Amazon Alexa works with Services

Amazon Alexa works with Services

yeah alexa ask turn on the living
room light turning your living room light much better hi I’m a Ab I’m a product manager today I’m going to show you how to control your home with
the Amazon echo is part of your powered smart-home the Amazon echo gives you voice control over the most important devices in your home alexa ask is my front door
unlocked the doors are locked would you like me to lock it yes lot
more luck alexa ask two are my system are you sure you want to understand you
security system yes please your security system is being
armed saying alexa ask what is the temperature in here the current
temperature in 76 degrees the air conditioner is set to 75 alexa ask to set the kitchen thermostat to 72 degrees BAC was set to 72 you can
even use the Amazon echo to control your garage door alexa ask to close my garage
door who’s being goes the skill for amazon echo is available now
find out more yeah

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  1. Does the Amazon Echo work with the 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ – GE Concord 4 for, and the NX-592E-CDMA-ZX-VZ – GE NetworX for

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