Amazon BLINK XT2 Wireless Home Security Camera Setup + Review ONLY £99

What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz
Tech Reviews. So today I’ve got my hands on a newly launched home security camera the Blink XT 2. Now I’ve already heard a lot of great things about Blink but when
I found out about the new XT2 model I just could not wait to get my hands on
it to find out exactly how good it really is. Now a single camera system
costs only $99.99 but what makes blink special is how they provide some amazing premium features all included in that initial low price so nothing extra to
pay afterwards now in front of me I have the triple whammy this is a three camera
system it costs only 259 so it’s great that you can actually save money by
buying a multiple camera pack like this one to begin with so without any further
ado let’s just get this out of the box and see what it looks like so very
nicely presented we’ve got a three camera system here so first of all if we
just take everything else so this is everything you get in the box now before
your user manuals you even get a window sticker which says protected by blink
video security so you can peel that and put on your window a micro USB charging
cable you’ve got a single charging cable and that charging cable is actually for
the sync module so you only need one sync module plug it in and as soon as
you download the app to your smart phone you’re basically going to connect to the
sync module and then you’ll be able to add your cameras one by one so the sync
module is just a small box with a USB charger and on the top you have a power
light and a Wi-Fi night to let you know your connection status on the side there
is a single USB as well and nothing on the bottom this comes with a UK adapter
and a European adapter of course I’m only going to need the UK one and they
are USB adapters standard five watts one amp so very low powered system now with
the cameras you get a bag with two screws in it so you can mount it to the
wall you’re getting two double-a batteries and the incredible thing is
these two double-a batteries will power this camera for up to two years so
that’s quite impressive so here is your wall mount and stand they are made
completely from plastic and you’ve got a matte finish so here’s the camera itself
you’ve got your full HD lens on the front so this will shoot 1080p videos at
30 frames per second you’ve got your infrared night vision and your motion
detection now if we have a look at the sides we have nothing and on the back of
the unit so I’m just going to remove this sticker first of all now the
instructions on the sticker simply tells you to push this latch down so you can
remove the back and I’ll show you push the latch down and lift and there you go
so it’s a bit tight a few tries so basically you push it down use a bit of
force and then you’re pulling it up from the bottom and you’ll get it open insert
your two batteries now you can use batteries but you’ve also got a micro
USB charging port in the centre so if you want to go wired you can go wired
now this camera does not have an SD card slot or any type of memory card slot
everything is saved to the cloud more on that in a bit let’s quickly pair up and
I’ll show you how easy it is to go to the app store search for blink there it
is blink home monitor so the blink home
monitor is installed I’m going to open the app so you can sign in if you’ve
already got one or click create account so I’ve just created my account and this
is where it’s brought me by at the moment it says tap the link to begin so
I’ve tapped the link alright so we’re going to add a system before we add a
system we need to plug the sync module in so let’s quickly plug this in so
here’s the sync module I just plugged it in directly to a USB port okay we’re
going to go back to our smartphone and click add a system now give you a system
a name I’m calling it office at the wall missus add sync module so I’m but to do
that okay I’m ready so we’re entering the serial number it just wants me to
scan the QR code so here is the bottom of the sink module just scan that code
and it’s already done so put that down and it says it’s
connecting to the blink servers st. module has been added press done and now
we are ready to add our cameras so we got one camera ready to use and if you
look at the camera you can see a red light flashing near the sensor so that’s
ready click add click ready and enter the serial number so there’s your serial
number so you scan that so you can see one camera has connected successfully
and we are live and it’s working great so I very easily connected up two
cameras they are live they are ready they’re set up one is in this room and
the other one is in my living room right now so all you do is tap on image it
will give you the latest image of that camera if you want to see a live feed
you just click on the live feed buttons here now I just want to show you the
settings and how extensive the settings are so you can change the name of the
camera so living room bedroom etc you’ve got the battery information it says ok
motion detection enable activity zones over here you can decide which zones are
actually active for motion control so right now highlighted these zones if
any motion appears in these zones it will active it will start recording
anything out of these zones it won’t record so I really like that feature
that is such a premium feature so surprised to get that in this system so
every trigger time is set to 10 so what that means there’ll be a 10-second delay
before it can give you another retrigger sensitivity can also be turned up and
down right now it’s on 6 maximum is 9 I’m going to just take it down to 6
again so clip length is 5 seconds you can take it all the way up to 60 seconds
now end clip early if motion stops yes control night vision is on automatic so
if it’s a dark room it will automatically switch to infrared night
vision you can enable the microphone speaker volume so that each camera has a
built-in microphone and a speaker for two-way talking so it’s a hands-free
conversation they can have with you through your phone so again quite a
premium feature to have included in this camera if we keep going
quality is on best right now but you can have enhanced or saver so if you wanted
a bit lower quality and you could do that as well
and this tells you so camera to Wi-Fi signal and camera to sync module signal
you can see about full bars because that’s this camera here and the sync
module is right next to it this one over here is my living room if we have a look
at the reception there because it’s well away from the sink module and it’s like
another floor down if we go over here you can see camera two Wi-Fi one bar
less that’s because the router is here I’ve got two Reuters in the house and
camera two sync module full bars so it shows you how powerful that sync module
is even though it’s on a different floor it will connect so you can have your
camera anywhere in the house you can have the sync module in just one room
and it will be able to communicate with each other quite easily so that’s pretty
good now let’s go back and do a live test we’re going to do a two-way
conversation I do have a member of the family in that living room who’s not
going to show themselves because they’re a bit shy but we will have a quick
conversation with them at least we’ll try so I’m loading up to live feed so
that is the current live feed so anything they’re doing you’ll be able to
hear but they can’t hear you if you want them to hear you you have to click on
talk so I’m going to try and disturb them and hopefully I don’t scare them
here we go hello hello hello how are you today yeah I’m fine thanks I’m just testing
out this camera so were you were you up to are you gonna watch a movie tonight
or anything okay so I’m just going to cut that off
the two-way was flawless you heard how clear the microphone is so each of these
have a built-in microphone and speaker and they are very loud and you saw in
settings that the volume of the speaker was not even max so you could turn that
up even more if you wanted so absolutely amazed by the two-way audio now let’s
quickly talk about some of the features of this camera I’m going to put the
features on the screen for your convenience and what I find amazing
about this product is how affordable it is you can get a single camera system
for only $99.99 and that is actually half the price of comparable competitors
out there and also way cheaper than traditional home security camera systems
but this is a very versatile product now there are no wires so no drilling
through walls this is a completely wireless home security camera with up to
two years battery life now this new blink XT 2
model also brings full HD 1080p video recording during the day and infrared HD
night vision after dark giving you peace of mind day and night and look on the
floor you can see in pitch-black darkness everything is visible clear
crystal clear there my tripod legs and there’s a bag there there’s a tech bag
on the floor awesome stuff a two-way audio motion detection live streaming
from anywhere in the world now you have an incredible battery life which is
typically two years on two double-a batteries of course the battery life
will still vary depending on your usage and the amount of triggers and motion
activations but the coated two years means it’s going to be very
energy-efficient free cloud storage no memory card needed ever so everything
you record automatically uploads itself to the cloud and you can manage it all
from your smart phone now you do not need any memory cards this system works
entirely with the cloud no hidden costs or contracts you simply get a free cloud
service which is quite incredible knoblauch does not just give you alerts
you actually get HD quality video clips directly on your smart phone and then
you’re free to watch these clips see and then you
can go ahead and share these clips with anyone you like and you can view them
from anywhere in the world and if that’s not enough you’ve got Amazon and LexA
voice support indoor and outdoor use weatherproof easy DIY installation and
probably the most important thing is it works on both Android and iOS devices
now this is what I call super bang for your buck so there you have it guys and
that was the amazing blink xt2 wireless home security camera the links for this
product will be in the description box below so this is now officially launched
everywhere so you can pick it up from Amazon
Argos Curry’s PC world John Lewis screw fix and even very now no doubt you have
the options single camera double triple camera or even a five camera system now
the beauty of it is the more cameras you buy at the same time you actually save a
considerable amount of money so I hope you enjoyed the video and found it
useful and if you did then don’t forget to hit that like button to let me know
meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day
see you guys in the next one

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