Amazing Lasers! – Protect Your Home with Lasers!

Amazing Lasers! – Protect Your Home with Lasers!

A burglary takes place

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  1. I had a laser tripwire activated alarm for a while but bugs would trip it.  maybe it was too sensitive or maybe the bugs here are too huge but I don't think this is a great idea for the long term

  2. You have enhanced the laser beam with smoke you have 4:20 on your loudest alarm clock and have "catnip" in your cd-drive safe … hmmmm =)

  3. can you fix the schematic for the siren you have three wires for the battery and the variable resistor is the one side connected to the negative of the battery?

  4. I made this recently and it works perfectly, It runs through my hallway, and my upstairs landing by aiming a mirror up to the roof on the 1st floor which bounces it back down to waist level. It works great!

  5. Lol, if a burglary is commited every 14 seconds, it's impossible that more happen at night. The amount in day and night is even since you say it happens every 14 seconds.

  6. Can anyone give me a detailed parts list? The description of "a resistor" doesn't really help me. Thanks!

  7. I'm planning such a project to secure my property. Do you have any idea what the maximum lenght is that this beam can efficiently travel using mirrors? E g would one be able to cover the lenght of the 4 boundry walls of the property?

  8. "A burglary takes place in the united states every 14 seconds, and most are committed at night!" I'm at a loss for words…

  9. It stops wen it is hit again by the laser plz let me knw hw to make it once again…. U said dat i will keep on beepin but it stops ..wen hit by laser

  10. can you teach to add something on this project. i want to make.
    when the laser get hit and the alarm are on..and it will send the message to the cellphone..shows there is someone hit the laser.. can you reply it to me.. immediately .. tq.. email me.. [email protected]

  11. Because no burglar would ever have a nightvision device. Also? Get a maglite, focus the beam, shine it on the mirror. Get two just to be certain. As long as the light bounces off two mirrors in sequence to the receiver… laser security systems are ancient and there's a million ways to bypass them. Go with a PIR instead….

  12. People all the time ask me where do I get the materials to build my projects and for some people the materials are too expensive.Well did you know you can get the complete kit from my site

  13. And I thought this is an instruction to protect your house with deadly laserbeams, not sissy sirens

  14. can you make a silent laser alarm. like when they hit the laser instead of a speaker making beeping noise. maybe a light turning on and off.

  15. He said every 14 seconds in the United States a burglary occurs so by the time he was going over the parts list a burglary occurred somewhere

  16. What happens when a pet knocks down the mirrors, or a housefly lands on the laser or something? What happens if the power is cut to your house and your asleep? The laser system could benefit from a battery, and a second alarm to indicate the power going out. (Hopefully you don't get power outages often enough at night, to wake you up constantly.) I think you should use something a bit sturdier to hold the mirrors, too, like rubber cement, or something similar. Laser tripwires seem really problematic to use, but I guess you get what you pay for in this case; twenty dollars doesn't buy a great security system, but it's something, and probably fun to make.

  17. Hi Kipkay, my 7 year-old son is a fan of yours. He uses my account for watching your videos. This is his comment: can you make the laser and receiver box portable?

  18. Is there a way to use this platform in reverse? What I mean is the siren sounds when the laser hits LDR and doesn't when the laser is interrupted.

  19. Here is the problem…those cheap LASERs only has a continuous lifespan of 5000 hrs =210 days…. if you are extremely lucky they wont burn out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But what do I know? I'm just a dumb blonde

  20. heres a better idea

    step 1: get yourself 2 really long mirrors and install them in your doorway (not in the path where the door opens obviously)
    step 2: get a really powerful laser (around 10w-20w should do the trick) and align it such that the beam is reflected back and forth along the mirrors creating a laser grid (terminating on something that doesnt burn or reflect too much light, ideally a black brick)
    step 3: if possible use mirrors to reflect the laser beam from inside the house to protect the laser itself
    step 4: laugh histerically when a burglar sticks their hand into the beams and gets burned
    optional: repeat for as many doorways and windows as you want
    WARNING: dont fall into your own laser trap or i will laugh at you

  21. This one has a big flaw I think I would do something a bit more vicious. Make some kind of silent alarm, lock every single door/window, auto call the police and finally sound the alarm when he tries to escape ^__^

  22. You need industrial grade mirror to bounce the mirror back and forth without having the laser becoming less and less focus and those mirrors are expensive.

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