Smart Home features for your Guardian Security system Smart Home features for your Guardian Security system

Hi, my name is J’Dyn and I’m one of the Security
Consultants here at Guardian Security. My name is Jessica, I’m also a Sales Consultant for
Guardian Security, and so today we’re gonna talk a little bit about
One of the many features of is that for me it’s more of an on-the-go
thing. For me, with my family helps us out and when you
forget to close the door, or if we forget to alarm the system, and most of all if
it’s too hot or too cold in our house. Similar here, and I have got my mom
that comes and watches my son for me every once in a while, so I can just
right through my app add her on there as a user, she has her own codes she doesn’t
have to try to remember mine. Yeah, so one thing about is that you can
add and take off many different features on there so it’s all about how you want it for the functionality of your home. For us, the big thing for us is climate
control. Some of the big selling points for us that we liked was that we can
hook up an thermostat. With that we’re able to set timers, turn off and on when
we want to, as well as pick different parts of the day for the different
temperatures that we want. So that, for us, was a big thing and all through that with
the comfort of our smartphone which actually helps a lot for me. Being a
working mom I’ve got so much on my mind. It’s hard to remember different things.
Having the app on my phone I can set different notifications and
reminders and if I’m so far away from my house and forgot to arm it I get a
notification saying that I’m so far away and my alarm is not turned on. I’m
so grateful for that, because then I can just hop onto my app and arm my home
even if I’ve already made it all the way down the street, so it really keeps
you in the know of what’s happening with your home even if you’re not there.
So, really great features. So if there’s something you’re thinking about or
something that you would like, go ahead and contact either me or her or anybody from
our team will be able to help you out and let you know all the great features

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