Android Security Camera Viewer App for iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs

Android Security Camera Viewer App for iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs

In this video I’ll demonstrate the live camera
viewing capability of the Android app for iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs. Let’s get started.
When the Android app is first launched you’re brought to a screen that shows all the DVRs
that are configured. We tap on one of these DVRs to connect to it. Initially the app brings
you to a single camera view of Channel 1. I tap on the screen and put the app into high-quality
mode so the video display is more clear and higher resolution.
Right now I’m swiping my finger across the screen to change camera views. If I single
tap on the screen the menu system is brought up. And I switch to 4 camera view. I single
tap on the screen again to hide the menu and I can swipe my fingers across the screen again
to switch from camera view to camera view in 4 channel mode.
This is what the 9 camera view looks like. And last I’ll switch to the 16 camera view.
Users can simply tap on the screen to enable or disable the menu. I just enabled it again
and switched back to single camera mode, and I’ll just swipe to a couple other camera views.
Although we’re not going to cover it in this video the Android app also supports remote
playback so users can search for and play back recorded video on the DVRs hard drive.
And last, I’m going to disconnect from this DVR and I’m brought back to the screen that
shows all the DVRs that are configured in the app.
In addition to the outstanding support for Android mobile devices iDVR-PRO surveillance
DVRs also support remote security camera viewing from iPhone and iPad. And besides the mobile
viewing support users can also view their cameras remotely from MAC and Windows computers.
For more information about the iDVR-PRO please visit
We have a bunch of screenshots and additional videos on that page. Please let us know if
you have any questions and thank you for watching.

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  1. Live Security Camera View from Android App

    The Android security camera viewer app for iDVR-PRO video surveillance DVRs lets users access the CCTV cameras connected to their DVR from remotely over the Internet via Android mobile devices. This Android app supports remote live camera viewing as well as timeline search and playback of surveillance video that has been recorded to the DVR's hard drive. 

    This video demonstrates the live remote viewing capability only. Search and playback of recorded video will be covered in a separate video demonstration.

    For more information on the Android security camera viewer app and additional information on the CCTV DVRs that can be used with it, please visit this page.

  2. Android CCTV App
    The Android CCTV App for iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs is most recommended by CCTV Camera Pros.

    It is no surprise that we get a lot of requests from Android mobile phone and tablet users who ask "What is the best CCTV app for Android?"

    The CCTV system and app that we most recommend is an iDVR-PRO surveillance DVR with between one and sixteen cameras (depending on the customer's needs), and the iDVR-PRO Viewer app for Android.

    App Features
     ~ WIFI and cellular Internet (3G / 4G / LTE) Access
     ~ Live remote camera viewing 
     ~ Remote recorded video playback
     ~ Single, 4 camera, 8 camera, 9 camera, 16 camera views per screen
     ~ Manage and access multiple DVRs / locations
     ~ PTZ camera controls (pan tilt zoom)
     ~ Event search (E.G motion detection)

    Please watch this demo video to see the app being used to access a DVR at CCTV Camera Pros warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    To learn more about the iDVR-PRO security DVR and the Android camera viewer app that is included, please visit this page.

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  3. I have a Critical Signal Technologies Emergency Medical / Monitoring System ( CST ), and I want to know what's the best security camera application that I can download thats free ( not paid ) without any adds. Also I want to know what's the name of this app, and does this have multiple viewing angles, automatic dial up to 911, and emergency contact information.

  4. Is this link can access into a nearby CCTV? and our CCTV can just move? can I move it when I'm using this app or not?

  5. First you have to show how to connect to the DVR itself, the app does have an extra port called RTSP port which is none existent in DVR itself JPEG 2000) . the APP keep asking for that port and there is no place in DVR to setup that port.
    this video is USELESS

  6. would this system work inside a car with an old android phone with a microsd card of 32 BG and 2 to 4 back up cameras ????

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