Amazon workers reportedly watching cloud cam footage

Amazon workers reportedly watching cloud cam footage

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  1. Some of us have been called tin foil hat wearing nutjobs for a LONG TIME because we've been screaming about this kind of thing for 25 years. Go watch some X-FILES reruns, then watch this video again. Who's crazy now?

  2. I had my Onstar call the police on me one evening, next morning I ripped that SOB out of the car not knowing if it would ever start again…now it speaks to the clothes in the closet. lol

  3. Seriously though, humans aren’t that bright! I’m surprised we haven’t gone extinct yet!!🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🥴

  4. Jonathan takes this as seriously as his look alike, Jerry Lewis. Amazon is creepy! Instead of Alexis, it should be called Jezebel.

  5. The company could use THEIR OWN FACILITIES to test and train. They could construct a test facility easily and test whatever situations they wanted. What they are actually doing is testing population surveillance for China and to possibly the US if the Left ever gains control. Think of the possibilities. Gun control. Targeted marketing. Probable cause for drug raids etc. use your imagination. This story came from an insider. That’s code for THEY LEAKED IT INTENTIONALLY. Pretty neat how they had a canned response waiting. Why in the world would they leak it? To de sensitize us. Little bits and pieces here and there. Just knowing the habits of a small city of say fifty thousand is worth millions in sales and marketing. God help us if we don’t bring these companies to heel.

  6. OF COURSE THEY ARE!! How does anybody, not know this by now?? Jesus people are STUPID. it's embarrassing. I totally understand Why Alien races would just rather wipe us all out. Honestly It's hard not to agree with them at this point… 🐑

  7. If you have an I robot vacuum cleaner it's mapping your house out and the company is selling the information to interested third-parties.

  8. Well if any of you idots would have listened to any tech expert starting 7 years ago then this would not be a surprise.

  9. Everyone knows the corporations are spying upon us. How long until we learn it's actually longer than that that they're watching? Just remember, they can't hack a physical piece of opaque material placed over the cameras and muffling the microphones.

  10. We will never have that in our home,we won't even install our cloud services,and Alexa lasted a week before I ripped,it out and threw it in my closet,surrounded by tin cans !

  11. A simple way around that is to set the cameras up in their own homes and monitor them. They don't need to monitor clients' cameras.

  12. all that info was in the box the camera came in, just READ the user manual and find links to the TOS & EULA. It's not news.

  13. all that info was in the box the camera came in, just READ the user manual and find links to the TOS & EULA. It's not news.

  14. Remember when we thought Russia was watching us through our TVs? LOL But seriously…its RIDICULOUS how much liberty, freedom, privacy and rights Americans will give away for convenience and to "FEEL" safer.

  15. What is Chilling is when something crosses your MIND, and the next Day…It shows up on the recommended section Of YouTube 🤔

  16. How are people surprised about this? It's common knowledge that Google records everyword said around your cell phone, it's common knowledge that Alexa has real people listening to the mics and these people think that they wont watch the cameras??? People cant be this stupid stop buying government recording devices. Or do I dont care.

  17. Very conscearned, When Can The Public Have a Personal Home surveilance, NO BACKDOORS, NO DATA COLLECTING, A ONE DEVICE CONTROLLED BY THE PEOPLE, NO OUTSIDE SOURCE!.

  18. Amazon is getting too big, now they are trying to get rid of UPS and FedEx for their shipping and do it themselves. If we allow them to get too much bigger then we will have to learn to obey them and live with no choices.

  19. Basic Motion detection doesn’t need review. Nor does intelligent video analysis. Bs. I worked for a camera manufacturer. There’s no reason they can’t take non customer cameras to improve their algorithm. They use basic motion detection..

  20. An people wonder why I won't have an Alexa, web cams, Cloud Cam, etc. in my home. I don't want someone I don't know, from India (or any other country), watching what is going on in my house or listening in on everything I say.

  21. When you put a device on "the ol' interweb", be it a security system, your refrigerator, baby cam, laptop, cell phone, rumba, dog monitor collar, playstation, TV, car, any any other IOT device, you are now putting the data from that device "out there" and nobody has given anyone any guarantee that someone, or some organization, is not going to collect data from that device. Most of the time is it analytical to better the experience for the users, but it is plausible that somebody could be spying or otherwise use it in an unintended manner. It is like saying something on the radio…once it hits the airwaves the originator no longer has total control of where the information goes or how it may be used. Honestly today, I don't know how you escape it. You can limit your exposure I suppose but total privacy from our digital masters is really a thing of the past.

    We could do something about it, but it would be a huge lifestyle change for many. We like our toys and our convenience over our privacy. We know it happens, but we continue to embrace it. Kind of like our politicians in office. We know they lie, they cheat and they are in it for themselves….and they have been caught doing it many times so there really is no question…yet we vote them in again for subsequent terms…then we complain about it.

    Does anyone see where the real problem is in both instances?

  22. You have to be an all out moron to have an Alexa or the like. A total dolt🏦💵🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  23. I have the Blink Cameras system from which is an Amazon Company and I get they could see the footage from the cameras, but I don't install them INSIDE my house. If they want to see my dog going poop in the backyard or a package that they delivered sitting on my front door step then have at it. I do have one camera inside my house as it's a simplisafe camera, but it has a metal security gate that drops over the lens when it's not in use and when it does start recording it makes a pretty loud thud sound from the lens gate opening up out of the way of the lens with a big LED light that blinks pretty easy thing to pick up especially if the metal lens gate is open and it's not me viewing the camera.

  24. If you have one in your home you are an idiot. Put A.I. on the tip if your finger and shove in your pucker hole….Elon…

  25. The Chinese regime installed covert microchips in a lot of Amazon's stuff, so China is also monitoring Americans to make they don't criticize or speak the truth about the Chinese government.

  26. I'm getting rid of my alexa someone I live with happenly got their credit card numbers stolen and lost over 5,000 dollars

  27. Anything where Romania is involved is going to be 100% corrupt and if they cant find a way to make money out of it they're not interested .

  28. I predicted all of this in 1996 in a white paper I wrote while working at Oracle. Human nature is what it is and there is no abuse of power too far. If they CAN and believe it might make them a buck..they WILL do anything they can

  29. USAA is one of the most secure banking operations around and I still have to get a new card about once a year. SO, let Lil Squeaky Dude tell us again why I should take the tape off of the camera on my phone

  30. Why would people even buy this? You can LIVE WITHOUT this. Please don't buy this and send a message to the manufacturers.

  31. I'm not shocked at all you know the cameras on the street when you look up they're not there to help you with your insurance in case you get in an accident they're there to watch your every move just like China because they're nosey they don't have nothing better to do

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