Checking in on Kiwi the Adorable Hedgehog! Checking in on Kiwi the Adorable Hedgehog!

Hi, my name is Raissa, and I’m on the product
management team at One cool way that I use my system is to keep
an eye on my baby hedgehog, Kiwi, at home. So this is Kiwi, my baby hedgehog. I got her
about a month ago, and she’s two months old now. I love her to pieces, and I love being
able to see what she’s doing. My favorite thing about using my
system for her is that I can check in for her during the day and see that she’s safe
and that she’s eating, and she’s sleeping. I also have video motion detection set up
inside of her cage so that I can know when she’s awake during the day and moving around,
and I will get a notification on my phone. Another fun thing is that Kiwi is a nocturnal
animal, so I can use the night vision feature on my camera to go back and see
what she was doing at night. So, to set up video motion detection on Kiwi’s
cage, I just went to the video tab on the website. And then under camera settings,
I clicked on video motion detection and from then on I could adjust the settings and even
create custom schedules for when I’m alerted about Kiwi’s activity.

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