Indoor Camera Review In Under 3 Minutes Indoor Camera Review In Under 3 Minutes

Hey y’all, it’s Rose and today we’re going
to take a quick look at the Indoor Wireless Fixed IP Camera. Installation is fairly easy but does require
an ethernet connection. You just plug the included Ethernet adapter
into the back, plug the camera into a power source, and wait for it to turn on. Once it does, visit to
connect it to your home security system. The camera records in 720p HD. However, you can also set it to automatically
adjust to a lower resolution if needed to improve performance. The camera has a 110-degree viewing angle
and can automatically swap to night vision when needed Alright super sleuths, do you
notice something funny about this video? I’ll clue you in; the camera lacks audio. While you can view recorded video and live
stream, IF you pay for an compatible security plan, you won’t ever be able to listen
in. So what else is missing? Obviously audio, which means it also lacks
two-way audio. It lacks the ability to zoom digitally, it
can’t pan or tilt, and it has no battery. What it lacks in hardware, it makes up for
in software accessed through an app or web portal. You can request a recording at any time on-demand. You can view multiple video streams at once. You have access to recorded clips and can
save up to 1,000 clips every month. You can even download clips locally. You can rename the clips and sort them to
make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also create recording schedules. You can record when there is an alarm event,
when motion is detected, when there is an entry delay, when a sensor is triggered, or
when the system is armed or disarmed. The level of customization allowed is more
than a normal security camera. Including control over motion settings like
sensitivity and target size. You can also create multiple detection zones. In short, I think the hardware is unimpressive,
but the software is effective. For, I still suggest the compatible
Skybell Video Doorbell or even a third-party camera over this one. With a third-party camera, it will be separate
from your security system, even using a separate app. However, you will have access to features
like audio and Full HD recording plus other benefits. If y’all have any questions about the
camera, feel free to comment below. If this videos been helpful at all, I would
be thankful for a thumbs up. Otherwise, I appreciate y’all spending time
with me today. Next time we are going to be taking a look
at the SimpliSafe’s Indoor Camera, and I’m really excited about this. And I think every SimpliSafe owner in the
country probably is as well; it’s been long anticipated. So, if y’all are interested in checking that
out, stay tuned.

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  1. I hope you're not planning on entering an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest; you'd lose! You look darling in that:) I'm a grown man, am I allowed to use that word???

    Another nice video. The night vision will come in handy for when the wife and I do Seal Team 6 role-plays in the living room.

  2. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  3. Updates:
    8/18/2017 is now selling the ADC-V522IR. This camera is just like the camera shown, but it offers two-way audio.
    6/9/2017 You can now share video clips from the mobile app. You can share via message, email, or social media. You can also digitally zoom and use Android Shortcuts to quickly access your camera.

  4. Looks like they finally have Two-way audio that will allow you to speak through the app to the person on the other end of camera.

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