Amazon Cloud Cam Review- How Does it Work?

Amazon Cloud Cam Review- How Does it Work?

[music] Gabe: Hi, everybody. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re looking at the Amazon Cloud Cam. [background music] Gabe: If you have any questions about the
Amazon Cloud Cam, drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. It seems that Amazon is everywhere these days. You might know them for the online marketplace,
their Fire Tablets, their Echoes, Echo Dot, their Web services, their Cloud services. We want to look at their first foray into
the Smart home security market and how it works within their ecosystem. That starts with the Amazon Cloud Cam released
in November, 2017. Let’s jump into its features. When you go into the Amazon marketplace to
buy the Amazon Cloud Cam, the company wants you to take note of the following things. Staying connected 24/7 through your camera,
so you have constant access to a live stream. With that live stream, you also would get
notifications either through the Web browser at or the mobile app. They also want you to know you get night vision
with infrared LEDs, two-way audio, and a 30-day free trial to the Cloud plan. In the Cloud plan you get person detection,
custom motion detection, and on top of that, a 30-day history of all of your video clips. Of course, all of this comes integrated with
the Amazon Alexa Smart Platform. Let me give some of my initial thoughts on
the construction of the camera right out of the box. First off, the most notable thing is it does
have a hard plastic around the lens and the camera itself. On top of that, this pivotal ball mount allows
for you to place it in actually a wide range of positions, which I like. There’s rubber around the bottom of the mount,
which you can also ultimately place on anything. You can set this mount up and put it on a
wall. Of course, here at Security Baron we typically
like to put it inside of a bookcase. In the back, you’ve got a micro USB power
cord, which comes with this nice little square. It’s a different design. We have not actually seen anything like that. It makes it seem more durable, as if it’s
not going to yank out easily. That’s basically the construction of the Amazon
Cloud Cam. While this design isn’t blowing anyone away
and the color scheme is pretty basic and the same as what we’ve seen across the board,
it definitely feels pretty durable and is a nice little camera. The marketing is great, but let’s see how
well all of these elements stack up against the Security Baron necessary features test. The Amazon Cloud Cam comes with 1080p high
definition video. It runs at 30 frames per second and has a
viewing angle of 120 degrees. Honestly, at this price point, and honestly
with any price point, 1080p video resolution should be the standard. Amazon fortunately did not cut any corners. The video looks crisp and sharp. We give it full marks for that. The 30 frames per second makes any movement
look good, and so we appreciate that as well. The 120-degree viewing angle is standard. We see it in most of the cameras, but nothing
particularly impressive. Another Security Baron necessary feature is
two-way audio. When you go into the Amazon marketplace and
look at the Amazon Cloud Cam, they say you can use the two-way audio to check in on your
family or tell your dog to stop barking. I don’t know if that will work for me and
my dog. My dog barely listens to me when I’m there. Is it going to listen to me tell it to stop
barking from afar? I’m anxious to see how that works out. Regardless, we’re glad that Amazon threw in
the two-way audio. We definitely give them props for that. Amazon did us a solid with their infrared
LED night vision. Here at Security Baron, that is our preferred
method of this necessary feature of night vision, is the infrared LEDs. We’re not huge fans of anything that uses
any type of illumination that shines a bright light or anything like that. They’re doing a really great job with this
crisp, clear video. I can see who’s walking around my house at
night. That’s all because of the infrared LEDs. I definitely give them full marks on their
night vision. Another Security Baron necessary feature are
storage options, both local and Cloud. Here, the Amazon Cloud Cam has no local storage
options, so let’s look and see what they offer in terms of Cloud. First, I want to mention that whenever you
buy a Cloud Cam or a Cloud Cam package, you get a 30-day free trial with any of the options. For just buying an Amazon Cloud Cam, you get
24-hours of video storage for up to three cameras. If you want to upgrade to a paid subscription
plan, there’s three options. Basic, extended, and pro. Let’s talk about each one. In the basic plan of $6.99 a month or $69.99
a year, you get up to seven days of Cloud storage for up to three cameras. In the extended plan of $9.99 a month or $99.99
a year, you get 14 dates of Cloud storage for up to five cameras. In the pro subscription plan of $19.99 a month
or $199.99 a year, you get a month of Cloud storage for up to 10 cameras. With any of the paid subscriptions, you get
person detection. While it is not a facial recognition which
we’ve seen with some of the cameras, it will, at least, tell you if there’s a person in
the room versus a dog or a bird. Another feature of the paid subscription plans
are the custom motion zones. You can reduce any unwanted alerts by focusing
on where you want to actually care about it detecting motion. This is a great feature of the paid subscription
models. With any of these, both paid and non-paid
subscriptions, you get unlimited sharing of the video clips that you’ve taken, and you’ll
get notifications when motion is detected in your home. We like the tier subscription plan options
for the Amazon Cloud Cam, but we would have liked to have seen a local storage option. We can only give a half-point here. One of the great, and I mean great things
about the Amazon Cloud Cam is this integration with Amazon Alexa and the Fire TV. The fact that it fits right in with the Amazon
ecosystem is fun and very easy. It makes everything more convenient. I’ll just let you see for yourself. “Alexa, show me what’s happening in the living
room.” In terms of Smart platform integration and
the Security Baron necessary features, you can’t beat the Amazon Cloud Cam with the Fire
TV and the Amazon Echo. Across the board, it was easy to use, hands-free,
and just really convenient. In terms of Smart platform integration, we
got to give the Amazon Cloud Cam, as long as you’re using Amazon, of course, thumbs
up. The Amazon Cloud Cam doesn’t come with a very
sophisticated artificial intelligence. It does have person detection, which will
allow you to know when someone is home or someone is in the kitchen, but it won’t tell
you who that is. However, that is an added feature. If you want to do person detection you have
to, at least, pay for the basic plan of $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Considering that it’s an extra fee for person
detection and it doesn’t have any facial recognition, we can’t give it the highest marks in terms
of the Security Baron necessary features test and artificial intelligence. When you think about all the things that come
with the Amazon Cloud Cam and the fact that it only comes in at around $120, we overall
think it’s a pretty great value. With the built-in Cloud storage of 24-hours
for up to three cameras, the crisp video, the two-way audio, we ultimately think that
compared to some of the other cameras out on the market, the Amazon Cloud Cam is a good
value. Amazon did a great job putting this together
in a way that would function for everyone who’s already in the Amazon ecosystem or those
who are new to it. Overall, it’s a great value. Setting up the Amazon Cloud Cam was easy. If you’re already familiar with the Amazon
ecosystem, it’s even easier. Here in the office we already have an Amazon
Echo, an Echo Dot, the Fire TV. We just basically plugged and played. While it was easier for us as part of the
Amazon ecosystem, I imagine anyone could have it up and running within 30-minutes. Overall, we give it a great score for convenience. We’d like to show you that convenience in
the app itself. The app is pretty easy to use. You can just go in and you immediately see
the live stream on the home page of the app. You can look at more clips. You can look at the motion detection clips
from before. It will take it from 19-seconds, or 20-seconds,
or however long it captured something. It can add camera, Cloud Cam. The settings, it can go through. The zone requires Cloud Cam plan. You can also set motion sensitivity and even
turn off the motion detection altogether. You can sign up for Alexa notifications and
be sure to turn the camera on, off, and record audio. It’s not the most comprehensive app that we’ve
seen, but it definitely gets the job done. We wanted to give you a preview of the video
quality on the Amazon Cloud Cam. As you can see from this shot, it’s got great
1080p resolution. Also, it runs at 30 frames per second, which
we think looks great. A lot of the cameras we’ve seen run at 24
frames per second. Despite using the same Internet for all our
camera reviews, for whatever reason, the Amazon Cloud Cam seems to have the least lag of any
of the cameras. As you can see, I can still do the digital
zoom with the camera and look around. We have to say that the Amazon Cloud Cam,
in terms of its video quality, deserves top marks. This is the night vision on the Amazon Cloud
Cam. As you can see, I can still do the digital
zoom. The camera looks good. It especially looks good if you come in really
close like this. See what’s going on. We like the infrared LED on the Amazon Cloud
Cam. It doesn’t use any type of illumination, which
shines a bright light. It can throw everything off. This looks good just from the infrared. We definitely are big fans of the Amazon Cloud
Cam and its night vision. Let’s provide a bit of an overview of some
of the things I liked and didn’t like so much about the Amazon Cloud Cam. For starters, there was no local storage option,
which is something a lot of us like to have. We like to be able to put a micro SD card
into the back of the device and not rely on the Cloud. Secondly, there’s also no facial recognition,
which was a little bit surprising considering all the other technological advancements that
you might find in the Amazon Cloud Cam. That being said, we loved the Smart platform
integration and the convenience factor. Those also work together. It was very convenient to use the Smart platform
integration. It basically facilitated everything going
on in our Amazon ecosystem within our home. I want to discuss why the Amazon Cloud Cam
might be the right move for you. If you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem,
don’t want to spend much more than $100 on a camera, and just like 1080 HD and two-way
audio, the Amazon Cloud Cam might be for you. However, if you’d like a local storage option
or some other Smart platform integration beyond Alexa, if you’re a Google home or simply want
to use IFTTT, then you might want to look in another direction. Overall, the Amazon Cloud Cam comes with a
lot of value at its price point. It’s super convenient, and it’s just been
a lot of fun. If you’d like to read our full review, Google
Security Baron plus Amazon Cloud Cam. If you appreciated this video, give us a like
and subscribe to our channel. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. First forey into home security? Amazon owns Ring and Ring has a great security system and if you opt for professional monitoring which costs only $10/month that not only gets you monitoring and cellular backup but also 60 days rolling cloud storage for unlimited Ring camera devices and doorbells. You can even enhance the alarm system with First Alert Smoke and CO alarms and if the alarm goes off, it contacts Ring and Ring calls the fire department. All of that for $10/month.

  2. You could have shown us how notifications work. I mean if someone is in a place they should not be especially if you only have the free 24 hr recording, you need to know right NOW that someone is in your room or some location they should not be in. I don't want to miss that at all. Also it would be nice to know how easy it is to save that important video where someone did something they should not have.

  3. What does a red light blinking mean? I couldn’t find amazon talk about that and not sure how to fix my cam

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