AMCA+ORCA desi Engine Mega DRDO PLAN, MMRCA भी तैय | INS Vikrant in 2021

AMCA+ORCA desi Engine Mega DRDO PLAN, MMRCA भी तैय  | INS Vikrant in 2021

Greetings friends! I amiet and welcome to defence decode here in this video, we will be covering some latest updates from defence and 1st from these is about some statements and plans by DRDO and IAF to develop the new aero-engine for ORCA AND AMCA). So engine of both the program are plan as indigenous development by DRDO. The air force is likely to insist on a clause for the development of an indigenous aero-engine when it clears a multi-billion dollar program to go ahead with the next generation AMCA by the DRDO. as we have already talked about in the past, Engine technologies needed for future aircraft are available with nations like France, UK and the US while traditional ally Russia has lagged behind in the field.ked about in the past Now it’s very clear that MMRCA 2.0 is going to happen and about the top contenders with this clause they are very apparent now(its either US or FRANCE) So, this type of suggestion to connect indigenous ENGINE development with MMRCA could be seen as the major step towards our own aero-engine manufacturing ecosystem As you ORCA is IAF’s jet planned with 2 x Ge’s F404 and TEDBF the Indian navy’s jet planned with F414 but post 2030, they might run on our own TVC engines Similarly, AMCA’s 1st flight is also planned in 2026 and its 1st 2 squadrons will come with GE’s F414, and here 2026 is estimated date from the date MoD sanctions its fund ($1 Billion) for TD( years from granted amount date) RKS Bhadauria has asked local companies to show the same level of enthusiasm at indigenous fighter jet programs and come forward for greater participation in building fighter jets locally in India. and subsequently in the development of aero-engine too. as you know a plan to share jet engine technology under the US-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) has been suspended last year after little progress was made by the two sides after detailed discussions. on the other hand, Plans to develop the indigenous Kaveri fighter jet engine as part of the Rafale offsets deal have not taken off, even though presentations have been made by the French side on creating an aircraft engine ecosystem in India. So both of these aero-space giants were reluctant to share Engine tech that could might be one reason behind this Plan of DRDO to ask IAF to put an Engine Clause in the MMRCA2 .0 deal Now you are bound to assist in the indigenous engine development program even though presentations have been made by the French side on creating an aircraft engine ecosystem in India…so this option is also alive but this new clause inMMRCA2.0 might bring some more interesting offers and I think IAF is reluctant to go with Russia for AEro-Engine plan of AMCA and other jets, Russia has lagged behind in the field in comparison to their western counterparts. and its prime example is in front of us CHINA, who Revereenginred some of the Russian techs for their WS-15 which is still nowhere near to perfection So, Russian Aero Engine techs are not considered as advanced as westerns and that might also e a reason you are going to witness a winner of MMRCA from the west especially from France and US and I don’t think EUROjet will have any chance here bcz Europian jet EUROfighter Typhoo which is taking part in MMRCA is an expensive path a single jet will cost you around 140 million dollars. If the budget of the MMRCA has given less relevance then you will witness jets from US or France as winner otherwise Russian option is Immanent As far as Swedish Jet SAAB GRIPEN is concerned, I don’t think they have anything to offer from the new clause of jet engine techs Now let’s talk about the next Update which is about INS VIKRANT IAC-1 Vikrant likely to be commissioned by early 2021 Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL): Currently, phase three of the construction of Vikrant is under progress, which involves setting to work of machinery and equipment, like power generation and propulsion machinery. The third phase of construction will go on till acceptance of harbour and sea trials, sources added.

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  1. US won't give Engine Technology.
    France will as Safran already said. Another reason why Rafale must be selected for MMRCA

  2. For India's defense requirements to the future its extremely crucial for India to have its own jet engine.

    Looks like there is a 3 step process towards acquisition and a parallel step which needs to be taken to establish a roadmap towards engine acquisition –
    Step 1 : fulfill current needs through GE engines (404 and 414)as India is doing for Tejas, ORCA and AMCA.
    Step 2 : Collaborate with either France or US in the MMRCA deal and acquire jet engine technology as well as set up infra for local manufacturing of jet engines.
    Step 3 : Make our own indigenous engine called Kaveri and then use it for future requirements.

    Parallel Step : Create a Jet Engine ecosystem :
    A. For developing Jet Engine engineers and technicians
    B. For Jet Engine manufacturing
    C. For R&D in Jet Engine technology.

    If we look at all these steps together its very obvious that IAF, DOD, ADA, DRDO should combine these steps. Obvious conclusions :
    Conclusion #1 : We need to create the Jet Engine Ecosystem ASAP. Someone needs to be in-charge of this, space allocated for this, money allocated and a roadmap created.
    Conclusion #2 : US will NEVER share advanced Jet Engine technology with India. For obvious reasons. The best bet for India is France (and maybe England..worth exploring).

    Therefore why are we wasting time with GE engines?

    Involve France in developing the Jet Engine Ecosystem as well as give them contracts for developing engines for Tejas, ORCA, AMCA and MMRCA. That combined contract would be lucrative enough for France to bend backwards and offer Jet Engine technology transfer.

    End State Step – we should target end state where India is completely self-sufficient and able to make the best of the breed, cutting edge technology Jet Engines in about 10 years time totally indigenously. Mission 2030!

    India needs to put all their eggs in one basket and move forwards ASAP.

  3. IAF needs its own engines for its own aircraft and Safran will be the first and last to help us build our own engines.

  4. Paise ka kami nhi hai. Har bhartiya IAF ke upgradation ke liye kuch bhi karega.
    Isliye go ahead IAF.
    Baaki deal to apne Modiji ke haath mei de do. Gujarati se achcha business koi kar kar sake.
    But beware ki jo engine tech develop ho vo espionage ka shikaar na ho.
    Any new tech should be protected and cyber security is of utmost importance now.

  5. ये सब मोदी के रहते तक ही सीमित है बाकि सब बेकार है

  6. Govt should take steps to attract privatisation in Defense industry as it will increase quality of the product as well as it will be punctual….

  7. Buying Su 57 and technology of France engine would save budget and time instead of buying F 18, Rafel ,Eurofighter under MMRCA

  8. Indian govt release more fund to develop kaveri engine. Forget the past and focus on 100 percent indigenous ingine. Even if we took 10 to 15 yr to devlop kaveri engine we should spend money for indigenous kaveri engine for our future.

  9. Are you guys living in a fool's world or what ???? Which country is going to give you TOT of jet engines. To all 4 major countries of the world supplying jet engines to the rest of the jet manufacturing countries of the world, Tech of Jet engines is bread and butter for them. Do you in your wildest dream think that just by giving a large order they are going to transfer tech on a silver platter to you when they have toiled for Donkey's years to develop it?????. Fools living in a cuckoo world.

  10. We need to force our government for additional Aircraft carriers
    Because Indian def budget would be around $100 billion in 2025.

  11. No one is going to give engine technology. India should develop this on its own by completing Kaveri tech and deploy it and then improving it. Indian guys are acting stupid

  12. Great informative video, very professionally made and presented. Commendable depths are captured in all your videos, Great job do keep it up.

  13. clause should be like "the firm which wins the mmrca2 should completely assist drdo to make engine of 110kn class until it will be able to integrate in any fighter prototype and able to give required power😊"

  14. India does not have money to buy Rafale. GDP growth is expected to be 5% next Financial year.
    Tax collections are down and disinvestment is no where to be seen.

  15. Sir big respect for the channel but being a Hindi channel plz use correct Hindi, it's not जितना but जीतना ।

  16. GE ko engine ki max. technology India se share karni hogi aisa kuch iaf karti kyoki hum itne sare engine le rhr h fur ful TOT nhi to kya hum khi or SE engine nhi le sakte

  17. Bhai ….. ek International defense website me 1 news aa rahi hai🤔🤔
    ki Pakistan ne hamare 36 Rafale ko takkar dene ke liye Russia se 32 Su-35 lene ke liye batchit kar rahe hain🤔🤔
    Kya ye sahi hai ya galat …??
    Plzz agle video me batao.

  18. So, Kaveri programme is dead ? All the talks of revival & spending money on Kaveri Engine was bluff ? Cannot trust Govt. They exaggerate Defense capabilities.

  19. Vese MMRCA ke sabhi Fighters ko compare kare to🤔🤔
    Eurofighter Air-superiority & long-range Air-to-air combat ke liye best hai. N uski radar-range bhi sabse jada hai N bahot advanced electronics seekers & IRST system👍👍
    Rafale ke Spectra EV suite use sabse jada stealth provide karate hain + + bahot advanced electronics & IRST system + Rafale air-to-air combat ke sath Air-to-Ground role ke liye bhi best hai👍👍
    Mig-35 dogfight me sabka baap hai. N air-to-air ke sath sath Air-to-Ground role ke liye bhi bahot achha hai👍👍
    F-21 /F-16 bhi all-rounder hai👍👍
    F/A-18 air-to-air combat ke liye achha nahi hai but Air-to-Ground attack ke liye bahot achha hai + long-range radars bhi hain👍👍
    Gripen-E bhi ekdum F-21 ke barabar hai lekin vo bas Air-to-air combat kar sakta hai. No Ground-attack🤔🤔

    So, sab same achhe hain bas kis role ke liye use honge uske hisaab se kharidna hoga🤔🤔

  20. We are making the same mistake again. A small fighter like tejas. For a stealth fightet with internal bay, the f414 is a very small engine. We required more powerful 140kn+ engines.

  21. As per what has already happened, Safran wants to keep Royalty Rights, which is unacceptable for Kaveri, whereas without F21, the General Electric will never agree (but Pratt & Whitney may agree if FA18 is chosen). This may probably not change. Also, news alternately changes, with one saying that Af prefers Rafale as most economic way to fulfil all requirements (which however is unlikely to happen), second one saying that they like Mig35 more to face China's Su35, third one saying for engine technology one of either Rafale or FA18. Then in that case, wait till our new indigenous third aircraft carrier may get ready by 2021, so that Mmrca 2.0 and Mrcbf gets done together. So, if in case they still do not agree, then Mig35 for both Mmrca 2.0 and Mrcbf, and start with Klimov / Saturn engine, because something is better than nothing, and anyways it is at least ahead of Kaveri. Also, should procure catobar type fourth aircraft carrier ASAP (preferably from the one which gives engine technology), to counter China's increasing presence in Indian Ocean.

  22. 🇮🇳जय हिंद🇮🇳 वंदे मातरम् 🇮🇳
       🇮🇳भारत माता की जय🇮🇳

  23. Rather why can't we have such dubbings in other Indian languages? By the way subtitle facility in other Indian languages should be available very soon.

  24. Rafale and Saffran Engines are best option for India…you can't trust Americans due to their sanctions games and also no share of technology so France can be convinced at closest deal…☑️

  25. No one will help India develop their own Jet Engines. This will have to be 100% indigenous or buy from outside. Reverse engineering an engine can give clues, we don't have to use reverse engineered stuff in production.

  26. It is good effort taken by Indian government. India needs jet engines technology at every cost. This clause should have been included in the biginning . India should also think to float new for development jet engines . I have emphasized this fact in my earlier comments.

  27. We must develop our own jet engine. We can not afford that much dependency.
    I think biggest problem with developing jet engine is attitude, we must accept that no one will help us to develop jet engine we must develop it by our own.

  28. Hope AMCA is not held hostage for indigenous engine. DRDO is always big on plans and lofty specifications but falls awfully short in delivering quality and reliable systems in timely manner. Hope they come through now. It is good to set a goal of being self sufficient in complex engine technologies. But so far DRDO and HAL combined have fallen short on skills to pull it through. If private sector companies are involved, they may be able to deliver better results.

  29. Keep on working the jet engines, it should be on going process 24×7 , 365 , like any other research and development activities. There is, nothing wrong working with friendly countries – Japan, korea, Israel, Sweden, Russian, France and USA.

  30. Na nau maan ghee hogi aur na Radha nachege. Not one of them is going to transfer engine technology to India. More than selling fighters these Western suppliers make money selling engines. They are not going to kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

  31. एक नजर इंडियन एयर फोर्स पर …
    👉भारत को अभी जरूरत है 42 स्क्वाड्रन लगभग 756 काॅम्बेट एयरक्राफ्ट की।
    👉🏼भारत के पास मौजूद विमानों की संख्या है लगभग 573
    जिनमें है – –
    242 Su30 mki. total 272
    112 mig-21
    66 mig-29
    41 mirage-2000
    91 SEPECAT jaguar
    18 tejas mk1. total 40
    03 Rafael. total 36
    👉🏾यदि राफेल, तेजस mk1 और सु30 एमकेआई के आर्डर के पूरे हो जाते हैं तो विमानों की संख्या बढ़कर 658 के करीब होगी,
    👉🏽लेकिन इसी बीच हमारे mig-21(112) विमान रिटायर्ड हो जाएंगे।
    जिनके रिप्लेस में हमें(21+83=104)विमान जिसमें 21 mig-29 जो रशिया के पास बिना यूज़ किए हुए रखे हैं जो कम कीमत पर और जल्दी भी मिल जायेंगे और इसका हम पहले से यूज भी कर रहे हैं तो हमें कोई परेशानी नहीं होगी और हमें 83 एलसीए तेजस mk1a का ऑर्डर देना ही है ।
    👉🏿कुछ सालों में हमारे SEPECAT जगुआर ( 91) विमान भी रिटायर हो जाएंगे जिसके रिप्लेस में ट्रांसफर ऑफ टेक्नोलॉजी के साथ हमें MMRCA-2 में 114 राफेल सिलेक्ट करने चाहिए।
    👉🏻और साथ ही चीन जैसे मजबूत पडौसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए 4 स्क्वाड्रन लगभग 72 एयरक्राफ्ट की बात अमेरिका से करनी चाहिए और वो मान भी सकताहै
    ये सारे आॅर्डर लगभग 2025-26 में पूरा हो जाना चाहिए।
    तब कहीं जाकर हमारी वायु सेना के पास विमानों की संख्या बेलेंस होगी।
    272. Su-30mki
    150. Rafael
    87. Mig 29
    41. Mirage-2000
    83. Tejas mk1a
    40. Tejas mk1
    72. F- 35
    लगभग 745 विमान होंगे।
    और आगे हमें tejas mk2, ORCA AMCA पर काम करना है
    💪🏼जो इस बात से सहमत है प्लीज कमेंट्स करके बताएं ………

  32. Duniya mein koi cheej muft nahin milta hai agar kisiko suicide karna hai ta wo bhi paisa de ke zahar kharid ta hai aur kuchh pane ke liye kuchh khona padta hai aur hume koi muft ka aircraft nahin de raha hai wo poora ka poora paisa lega ta kuchh ta dena hi padega.

  33. Aap good bolte ho sir,pur aap batao
    1.kab tak 36 rafael aaenge
    2.mmrca planes kab tak poore aenge
    3.Tejas jo 83 ka order hai wo kab tak ayega


  34. Amca or tejas mk2 ma f16 ka engine kiu nahi laga rahe ye bhi ge ka ha or 128 kn thrust kaha or f21 ka engine 145 kn thrust ka ha in dono ma se ek engine lagana chahia

  35. Good
    India should brain drain and recall NRI scientist and foreign scientist for Innovation and R&D.
    Reverse manufacturing and Techonology Hacker hub is another option to obtain target.

  36. 250+ Su30 खरीदने के बाद कांग्रेस रूस को भी इंजन के लिए मजबूर कर सकते थे।

  37. Saari ki saari video main is ny clause nikali hai aur daali hai . Safran dala hai nikala hai. Kaya indian itnay bewaqoof hain ky is video ko like kar rehay hain. Gao muttar ny buddhi hi barashat kar di hai indian logon ki . 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  38. To, AMCA, ORCA, MMRCA.
    Defence decode India.
    It is seen in tube Russia had made 10.0 Mac power of engine. So may I appeal and request to India to make 3 to 4 Mac thrust power of engine. Before 2025, India should appear by hook or crooked.

  39. We don't want this first, first India to become military rule by bjp,internal enemies are more dangerous than external

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