Andres begs Emma to protect him from danger | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Andres begs Emma to protect him from danger | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Vito was different when
he was with Camila. Their love story… …was explosive. Miss Tati… Did you also get upset
with Camila… …when she and Sir Vito
got together? Stop! You can’t go inside. Mister Andres needs to rest now. He’s been seeing
visitors the entire day. Stop the car! Those were Miss Ichu’s
orders. I’m sorry. We’ll just check on him. We just want to make
sure he’s alright. – Yes, we’ll just visit him.
– Let us in. – But–
– Intoy. The jinx is here. She has some nerve
coming here. – What’s going on?
– Why is she here? Stop acting all innocent. You’re the reason
Mister Andres got hurt! – That’s right!
– Get out of here! She shouldn’t be here. Hi, Miss Tat…Tatiana. Excuse me. Don’t let her in! Hey! Stop! He said he saw a woman
in a wedding dress! The ghost of Camila dela Torre
will not leave us in peace! There’s no such thing as ghosts! Are you seriously blaming every single catastrophe
on Emma?! How can– Repeat after me –
“Silence is golden.” – Silence schmilence!
– Silence is golden. I’m sure Andres will blame
Emma for everything. You know nothing,
you crusty geezer! – Tsoknat–!
– They started it! Let me g– Emma? – Emma…
– Miss Ichu… Andres! Emma…! Emma… They’re out to get me, Emma! Please save me, Emma.
I’m begging you…

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  1. I think Tatiana is doing all this nonsence just because she really want to know who is Emma and if she is working for someone

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