Amazon CloudCam | TechHive Review

Amazon CloudCam | TechHive Review

if you’re looking for a home security
camera the Amazon Cloud cam is worth considering this is the Amazon Cloud cam
came out in 2017 and it was tech Cubs who runner up as our best indoor home
security camera of the year the reason we like it so much the amount of
features you get for the money the camera costs a hundred and twenty
dollars there are certainly cheaper cameras out
there and they’re certainly more expensive cameras out there but this is
in a nice sweet spot when you look at the features the most important thing
for any camera is the video quality and we found that the cloud cam delivers a
nice sharp 1080p image with good color the field of view from the camera is a
hundred and twenty degrees and that means that if you put it in the corner
of a room it’s gonna see pretty much everything that’s going on in that room
now there’s also a night mode in here it’ll automatically switch over when it
starts getting dark and use infrared LEDs to illuminate your room so they can
keep watch not just during the daytime but the night time as well and of course
that’s important one of the other things that we really liked about this versus
some of the competition is that it has a free cloud storage option pretty much
all video cameras these days all home security cameras will when they detect
motions start recording video and send that video to a cloud storage service
and from there you can retrieve it at any time you want a lot of companies are
charging you money for that but Amazon’s cloud cam comes with a free 24 hour
storage system so that means that any video that it’s recorded from the last
24 hours you can access without an ongoing
monthly subscription fee there are subscription options if you want a
week’s worth of storage you pay seven dollars two weeks is ten dollars a month
is twenty dollars for that month for you supports up to ten cameras so if you’re
gonna have multiple cameras then you will be getting into subscription
territory so consider that when you’re looking at the price of this and and
other cameras as well but if you’re just gonna have one of these you get 24 hours
of free storage and that’s really positive to avoid those ongoing
subscription charges you also get geofencing so as you or
members of your family come home or leave the camera arms and disarms
automatically because the most annoying thing in the world is having a camera
and when you’re at home it alerts you all the time every time you walk into a
room you get your phone so geofencing will switch off
the switch off the alerts and switch off the arming if you’re at home if you do
subscribe though it does bring some more intelligence to the camera as it stands
at the moment this camera is just looking for motion if you subscribe you
can tell the difference between an animal moving around in your room and a
person so if you have pets they’re subscription means that you can tell the
camera to ignore the pets and you don’t get an alert every time your dog walks
into the living room or something the subscription service also comes with
detection zones and that enables you to define an area of the image that it
doesn’t pay attention to and doesn’t alert so if you have something like say
a ceiling fan and every time the ceiling fan starts moving you get an alert with
the detection zone you can draw a box around the ceiling fan and say ignore
this area of the picture the camera comes from Amazon of course it works
really well with Alexa so if you do have an Alexa at the moment if you’re already
using some devices that are compatible with Alexa that’s a really strong reason
to use this also if you have an amazon firetv stick with Alexa you can tell
Alexa to bring the image of this up on your television so if you are starting
to coalesce around the Amazon eco system another reason to consider this camera
some of the things you need to be aware of though before you buy the camera it
needs power there’s no battery inside here there are some battery-powered
cameras out there like say Nick is our low that will last two or three months
without needing a recharge this one needs power all of the time so consider
where you’re going to put it if you’re going to put it on a shelf if you’re
going to put it on a bookcase on a piece of furniture and you can hide the power
cord great you don’t need to worry about much if you’re going to put this up on a
wall or if you’re gonna put this out somewhere where it’s difficult to hide
the cable you need to consider either if you’re going to bother going into the
wall to disguise the cable or if you’re just going to put up with a cable
stapled down your wall you might not want to do that so so think about that
also this comes with no local storage some cameras these days have a micro SD
card slot in the back that enables you to automatically record and store images
locally so that once they expire from the cloud service you still have them
that also means that if you have a poor or a bad Wi-Fi connection or all of your
video is still stored this doesn’t have that and there’s also no facial
recognition and this is a feature that’s coming out on some high-end cameras at
the moment and will allow the cameras to differentiate between the people that it
sees so you can alert it you can get alerts when say strangers arrive at your
door but not members of your family or conversely you can get an alert every
day when one of your kids comes home so no facial recognition on this either but
for a hundred and twenty dollars you get great quality video you get the tight
integration with Amazon Alexa and you’re not tied in to a cloud subscription
service at least if you go for the 24 hour option so the Amazon Cloud cam is
definitely worth a look

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  1. I think this is the first British reviewer of the Amazon Cloud Camera I’ve found. Any idea when this will be available in the UK?

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