7 Replies to “Amazon delivery van caught on camera driving on Georgia homeowner’s lawn | ABC7”

  1. The real victim here is the driver. He have no benefit, no voices, most of the time make less then the minimum wage. And the goverment regulators are doing nothing about it. Because of advance technology today, all these tech companies are able to transform employees into subcontractors and treat them like dirt. People will continue to use Amazon delivery because its cheap. Pay more, get better service. Otherwise deal with it

  2. Wow, I wish my life was so boring that all I had to be upset about was a delivery person driving on my lawn. At least that jerk has a lawn to drive on, a house to deliver to, and obviously he is ordering from amazon prime so if I could trade with those people, I would just be grateful. I don’t think the driver should have just driven on the lawn like that but I have a feeling something else is going on in this story that we are not hearing about because why didn’t the owner just ask for them to stop and they do? There’s a history between these two people in my opinion.

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