An Inside Look Into The Philippine Army Officer Candidate School

An Inside Look Into The Philippine Army Officer Candidate School

It was a night of expecting the unexpected Deep into the darkness, the trainees in their white shirts peered out “Higher! Higher!” They dreamt of standing here, but mere dreamers are never welcome inside this camp If you have to crawl to achieve your goal Then crawl you must “Keep going! Keep going!” “Keep crawling!” If honor meant eating mud Then swallow all your pride and learn to obey “You’re a soldier, aren’t you?!” “Do you like it here now?!” This is a place where all habit are washed “All of you will start back to zero” “Focus on your training…” And individuals who manage to surpass trials and training Are molded to become the Armed Forces of the Philippines future leaders The sun has awoken It’s a brand new day of surviving Here at Camp O’Donnell in Capas, Tarlac Baccalaureate degree holders are trained to be the Armed of the Philippines future officers If in the regular military school A cadet is required to finish four years of military education and training At the OCS You’re college diploma plus one year schooling and training could just be a ticket to AFP Here in OCS We have focused areas We have the leadership development The… Military skills and knowledge development So, with that leadership development It is the foundation of their character development So, this… One year of training is only focused to military training to include their military training Including their leadership And the skills that they should acquire as second lieutenants And to become competent officers But if you think this a crash course to military school Think again Before I joined the OCS, I was a ROTC advanced graduate That’s why I have the motivation to be soldier At the same time, my father is also in the military service So, immediately after graduating I joined because all my other classmates who graduated from Mass Communication (actually I’m a graduate of Mass Communication) They went on to their regular playing field of mass communications So, I searched for my own field where I can utilize what I learned during those four years That doesn’t have too much competition So, I joined the military hoping I can still use my expertise in PR and mass communication But at the same time, I can still serve as a soldier Before we are accepted into the OCS We need to have a baccalaureate degree So that we can be flexible when it comes to our duties here in the OCS We apply what we’ve learned in our past courses In conjunction with what the army teaches us Trainee officer Lopez recalls it was pure hard work from the first day of your entry Until your last training [indistinguishable] To be honest, at firsts it was difficult Because I was a former civilian Then they remove my civilian antics And transform them into military actuations They showed me what is proper way of life or daily routines I found it difficult to adapt But the challenge is there And The goal That after I come through this, I will be a new person There’s never an easy day inside the camp [indistinguishable] Even at meal time One must pour sweat Before he or she can swallow a spoonful of rice “Chew, chew, swallow!” I developed my self-control I have to accept that this is how it’s going to be because I’m in training So, in the end, you won’t feel frustrated anymore Sometimes you even enjoy it. Actually, right now when they, “You did something wrong! Go do some drills!” We just do our drills and smile We’ve come to accept that this is how it is here OCS began in 1937 during the formation of the school reserve commission If we talk about regular military schools OCS is a regular military school There is no difference between Training institutions in the Philippine Army But if you are talking about [the Philippine Military Academy] and OCS The difference is that PMA is a four year combination of baccalaureate degree and military training While OCS We are training individuals who are already graduates Or They already have their bachelor’s degree And OCS is focused on Military training only For one year of the officer candidate course And six months for the officer preparatory course After OCS, currently the program is They will be having their Scout Ranger orientation course And after that It would depend on the Philippine Army Because The Philippine Army is the one who selected these individuals And it’s the Philippine Army that will assign them to their respective units The school lives by the motto: “Valor, Integrity and Duty” At the OCS reception Persecution begins at day one This will the beginning of a solid physical training Intensive learning And excruciating mental stress “Rub your face in there!” “Come on! Rub your face in that mud!” “Is that all you got?!” “Keep going!” “Keep going!” One will surely have to crawl their way throughout the whole training period To be worthily called probationary 2nd lieutenant “Do you know me?!” “What’s my class?!” “Higher!” “Faster!” “Higher!” Up next Witness the close to reality combat training “Higher!” “Don’t swallow that!” “Keep it in your mouth!” “Archer this is Tarsier, over” Physical, emotional and psychological strength is tried, tested and honed inside the OCS “Go ahead, Tarsier. This is Archer, over.” Each OC candidate is given a probationary rank of 2nd lieutenant “Continue: Conduct ambush at…” “Vicinity lima-one-papa-tango-tango” Inside the school building, lectures are taught like ordinary classes But on field It’s a totally different battle [gunshots] [rapid gunfire] [machine gun burst] [distant gun shots] [indistinguishable shouting] “Ceasefire!” “Ceasefire!” “Sarge!” All was well that ended well for the tactical training I realized that it was difficult A soldier’s job is not easy Even if we are just in training They let us experience How to be stable under pressure The.. How to have a clear presence of mind and not be rattled Even if you’re surrounded by chaos You should still be able to decide properly and be stable Since its establishment More than 3,000 officers have graduated from the the officer candidate school “I would start our journey in the OCS as difficult” “Yes!” “We have been defeated in many instances” “We have been at our lowest and have been pushed to our limits” The training is really difficult But ever since I became the class of my class, and at the same time battalion commander You would never think of quitting because there are people who count on you If I quit, they will quit too At the same time, my family is very supportive I don’t want to fail them My fear of failing those who believe in me kept was what sustained me So, I never thought about quitting “Okay, good morning” “We have just concluded our activity” “So, we will be having our AAR” I’ve already committed myself to this I will lose face if I quit But, if it’s because I was punished and I decided to quit instead? I never thought about it Attached to the badge is a heavier responsibility for our nation They were degree holders who had different goals and purpose After reaching day 365 of OCS schooling They are bound by common goal to serve the country with honor pride and dignity For me, as a servant of the nation I hope, in the future when I become general or I receive a high rank in the Philippine Army I want to sustain the reform that they have instilled in us I hope we can maintain the changes in the institution and the organization, how we serve our country There is the values of valor, integrity and duty That I will also teach my fellow soldiers and my fellow officers That’s all It’s simple, but if everyone was like that and we can inspire and influence a lot of people They can influence other people as well that will and eventually the whole Philippine Army And the AFP and the nation as a whole That’s it For the newly graduates of 4 year courses You too can serve our country Take the challenge Join the OCS

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  1. kahit magulong magulo na sa paligid pero nakaka pag decide ka parin nang tama😭😭😭

    papa> dong presence of mind πŸ˜₯ i miss you papa

  2. πŸ—£HEAD UP!
    πŸ—£CHIN IN!
    HAHAHAHAHAHHA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€πŸ’€

  3. I don't understand why do they have to let the cadets eat chilli while making him March while some trainers were laughing? That is not part of mental training, but mocking him. No wonder our Philippine Army is undisciplined, mediocre and saddles with backward mentality. U.S. Army is laughing at you Filipino!


  5. To be honest on afp modernization school
    They need a big skill to survive
    Not just on a ordinary big wars
    But on a hard and brutal situation if the enemy use smart and powerful strategy like what happen on marawi siege
    They just ordinary rebel riffleman
    But in real they are a elite sharp shooter to have a big big big casualties in battle if our army have that on marawi siege they will be less casualties reduce to 2% and the survival at 90 %

  6. Candidate Soldier Course po sana next πŸ™ƒ and yung different elite units of the AFP- Scout Ranger, SF, LRR, MARSOG, NAVSOG, SPOW. Suggestion ko lang naman po haha more power po ❀

  7. Yong grabi Ang training nyo tapos mamatay kalang Naman sa gyera vs NPA or abusayaf…
    Saodo sa magigiting na sundalo Ng pinas

  8. Malapit na Interview ko and sana makapasa. Dahil kay Lord di ko akalain na maipapasa ko yung AFPSAT, AQE, SWE ng isang take lang each 😭. Joining the military I think is the best way to serve our beloved country. 😊 Galingan nating lahat! ❀

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