELIEVER IN YESHUA JESUS AND HAVE MANY INCOUNTERS WITH ANGELS AND IT HAS BEEN DECLARED BY HASHEM THAT WE AS HEBREWS ARE TO START THE EXODUS OF AMERICA IT HAS BEEN WEIGHED AND FOUND WANTING AND THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL ALIYAH ALIYAH ALIYAH ALIYAH ALIYAH ALIYAH ALIYAH 7

  14. I just love you and your show, Sid!! You've been blessing me for YEARS!! Thank you for your awesome show!!!

  15. I got attacked in my sleep one night, I felt something heavy on my chest and fear in my heart. I was awake, but I felt asleep, and my eyes were closed, I was having visions of random things that I can’t really recall, but I remember praying hard so it could go away, then all of a sudden, no one was there but I felt hands grab my hands, I got so scared. I prayed that if the hands were not of God to let me go. They didn’t let go. They just held my hands. Next thing you know I was fully awake and fine. I don’t know what that was, but I’m thinking angels.

  16. In 2013, I know for a fact I had an encounter with an Angel. For a week straight I would be harassed and followed by a man on the bus I would be so frightened I told my mom and pastor and they gave me a can of mace . The seventh day I was fed up and said God please send me an Angel to protect me. Literally out of nowhere this young man comes and asks me was I ok and did I need anything I told him what was happening and he rode with me all the way to my stop I turned to thank and offer money as we got off he was gone I never ever saw the man that harassed me anymore as well. God is so good and he Answers prayers.

  17. I was one day gone for retreat there I saw a lady beautiful and I said to God you made this person beautiful. My eyes were getting a urge to see her more more. But she was possessed . When she was having bath she was saying thank you Jesus everytime she is having bath. I think evil spirit in her was dirty spirit.who was not giving her to have bath so she was thanking Jesus. But one day we all were sleeping in retreat centre. She started having fits at one clock at night when I saw this I feel to pray for her to defeat the bad so I said I believed, n kept the holy Bible on her chest and soon the evil spirit went out from that body and the girl start saying to us what happened .why you all here . That means after keeping bible on her chest and when i said I believed . The horrible evil left her. Bible has power. God showed me how to cast out the devil. Praise God and his holy name.

  18. In my house one angel face become smilling angle . I wish I can send you the picture of hisface. He was St Michael s . I am praying for him always. And I am believing him.

  19. Though I believe in Christ Jesus and the Angels and I always pray that I may see them but never. Are they real in physical eyes or in dreams? Tell me Sid Roth how may I see them also.

  20. God is good for everybody including you.and angels save people from getting hurts or die always pray for God if something is not right if something is touching you go look at the window…always pray for God and say something for God and God would bring you something safe for you,never say something for the devil because he would be mean to you in he will hurts you… lil brother told me to write this he’s 7 year old 🙏🏽👏🏾❤️

  21. I just want to share my experience, it was my first year in high school and the same year was our first ever youth conference, it was called 'Youth Explosion'. We were one of the 15 worship centers who were chosen to open with action songs. The feeling was beyond this world, pure joy and peace. After our turn we went backstage to close with another prayer, we were holding hands in a circle, with eyes closed there was a light like it was shooting from one side to the other. When the prayer ended everyone was talking about it believing that the Holy Spirit was present. As we were walking back home, a member was going through the photos in the camera and shouted. As we were praying in a circle there were what looked like flames surrounding us. I truly believe that the Spirit of God was present and that His angels were waging war in the spritiual realm on our behalf that night. Praise and Glory to God!
    I pray that God will bless everyone according to his riches in heaven and with peace that this world cannot offer. Praise God!

  22. I am in full agreement that Angels are very REAL and have saved my life or more than one occasion or I would have been another auto accident statistic. Thank God for His angels.

  23. Holy angels of God minister The Holy Bible, protect God's children and direct people to Jesus Christ. If they operate independently of God's Word, they fallen angels/ demonic powers.

  24. Its better than a CHURCH
    That yt program
    My grandfather went in to the barn at night and a laud voice said to him leav
    the barn

  25. Yes Angles smile!!! I was 8 or so years old. I came from a drug background so I was scared of everything. My room was upstairs and I was getting attacked in my mind and so was my sister. For some reason we where drawn out of are room and started walking down stares. We saw a 8 foot tall being's back. We stopped on the stares the man turns around and we where looking at him and he smiles. He had the whitest teeth ever and then he disappears. After that I was not terrorized by demons of fear at night anymore. If my mind would start to think of the evil I would remember that white smile and the fear would leave.

  26. Several years ago I was driving down the road with a deep drop off to the right side of the road. My car started to head for the the drop off. I tried pulling the wheel back on the road. The hard I tried to keep the car on the road. The more it tried to go off the road. I starting to pray. At that moment i looked out my windshield and saw a demon on one side of the car trying to push the car off the road whole an angel was pushing the car back on the road. Some one in the car asked what was going on. I said "I don't know but I want him to win!" Referring to the angel. At that exact second the demon took off and the angel set the car back on the road and everything was fine for the rest of the trip.

  27. Back in January 2010 there was a visitor to our church. I BELIEVE HE was an ANGLE OF GOD! Dressed as a normal human man.
    He was visiting our church (sadly pastors retired and new pastor changed the name.).
    Before the service on Wed. night I was a usher. And HE was asking me a lot of questions. MUCH MUCH MORE than any other visitor EVER did in the past.
    I said "Well almost 7 o'clock. Church will be start in couple of minutes. If you give me your address I will come to your home and share all I know about the pastors and the church.;
    He have me his address. He did. I showed it to my wife. She said ok honney But Not too late.
    I said a"As long as the LORD keeps me there!"
    She said ok.
    I got to his HUGE house about 9pm or just past.
    He invited me in. I had my own water to drink so I took it with me inside. When I went to the bathroom I took it with me as a safety precaution.
    I did NOT get home until 4:30 or 5 A.M.
    We had a good bible sharing. Told him everything about the church and the 2 pastors.
    We had a bible study. Before I left I asked if he needed prayer. He said "Yes." So I prayed for him. Before I got my hands more than 1+2 an inch off his shoulders he pointed his finger into my face saying "The Lord has a MIGHTY work for YOU to do. BUT!!! YOU must be Strong!" I asked. "Is the LORD going to be with me through the WHOLE PROCESS?"
    He said "Yes!"
    I said "Ok. Go ahead and pray for me."
    He warned we THREE times that IT will be the hardest thing I EVER did!"
    I asked "Is JESUS CHRIST going to be with me through the WHOLE PROCESS?" He said "Yes!"
    I said "Then what's the problem?"
    He said again "You DON'T Understand. IT Will be THE HARDEST THING YOU ever did OR IMAGINED doing….. Including Walking on water (like Jesus Christ did).
    I said "What's the problem? Go ahead and pray for me."
    He did. I went home. 3 days later I woke up in sparks hospital with encephalitis a brain covering infection. But mine went to the brain stem.
    The doctor WAS a Muslim told me there is no God greater than Allah.
    I asked him "What will it take for you to believe in my God and My Jesus?"
    He said "when YOU walk out of this hospital. Not in a wheelchair! But! Walk! If! YOU walk out and I see you I will give Your GOD and JESUS a chance."
    He being a day shift doctor put on release orders to be released AFTER 9pm. NOT before!
    Well I got out at 9pm
    He was there on an emergency call. Came to see me at the exit. Looked at me and said Yes! What is it!
    I asked my mom to get the nurse away from the wheelchair. She did. I said "doc. YOU said I would not walk out but IF I did you would give my GOD AND JESUS a chance. Watch this!"
    I got out of the wheelchair without any help and started walking out the doors opened and his jaw dropped on disbelief.
    The nurse looked up when I was out side ran up with the wheelchair grabbed my shoulders and SAT me DOWN! Said to me because she seen me walk the doctor did not.
    Asked me."What are you doing? You know that is against the rules!
    Sorry Doctor if I knew he was going to do this I would have never left the chair. Please don't fire me."
    He said "I forgot to check something let's go back inside."
    When we got in he command the nurse to go up and get my chart after they had a small argument.
    My mom went to sit down in the waiting room. My wife was already sitting.
    When the nurse left he asked me "Tell me how to get what you got?" (Knowing he wanted GOD the FATHER and JESUS CHRIST) I said "encephalitis? I have no clue?;
    He said "No! No! I know ALL about encephalitis, or thought I did. I want what caused you to go from the worst case I ever treated to walking in 3 weeks, when the BEST case spent 6 months in an in-house rehab just to learn how to walk again. And you are the worst case. I want what you have!"
    Well that night he Accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and life as Lord and Savior.
    We went home.
    Few months later the LORD wanted me to go back to Sparks hosp.
    I did when my wife had a mini stroke. Her dr was my dr.
    He finally told me thank you for introducing me to your God a your Jesus."
    I said No! OUR GOD and Jesus."
    He said "Your right! If I knew how AWESOME God and JESUS CHRIST is when I was a kid. U would have converted back then. Thank YOU. My wife and kids now know Jesus Christ. We have you to thank. Thank you!"

  28. Again,worship our creator, Amighty GOD, not his angels, who were sent to us as messengers & minister to us.

  29. hi Sid, are all angels reported on this program only white? all pictures and videos only portray them as white and I wonder if anyone has also reported seeing a black/ spanish looking or asian angel?
    just curious!!!!

  30. Dear Sid. We’ve had quite a few encounters with angels. One came to my daughter in law and myself on a lonely. Skidoo trail path one night. He asked if we needed help for we were stuck in a bush, then took hold of one of the skies and I took hold of the other one. He of course was able to get the skidoo back on the path. After Karen asked him his name, he smiled at her jumped sideways and disappeared. Yours in Christ Norma Jean.

  31. i have seen one angelic being, but with spiritual discernment i seen him. He was about 6ft., He was white, black short hair, clothed in white robe. His name God told me is scrupulous, and he was assigned to guide me through my life.
    I have discerned countless demon spirits in my presence in my life.

  32. I'm seeing flashes or sparks of lights and they can be different colors, and the weird thing, is I'm not the only one. My friend sees the same thing at the same time the same color, so its not my eyes.

  33. Angels I believe they take human form as well as glowing lights and wings I believe I've experienced an angel in human form

  34. Please pray too for me so that my sense of smell will come back. I want to enjoy the God,s creation. I thank you in the mighty name of Jesus

  35. Im very thankful for this chance to watch and heard the reality of spiritual story.. Sid Roth Its Supernatural !!

    Now, i understand and found my self of being who i am having the eternal 3rd eye, an eternal gift of God..

  36. if I tell you my story you will be surprisee. sometimes I even asked myself how am I alive?? could be dead upon everything I went through but gosh am alive…thy tried to kill me make me crazy thy destroyed mylife but couldnt win… Gosh God is real and angels are REAL.. I pray and pray and pray…… now am not scared of anything, I say my mind and move on… the was a time I was suppose to die , I was dead for like seconds then I saw bright light like an angel shinning on me then I realised am not dead am back to life.. uhmmmm

  37. How come crist or our the so called angle don't manifest or talk to me going back to being depressed again thinking about hanging my self

  38. I am like a Angel i have taken others to heaven i had to set with this young girl for 3 nights then she died and i took her to heaven

  39. I saw angels who came to me in a time of fear when house break ins and murders were on the rise in my neighbourhood, 2 angels appeared to me and said "Rest easy, we are here" and I saw and spoke to Jesus twice. Both times were so peaceful and precious because everything He said to me came to pass. He promised me a baby 6 months after I lost my first child and in the sixth month after my supernatural experience with Jesus, we got news of my sons existence. I was 6 weeks pregnant in the 6th month- exactly what the Lord said came to pass. Thank you Jesus

  40. I can relate to what these people are saying and my testimony is on YouTube called Rapture Apocalypse testimony 2018

  41. Yes I have seen Angels in my life time. Whenever life gets too hard for me to be I get a visit. I never knew they were real or knew too much about Angels. First time. It was in New Orleans in a very small house going thru a bad marriage.This man, showed up in my kitchen. He was Black.Dressed like he came from another time.Maybe, 30s or 40s.He told me to not be afraid. He came to give me a message from God. I never felt anything but Peace at the time. He said, I have a long way to go so listen. God said tell you, everything is going to be alright! Then, ask for water. I gave him the water. When I turned around for the glass, he was gone.I wanted to thank him for the message. I went to check my front door to see if it was still locked. I lived on a very busy street.Front door locked and chain still on it! I asked people at a bus stop if they saw a man come out my house. They looked at me and shook their heads no. This has happened to me on two other occasions in my life that I will never forget.Thank you God for sending your Angels to visit me!

  42. WARNING !!! Good & Evil; Conscious & Subconscious; Positive & Negative; Angel & Demon is in every Human… "Even SATAN have nothing to do with it"… It all depends on the Individual on how to use the above properly or NOT… Using it properly produces Positive outcomes… Use it Negatively produces negative or disastrous outcome or results… One thing is for sure; SATAN is assigned in Hell because he always performs an Incredible; Innovative and Excellent Job in Punishing Oligarch; Scam Bags; Criminals and IDIOTS who Transcends to the After Life… YOU ARE WARNED…

  43. All fake they going hell for this You will pay for this never lie on The Bible in never lie on God….. Angels $$$$$$$ ok

  44. When I was 12yrs I heard them singing in the darkness there voices were so beautiful singing in another language, they let me know that they were there to protect me.Even tho there were other spirits there .The house in which I grew up was active with paranormal activity. Thank God for His Angels that protected me.

  45. Sid, I never saw you so calm, your usually very active, flaling your hands & talking more strongly, you have really changed, what's happened to you.? You even look younger.
    I Love your show.!
    God bless you.

  46. What about EpelIpsy. How come noboy prays about that. And damaged muscles and nerves from injuries resulting in infirmity excurciating pain and problems walking ???

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